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Sunday, June 29, 2008

St Boniface School Tooting ~ Rats Nest

Finally a reply from the head teacher:

Thank you for your email.
Our contractors visited the school yesterday. We have arranged to cut back the vegetation to the boundary fence. We will then erect a fence along the boundary.
The garden work should happen over the next week. The fence work will take a little longer, but I will keep you and the rest of our neighbours informed.

Yours sincerely

Siobhan Kerins

..and my response:

Will you not stop and think for a minute? The chain link fence has obviously been put there for a purpose!

I have been speaking to neighbours and it turns out there has been for years a problem that there is a “way through at the back of the houses” perhaps it was decided at the time it was erected that a chain link fence would be most practical as there would be no hiding place for the criminal element you seem so intent on nurturing , a fence would simply provide further hiding places.

Cutting the vegetation back won’t help either because it will simply grow again and as there is a fence there, no doubt, your staff will again claim that the growth has nothing to do with the school. This needs to be sorted once and for all, properly, the rat run has already caused suffering and who knows what else?

It is simply a matter of keeping things clear, clean neat and tidy, there were people playing football in the school playground last night a 10 pm should they have been there? Do you have a lock on you gate? Cameras that are actually point in the right direction and are working?

Your security at the school is very, very lax and has caused security breaches for all your neighbours. It is apparent to me that you need proper security advice, as you are entirely clueless as to the security you need in a London school.

To be honest I don’t understand how you have the job of head teacher, you are uncommunicative, un cooperative, close minded and do not have any concerns for the security of the children at your school or the suffering you cause to your neighbours.

You are obviously too inadequate a character to take full responsibility for what you have enabled, much less apologise for the suffering you have caused, but you will have this matter in your conscience and, as I have already stated I will not be happy until the rat run is cleared and I do not have to wonder which particular type of prowler you are allowing in my and my neighbours properties.

Another fence is a ridiculous idea and will not eradicate the problem.


Blogger Sharon Amber Damnable said...

as I keep getting comments from anonymous people claiming to be parents at St Bonniface, I can only urge you to take a good look at the school, look at the entrance from Totterdown street, and the area behind the bins where the fence is so broken that anyone from the doss house there can just step over into the school.

Secure school? No I really don't think so, you can accuse me of being a nosey neighbour all you want but until you look at your own back yard you simply do not have the right to criticize anyone.

Still at least the dirty old men aren't able to gain access to my property any more !

Pics of the third world conditions at the rear of the school to follow.........

Sunday, 23 May, 2010  

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