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Saturday, August 18, 2007

~ Shielding For Beginners ~

As with all magical work I think that the most important thing is that it is thought through and considered by the individual Witch. For myself I use a protection Shield around me, this is just outside my aura, it repels all and any attack, I reinforce it with energy when I feel the need.

However I also feel there are powerful, naturally protective spirits in the universe that we can call on in times of need, These spirits can be Giants, Fairies, any manner of cunning folk, or indeed spirits of people who are remaining in spirit. A simple invocation will bring helpers and protectors to the side of each Witch.

I think these shields and protections are most valuable when stepping out into unknown territory, they give confidence and enable the Witch to relax and enjoy the new place she finds herself in. When I first attended with the spiritualists one of the mediums said he saw the word, PROTECTED over me! He was right, after years and years of practise my protections are invoked by a series of thoughts.

My protectors are, myself, in all my variant forms, A Guard made up of Trolls, the largest of whom is 155 feet! The Virago Mother Jinny Damnable, Mary Ann Conklin Damnable, several large Dragons, Bella a small Papillion dog…….and many others, I did not always know who they are so could never have invoked them by name, I simply called for “Help!” from the universe and they came.

I think we probably form a band of rather formidable Vagabonds as we travel through time and space, I think we are generally funny, as many members are very witty and can stop a charging Rhino with words! We are not all together all the time, but when something interesting is happening we come together, as if by magic.

That has been my experience of Protections and Shields, sometimes, if we are not strong another will extend their Protections over us, even a personal Shield can be shared this way. I feel that sometimes we will be led by helpers into a particular field of study that will enable our helpers to come through. So a study of Dragons will bring our dragon friends closer and a study of fairies and cunning folk will bring them closer.

I write about a recent experience in Cyber with a group that were being attacked by a psychic vampire, it’s here:

Pic: From The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti