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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Tale Of The Horseman

I am alone.
I have always been alone.
I started school, and they said -
Are you posh?
And I said Yes I am.
And they said, we cannot be your friend.
Then we lost all the money,
And they said,
You are poor, we cannot be your friend.
Then they said, you are ugly,
So ugly that if you went out with a stick and a net
You couldn't catch a man.
We cannot be your friend.
Then they said you are a little queer,
And I looked at my lover, who looked back,
But we were strangers, and I was all alone.
They said, you are a witch, and I smiled
And said, yes, I am a witch.
But I lied, because they were not my friends.
My name is Death, and I am all alone.
But when I ride,
All Hell follows me,
And I am not all alone.

Vivien Grigori