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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Charmed By The Mundane?

Ever feel that every day life is crowding in? That matters of the mundane are obscuring your view of the enchantment? Life can be complicated at times. If you find mundane issues are clouding your judgement I have a tonic for you :>)

Take a multi faceted cut glass crystal wash it well. Hang it at a sunny window, take note that the crystal is blessing you with rainbows on your ceiling or walls. Use a large glass, rinse well and fill with water. Hold the glass by the crystal so that tiny intense rainbows are held within the water. As you do this look out of the window into the world, relax and watch as the crystal continues to charge the water.
When you feel ready drink the water, sip it, as you do so visualize the spirit of the rainbow in you life. Feel yourself filling up with crystal light. If you do not finish the water keep it with you and drink it through out the day.

You may find that you see things differently in all aspects of your life and the rainbows will continue to bless you with energies that will make your work in the mundane much simplified. Leave the crystal hanging in the window, remember to wash it regularly.


Anonymous Froggo Zijgeb said...

Right tHen, igh need a crystall_ a glass_ and a clear space att the winndow. It soundheth diff;icult.

Thursday, 02 August, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hello my dumpling BIG HUGS lovely to have you visit.

Actually all you need is a glass of water, and a candle or light bulb hold the glass to the light so you see rainbows in the water, then drink them :>)

Best Wishes to you!


Friday, 03 August, 2007  

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