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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Major Arcana

The Lovers is at the top of the pile,
A couple sweet and watch them smile.
The choice will always be for you
To yourself you must be true.
The world comes next: a journey is done
You should be proud the prize is won
The lesson learned, a stage complete
Sit back and enjoy this moment so sweet.
The hanged man teaches of patience and trust,
Take time out now for wait you must
Sacrifice and stillness are now in the card
It will be worth it though it may seem hard.
Temperance is the next card sent to teach
Kindness and compromise are now within your reach
All of your life can be enhanced
If you follow this lady in her joyous dance.
The Tower follows, you must break free,
Conventions and walls are all you can see.
If you will it or not, watch if you must
The walls will now all crumble to dust.
The wheel of fortune reminds us always
That fortunes must change as night follows day
We are all on the wheel, fools to our fate.
Take charge of life before it’s too late.
The Sun he greets us so cheerily each day
With light and with hope we start on our way
Move forward in daylight, the road it is clear,
Take heart and take hope, love all we hold dear.
The magician will entertain, with tricks and with fun
He’ll show you how but when he is done
Take care it’s not illusion you seek,
The truth will out and it’s not for the weak.
The Chariot now is the card at the top,
Conflict and risk may make you stop
Remember the trials are from within
Take stock and take charge before you begin.
The Hermit will ask you to retreat and rest
Meditate; solitude now would seem to be best
Gather you strengths, take stock of your life
Seek peace now from trouble and strife.
The moon she sends her message at night,
With dreams she’ll give you lots of insight
Trust in yourself and trust in her care
Truth and peace she’ll gladly share.
Death will follow; an ending is now
Strip away old ways, it’s time to let go
Do not despair It’s time to take take cheer
A new beginning for you is now very near.
Justice for all is how it should be,
Fairness is now all that we see.
Is it good is it bad? Now we should find
Rewards in karma and peace of mind.
Judgement shows us we must look at ourselves
Heaven or hell? The choice is for you,
You must pay the price for all that you do
Don’t be harsh on yourself, live and learn is all anyone can do.
The Empress, speaks of love and of earthly pleasure
Life is good; she’ll share in her abundance of treasure
A caution though, a word to the wise, an abundance of love
Can be a curse, can cloy and cling and make life much worse.
The High Priestess, her magic will lend,
Her secrets she’ll share, she knows the end
Deep wisdoms, insights, and truth she will show
Into your life she’ll bring a rainbow.
Strength is within, but so is the lion
Self-control is the key, that will lead us to Zion
Not brute force but with wisdom use the force that you find
Not harsh words but always words that are kind.
The Fool steps out, a new path to find
Now you will learn the power of mind
With confusion we begin to walk the walk
As slowly and surely we learn to talk the talk.
The Devil he follows us as we walk the road
His card warns us of life’s heavy load
Take not the temptation and vices of earth
Look hard and see life’s real worth.
The Hierophant will guide you if you will hear
His truth may be harsh but truth is held dear
The answer may not be the one that you want
But listen you must to the Hierophant
The Star brings you hope, you will taste success
Ribbons for you a winner no less.
Although the road may be dark, take cheer
Illumination is now for you very near.
The Emperor he speaks of fatherly love
His kindness and care he sends from above
He is stable and strong and he’s on your side
Though the path may be long and the river is wide.

Monday, November 20, 2006

What Tarot Card Are YOU?

You Are The Fool

You are a fascinating person who is way beyond the concerns of this world.
Young at heart, you are blissfully unaware of any dangers ahead.
You are a true wanderer - it has be difficult finding your place in this world.
Full of confidence, you are likely to take a leap of faith.

Your fortune:

You are about to embark on a new phase in your life.
This may mean changing locations, jobs, friends, or love status.
You are open about what the future will bring, and free of worry.
You have made your peace with fate, and you're ready to start down your new path.