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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Court of the Crimson Queen

The rusted nails on coffin lids
Are shattered by the fun.
I fill my bong horizons change
the flame war has begun.
Through Dragons Mouth and
Phoenix wings,
the Zees- they quickly glean;
The threads on a recent post,
from the Court of the Crimson Queen.
The keeper of The Book of Zees
Puts shutters on the dreams.
I wait outside my mail account
with insufficient memes.
The Black King lights the flamers torch,
The Dragons mouth unclean;
To summon back the Primal Witch
To the Court of the Crimson Queen.
The gardener plants another meme
while trampling on the hour.
I chase the form of a servitor
beyond the sweet and sour.
The pattern juggler lifts her spell;
An orchestra obscene.
As slowly turns the keys to hell in the
Court of the Crimson Queen.
On Thanksgiving mornings Zeelers laugh
the wise ones share a toke;
I run to grasp divining signs
Although it's just a joke.
Contamination is diseased but
always plants the meme
and smiles as the demons feast
In the Court of the Crimson Queen.
By: Infekshun
Adapted from here:
King Crimson

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Everything that happens within your home leaves a trace. The morning after a party, the tired-but-happy revelry from the end of the evening is still in the air; a morning argument is usually hanging around when you come home from work. Focusing your true intention to purify your space with a time-honored method can return a dwelling to its rightful place as your sanctuary.

One such cleansing method is known as smudging. Smudging originated as a Native American custom, and the modern practice can reinvigorate your living space. The vital action of smudging is lighting an aromatic bundle of herbs and allowing it to burn away the negative energy that has been collected. You can celebrate a new phase in life by conducting a smudging ceremony, or improve someone's day by smudging the space around a friend.

Offices and work spaces can benefit from smudging as well, allowing clarity of thought and improved productivity. The essential object for smudging is the herb bundle. It can be purchased or made by hand. Using a match or candle, put the flame to the smudge stick. Then blow or wave it out, allowing the stick to smolder and the aromatic smoke to fill the room. If you don't have a smudge stick, you can also place loose herbs directly onto burning wood in an indoor fireplace or into a fireproof container with some charcoal. As the herbs begin to burn, the honored method is to use a feather to move the smoke around the person or place you are smudging.

You may also use your hands. As you feel the space fill with the herbal scent, take time to consider the parts of your life that need cleansing. Imagine the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts and emotions around you. Tradition teaches that each smudging herb is used for a different purpose. So an important aspect of the ritual is finding the right herb for the moment.

* Sage is the most prominent herb and is used to purify and protect one's living area by removing negative energy.
* Sweetgrass is often burnt after smudging sage to welcome in the positive influences. * Cedar is burnt upon moving into a new home. It works as a purifier and as a way to attract positive energy.
* Lavender restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. It also attracts love.
* Rosemary is effective for gaining clarity about perplexing problems.
* Mugwort is celebrated for stimulating psychic awareness and powerful dreams.
* Bay leaf is used to protect against colds and flu. The act of cleansing your space can help you to truly put the past behind you. As the herbal aromas gently enter a room, clearing out accumulated spiritual clutter, you'll be free you to enjoy your abode as the place of respite it was meant to be.

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