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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The First "Peoples Covenant With The Living Earth"

It is now 23:00 hours British Summer Time and in this profound moment, Peoples from all Nations around the World are standing together in alliance to The First, “Peoples Covenant with the Living Earth”.

Like us, they all have joined together in Circle around this Sacred Planet demonstrating that we Remember. We remember that we are the Children of one Mother, Earth, and thus no one is above or below anyone else. We stand together now, prepared not only to give thanks but also to radiate Hope. Today, we make a lifelong commitment to the Living Earth and an eternal commitment to all Life, here and everywhere.

For the very first time, a Covenant is being invoked and sworn to simultaneously by the People around the World - on behalf of the World.

Today we are Many Voices, One Heart and One Spirit. We bear witness that Life will not forget its Earthen cradle. Let our voices sweeten the air with our Promise as we speak the words of this Covenant together. Let our heartbeats synchronize with the Heartbeat of the Mother and let our Spirits radiate the Light of Sacred Law.

We pray that Father Sky and Mother Earth forgive us and help us heal the damage that we’ve done to them and, thereby, to all that Lives.

Great Spirit of All That Is, hear us Pray and witness our Covenant.

We give thanks and blessings to the Ancestors and Peoples upon whose land we are gathering.
We stand together, heads held high, acknowledging that we too are a Force of Life and in acceptance of our direct connection to All That Is.

To this end, we give thanks to the Winged Ones and the teachings and gifts you give us. In your honor we pledge our allegiance to the Living Air. We will protect the atmosphere from all that does not abide by Natural Law. We, the People, no longer Stand with those who contaminate the Air, create acid rain, support ozone-depleting and other destructive technologies or show disrespect for its inhabitants. We invoke our Powers of Life and Union, in this moment, to bless our Air with the healing powers we possess. Let the healing begin.

We give thanks to the Swimmers and the teachings and gifts you give us. In your honor we pledge our allegiance to the Living Waters. We will protect the wells, lakes, rivers and oceans from all that does not abide by Natural Law. We the People, no longer Stand with those who contaminate the Waters, conduct underwater procedures that damage in any way the Life that lives there or show disrespect for its inhabitants. We invoke our Powers of Life and Union, in this moment, to bless our Waters with the healing powers we possess. Let the healing begin.

We give thanks to the Four Leggeds and the teachings and gifts you give us. In your honor we pledge our allegiance to the Living Earth. We will protect all Life by protecting the soil, minerals, forests, medicinal herbs, vegetation, and waterways from all that does not abide by Natural Law. We the People, no longer Stand with those who contaminate the Earth, pillage its resources, outlaw her gifts, wish to own or conquer her or show disrespect for her inhabitants. We remember that ‘disposable’ is just a word and does not exist in Sacred Law. We invoke our Powers of Life and Union, in this moment, to bless our Earth with the healing powers we possess. Let the healing begin.

We honor the Two-Leggeds that join us today for we all are the Caretakers of this Earth and all Life dependent upon her. We are one of the many triumphs of Earth’s great labors and help to prepare the future that history has foretold. We pledge to respect the gift of this Living Earth as we walk the Road of Life together. And during our brilliant but brief lives we promise to Do No Harm.

At the setting of each day and in the dawn of every new morning we will remember that,
What we do to the Woman
We do to the Earth.
And what we do to the Earth,
We do to our Children
And so, from this day forward, we no longer ‘stand’ with those who make decisions and pass laws without considering the children for seven generations.
Blessed Earth, you have heard our Prayers and witnessed the Covenant of the Ages. Great Mother, know you are loved and we ask that you accept this Love in aid of the deep healing that we have invoked and is now underway.
And finally, as we look around our Circles we realize that we too are loved. Each of us, united in this moment, have Love for each other and hope for the future.
Great Spirit of All that Lives, this is our Song ~ this is our Covenant.
English Version of the Covenant ~ Click to Copy

For Those who are joining us on their own, Joachim has made the suggestion:

Envision this wonderful blue planet against the background of the
stars. Envision a flight through space passing by all the outer planets, see them in their specific colour and in a wonderful swing-by manouver we take some of the spiritual energy of each planet with us while we are getting stronger and stronger until we see the Earth approaching.
Then, hover above the planet and then create/realize a band of positive energy one time around the planet by connecting with all the participants everywhere. Envision all of the sites that have joined us surrounding you, Mt. Sinia, the Grand Tetons, 7 pipes being raised by the Midewiwin Lodge, Wounded Knee etc. Include all the sites that have been mentioned by all who wrote to us ending with a connection to the dolphins and whales and all water on earth and create a strong bridge to them.

In this moment, everything everwhere is included into our circle.
With this connection complete, invoke the Covenant with us all.

Avebury Global Meditation

This is the planet where spirits experience the three-dimensional physical density and where they have the abilitiy of free choice. It is a planet of beauty and abundance of different physical 'life-forms' on various levels of physical development.

This planet is home. This planet is a cosmic fief - it is a precious.

This planet cannot be owned by anyone, only inhabited.

This planet is our Mother and our nursery.

Let us go on helping her to avoid further suffering from new wounds and to heal the older fester wounds. Let us remind us of our great spiritual abilities - and power - as our spirits are tiny mirrors which reflect the Great Spirit.

Now more than ever. Look around.

So please join in our Great Meditation on July 22nd, 2006 at 11:00pm British Summer Time.
You may wish to sit at home or go to your favourite place outside at a tree, beside a well, river, lake, coast or on top of a sacred mound, hill or mountain.

Calm down at the given time for one hour and help to create a hull of white light around our planet. Feel then how all the others on time around the globe are doing the same and how we all together become more and more powerful. Then choose a target where you think that your spiritual help is most needed.

Pour down your positive energy and help to make a change there.

If you are in Wiltshire, South England, then be invited to join us in harmony in the northeast quarter of the Avebury Stone Circle near the Cove. We will link up from there and with the help of this old sacred templesite it will become a mighty boost for the whole endeavour.

From the beginning we thought it would be a pivotal task to invite the First Nations of the Americas, the Aboriginal Nations of Polynesia, the Aboriginal People of Australia as well as other First Nations in other continents to be our fellow combatants in this struggle for our home planet.

We knew that it would not be an easy task to motivate the First Nations to support an endeavor initiated by light skinned Europeans. Not a few refused to help us bearing in mind what happened to their ancestors and what is happening to themselves today.

We understand and we do respect this.

But there also were a great many of those from the First Nations who supported us.

Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama
Midewewin Society, Wabanaki Nation of Massachusetts, NAC
Oglala Lakota
Western Shoshone

To name a few…

Please see: http://www.kochkyborg.de/Toliman2004/Globale%20Meditation/GlobMeditE02.htm
(Please type in the entire line of the URL to read how many and who of the First Nations have supported our work.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is said that in the time of the 7th Fire,

"A new generation will emerge at this time and they will seek things that they left along the way. They will go to the Elders for guidance but many Elders will be sleeping, or will not know, or will be afraid. But if this new generation continues to go on with a pure heart they will find what they are looking for.

“They will come to a fork in the road. One road will lead to Materialism and destruction for the "Light skinned" race and almost all living creatures on Earth. The other road will lead to a Spiritual Way upon which the Native People of Turtle Island will be standing waiting to join with them and all the other races. This path will lead to the lighting of the "8th Fire" a period of eternal peace, harmony and a "new Earth" where the destruction of the past will be healed."~

This is a teaching of the Seventh Fire Prophecy of the Anishnabe People, Megwetch to Elder Eddie Benton Benay for his vision and Chief William Commanda, Keeper of the Seven Fire Prophecy wampum belt for his strength and love.

We urgently ask you for your support with the ceremony taking place on July 22nd, 2006.

Let us think and dream together of a better future for Mother Earth, Father Sky, and their children.

To reach that goal, sit down in meditation or dance, drum, sing or play the flute together with us for one hour of your time on July 22nd at 11:00pm British Summer Time.


Friday, July 21, 2006


THOU and I in spirit-land,
A thousand years ago,
Watched the waves beat on the strand,
Ceaseless ebb and flow;
Vowed to love and ever love--
A thousand years ago.

Thou and I in greenwood shade,
Nine hundred years ago,
Heard the wild dove in the glade
Murmuring soft and low;
Vowed to love for evermore,--
Nine hundred years ago.

Thou and I in yonder star,
Eight hundred years ago,
Saw strange forms of light afarI
n wild beauty glow;
All things change, but love endures
Now as long ago!

Thou and I in Norman halls,
Seven hundred years ago,
Heard the warder on the walls
Loud his trumpet blow,--
'Ton amors sera tojors,'
Seven hundred years ago!

Thou and I in Germany,
Six hundred years ago--
Then I bound the red cross on:
'True love, I must go,
But we part to meet again
In the endless flow!'

Thou and I in Syrian plains,
Five hundred years ago,
Felt the wild fire in our veins
To a fever glow!
All things die, but love lives on
Now as long ago!

Thou and I in shadow-land,
Four hundred years ago,S
aw strange flowers bloom on the strand,
Heard strange breezes blow:
In the ideal love is real,
This alone I know.
Thou and I in Italy,
Three hundred years ago,
Lived in faith and died for God,
Felt the faggots glow:
Ever new and ever true,
Three hundred years ago.

Thou and I on southern seas,
Two hundred years ago,
Felt the perfumed even-breeze,
Spoke in Spanish by the trees,
Had no care or woe:
Life went dreamily in song
Two hundred years ago.

Thou and I mid Northern snows,
One hundred years ago,
Led an iron, silent life,
And were glad to flow
Onwards into changing death,
One hundred years ago.
Thou and I but yesterday
Met in Fashion's show,
Love, did you remember me,
Love of long ago?
Yes; we keep the fond oath sworn
A thousand years ago!

Charles Godfrey Leland

Who also wrote

Aradia or The Gospel of the Witches text here:


Vascular Dementia

Dear Uncle R

I know you are very busy and as Aunty Cath’s illness may be long and complicated I thought I should write you a letter in an attempt to clarify my position and enable communication between us. I feel that although we are uncle and niece, in reality we are virtual strangers to one another.

When I visited Aunty Cath this Wednesday I was told that she had no shoes to wear, only slippers. As you may know Aunty Cath’s continued improvement relies on her being able to exercise both physically and mentally, I was advised by staff that Aunty Cath’s mobility would be improved by her wearing shoes and she will be able to walk comfortably outside when D and I take her out.

When D and I took Aunty Cath out she brought her handbag as she wanted to go to Blaylocks and buy a new pair of sandals, when she looked in her purse she had no money so was unable to do so.

This to me suggests a possible problem that we might easily overcome, as you know D and I visit Aunty Cath every Wednesday, one of the tasks we could perform is to write a shopping list and take Aunty Cath out to buy the items that she requires. I feel sure C or another staff member could hold money for Aunty Cath, to be released when Aunty Cath goes shopping. Naturally receipts would be filed if necessary.

This would enable Aunty Cath to buy the items she needs or wants, would encourage her to feel she is independent, would help me to feel I was of some help to Aunty Cath and would possibly make your life a little easier.

I also feel Aunty Cath needs to be visited by a Chiropodist, healthy feet would also improve her mobility. I don’t know if the care home will arrange for this visit, I know when my mother was in a nursing home I paid for her to be visited by a chiropodist it is not expensive though at about £15 a visit. Would you like me to arrange a visit or will you?

I have continuing doubts regarding the position that Aunty Cath’s care home stay must be paid for by herself and not by the NHS, there continues to be a national controversy concerning the issue of NHS funding and means testing, which does seem to mean that each patients family needs to check very carefully if the NHS trust is in fact acting illegally.

The first step is to get a copy of the Strategic Health Authorities Continuing Care Criteria, Aunty Cath should have an assessment for continuing health care, we would need a copy of this, there is an appeals procedure, and in any event we may apply for a review as Aunty Cath’s condition changes. Would you ask the social worker for copies of these please and send them to me?

The Alzheimer’s Society advise:

“The Alzheimer’s Society encourages anyone who thinks they have been wrongly charged for care to complain. It is important in individual cases and because we must highlight the injustice of people with dementia being wrongly charged for care. Along with Help The Aged, Age Concern England and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
We also want to highlight the injustice of people whose primary need is a health need being wrongly charged for their care.”

I have found the Alzheimer’s help line to be very informative, their remit is for all types of dementia, their leaflet

“When does the NHS pay for care?” is very clear and informative.

“Understanding Vascular Dementia” gives details of Aunty Cath’s condition.

Although I don’t know I feel sure they would be able to advise you regarding Enduring Power of Attorney if you should feel you would like some support from them. As I understand EPA only give the legal right to look after Aunty Cath's financial and legal affairs.

Their number is 0845 300 0336

The Age Concern advice line number is 0845 077 0755 also very good.

In any event I am advised by the Age Concern advice line that Aunty Cath is entitled to an attendance allowance of £62.25 is she receiving this allowance? What date does the 12-week grant she was given run out do you know?

Sorry to be firing Questions at you R, that’s why I’m writing this letter so my concerns and suggestions can be clarified in one place instead of in a phone call when one or other of us, may be tired or busy.

I have taken Aunty Cath’s Nativity set and will keep it safe for her and set it up at Christmas. I have told her this but she may not remember.

I plan to CC this to D, Uncle F, Aunty M and Aunty Cath I Hope you are all well and drinking lots of water this hot summer, have you been out on the water Uncle F? Probably the best place to be!

Love to B and V.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Butterfly Whispers Spell

Color of the day: Ivory
Incense of the day: Poplar

In this day and age of global markets and global conflicts, our homes are often missing loved ones who may be half the world away. It is said that butterflies are the carriers of the soul to heaven. They were earthly representatives of the Greek goddess Psyche, who possessed the wings of a butterfly. These winged beauties also serve as messengers, carrying our thoughts and desires to those we love. Visit a place wherethe butterflies roam and can easily be found. Calmly and carefully try to get close to one of them so you can whisper your message to it. When its wings once again take flight, your message will be delivered.

By: Laurel Reufner

Picture by Meilin Wong