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Saturday, February 25, 2006

~ River Bend ~

"... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend..."


Things are not good in Baghdad.There was an explosion this morning in a mosque in Samarra, a largely Sunni town. While the mosque is sacred to both Sunnis and Shia, it is considered one of the most important Shia visiting places in Iraq. Samarra is considered a sacred city by many Muslims and historians because it was made the capital of the Abassid Empire, after Baghdad, by the Abassid Caliph Al-Mu’tasim....."

Sleeping In the Forest

I thought the earth remembered me,
she took me back so tenderly,
arranging her dark skirts,
her pockets full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before,
a stone on the river bed,
nothing between me and the white fire of the stars
but my thoughts, and they floated light as moths
among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
breathing around me, the insects,
and the birds who do their work in the darkness.
All night I rose and fell, as if in water,
grappling with a luminous doom.
By morningI had vanished at least a dozen times
into something better.
By Mary Oliver

Friday, February 24, 2006

Winter drought fears for wildlife

Concern is growing for flora and fauna in some parts of the UK because rainfall levels are well below the average for winter months. Scientists say trees and fish could suffer in the summer because of the lack of rain to replenish water stocks.

A second successive dry winter has left some areas with groundwater and river levels well down on what they should be for this time of the year. South-east England is the area worst affected by the lack of rainfall.

Speaking at a briefing in central London, a team from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology said it was too early to predict an ecological crisis, but warned that only well above average rainfall in the coming weeks would help ease the situation.

Growing concern

"The amount of rainfall over the winter affects how much water is in the soil for plants and animals to draw upon," said Mike Morecroft, an ecologist from the centre.
"If you get dry weather during the summer, how long plants and therefore the whole ecosystem can go on drawing water really does depend on how much is already there at the start of the summer."

Dr Morecroft said the unseasonably dry weather for a second successive winter had led to growing concern.
"We are seeing a situation where the ecology of Britain is going to be very vulnerable to even quite a dry spell over the summer months.

"The death of trees is possible; beech and birch are particularly susceptible. Even the trees that survive are likely to loose their leaves earlier than normal," he added.

"The drying of water courses can also have an impact on species such as salmon. The small feeder streams where young fish develop may dry out, forcing the juveniles to go more quickly into the main river where they are more vulnerable to mortality."

Dr Morecroft also said low moisture content in soil could increase the risk of forest fires, and grasslands dying, all of which could affect the ecological balance of an area.

1976 benchmark

But the scientists quickly added that this scenario was not a certainty. They say the situation is not as bad as in 1976, when millions of trees in England and Wales did succumb to the driest 16 month period on record. "The 1976 drought is a benchmark drought, not only in the UK but across many parts of Europe," said Terry Marsh, a hydrology expert from the centre.

"While flows in some chalk rivers are fairly similar to levels in 1976, it is only in some, not many." Mr Marsh pointed out that the focus of their concern was south-east England, not the whole of the UK. While south-east England was in the grips of a winter drought, receiving only 25% of its average rainfall; he said areas such as west Scotland and North Wales were getting above average rainfall.

Figures from the Environment Agency, responsible for regulating water abstraction in England and Wales, also show that the south-east is facing the toughest challenge to meet demand for supplies. Groundwater provides 75% of the area's public water supplies, yet some sites are recording levels lower than in January 1976.

River flows are also worryingly low. Many are running at half the level normally expected at this time of year. About 3.4 million residents in Kent and Sussex are already subject to restrictions on their water use, with 2.7 million of them banned from using hosepipes.

The agency warns that if the amount of rain falling from the skies does not increase, it is likely that more restrictions will be introduced.

'Expect surprises'

A small water firm in Kent feels the problem has already reached the stage where drastic action is required. Folkestone and Dover Water, which supplies about 160,000 residents, has asked the government to allow it to install compulsory water meters in customers' homes.
It has to convince ministers that it has exhausted all avenues for water sourcing and will have problems with supplies for the next 10 years.

If granted, it will become the first water company in the UK to be granted "water scarcity status".

Climate models forecast drier summers and wetter winters in the UK, but the current lack of winter rain seems to contradict this. Dr Richard Harding, a climate expert from the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, said this was to be expected because of increasing variability in rainfall in Britain.

"We are entering a regime the Earth has not been in for 100,000 years or beyond, so we can expect surprises."


Hello World

Tiger Lily, HufflePuff, Jade Hope, Jade Dawn

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Aye! Aye! For The Damnables!

I feel quite sad about the Christian situation, to be honest, I was brought up Christian and that people with such good intent can go so far astray is a shame. I do think there are Christians who are clued up and have found their own path but they are in the minority. Most churches seem to be about money and earthly power.

I am very eclectic in my spirituality; I have studied many traditions and live in a non-Christian environment, which suits me quite well. I think of Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed as big brothers and wise men but I do not necessarily trust the words written, by man, concerning them.

I find it impossible to think of one God, without a Goddess and I think their are many Gods and Goddesses. I think their stories have been given to us as lessons because we are all divine and have God or Goddess within us.

Although there are different realms or dimensions there is only One World, which is being destroyed. The distinctions between the realms are being eroded and many messages of warning are being sent. The all Seeing Eye is open and people are stating their case.

Many children are being born very psychically aware, older people are sharing and showing their gifts. People are gathering in many tribes, we are joining together and speaking our piece. Cyber space has enabled much greater communication and psychic awareness between peoples, just this week I heard of two books written by Pagan women who are saying the same as I am.

It is, in a way a wonderful time to be alive, an end time. A time when our words and lives can count. A time when a Damnable can have her words read and she doesn’t have to live as a Virago hiding in the shadows and showing people their worst fears, or as a Guest House keeper throwing sticks at public prosecutors, turning her body to stone ‘lest she forget, or a Tavern keeper keeping hope alive through mirth and laughter, waiting for her Best Beloved to return for her.

Aye! Aye! For the Damnables!

Wherever You May Be!

Wanted A Witches Cat

Wanted - a witch's cat.

Must have vigor and spite,

Be an expert at hissing,

And good in a fight,

And have balance and poise

On a broomstick at night.

Wanted - a witch's cat.

Must have hypnotic eyes

To tantalize victims

And mesmerize spies,

And be adept

At scanning the skies.
Wanted - a witch's cat,

With a sly, cunning smile,

A knowledge of spells

And a good deal of guile,

With a fairly hot temper

And plenty of bile.
Wanted - a witch's cat,

Who's not afraid to fly,

For a cat with strong nerves

The salary's high

Wanted - a witch's cat;

Only the best need apply.

Author: Shelagh McGee

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I listen for Truth
For truth speaks softly
It is not boastful nor proud
Truth whispers low
Solemn quiet
It wraps around
Like Smoke
Subtle and free
Truth Knows no Boundaries
No limits Truth Speaks
From within
Not without
It floatsIn the spaces
Of dreams
It is not angry or vengeful
Truth simply is
It cannotBe hidden
Nor disguised Truth
Shines Like iridescent Dew
It rests Within Your heart
Of hearts Truth
The promise
As it was so
It shallBe

Crys The Tears
Copywright 2000

Aquarian Prophecy

“It is prophesied that when one-third of the people of earth can each lay one brick in the temple at Avalon with perfect love and perfect trust, then the Lord of this World will come to dwell within. It is prophesied that God, who has thus far never been seen by humankind, shall at last become visible to the pure in heart, and the world shall increase in vibration until it glows like a new star in the heavens. Let us remember that in this month, and in this age, it is our task to KNOW that we may pour it forth in love and therefore achieve the goal of wisdom - Perfection."

~Father Eli, Grand Master, Druidic Craft of the Wise ~ The American Rite (1913-1983)

What Does This Prophecy Mean?

Our bodies are symbolically made of the same clay that goes into the making of every brick. We finally GIVE OURSELVES, totally committed to the raising of the consciousness of mankind, so that the spirit of the "Lord of this World" will come to dwell in the temple WE MAKE of ourselves. Thus shall we raise our vibrations by becoming pure in heart to the level necessary to be able to SEE God, and in so doing raise the "vibration level of the earth until it glows like a new star in the heavens." This is the goal of wisdom - Perfection.

This is also the Masonic meaning of the pyramid on the US dollar bill ... the freedom offered by the New World in the building the temple... and the placement of the "All Seeing Eye" as a capstone.

We are now in the beginning stages of this prophecy, and these are certainly interesting times we live in!

One of my students wrote to me recently saying the following:

Since the beginning of the year, I have had an intuition of an impending event. As this unknown event draws nearer, I am finding it difficult to move forward in my life - almost like a wall has been put up in front of me. I am having difficulty keeping my mind on the college courses I’m studying, and difficulty planning events more than a few days out (very unlike me) - It is even beginning to effect me physically, something that has never happened before.

I am wondering that by studying The Way, meditating daily, and opening up to The Father and Goddess, if this might be what is causing the rise in acuteness of my awareness.

No doubt she is correct in saying that her meditations are allowing this message to come through… “Take this time to prepare because ‘the times - they are a changing’.”

Prepare for What?

On December 25, 1970 a conjunction of 3 stars heralded the entrance of the Aquarian Age. The song, “The Age of Aquarius” commemorated this event. However, we didn’t pass into Aquarius with a bang. We slid into it silently and those who were aware at that time felt the stirrings of this influence to KNOW for ourselves. Those who heard the call began our search for the Truth in earnest.

The stars in the constellations of Pisces and Aquarius overlap somewhat, and so we have been dealing with a dual influence. This double influence is causing a polarity to occur between those conservatives who feel secure with the Piscean influence to BELIEVE and the new and exciting liberal influence of Aquarius to KNOW for ourselves.

On December 21, 2012 we will finally slide out from under the influence of Pisces with it’s insistence on BELIEF, and will then totally be under the influence of Aquarius with it’s urgings to KNOW for ourselves.

Those things now based on our Belief will fall away and crumble before our eyes, changing into systems based on what we Know to be true from our own personal experience. The Mayan calendar also tells us that the Cycles of Darkness which have been visited upon us since Cortez’ arrival in the 1500’s, will end in the year 2012 at which time the Cycles of Light will again prevail!

Uranus, the planet of Change, rules Aquarius.
If you think things are changing fast now… just wait!!

These coming changes sound wonderful until we stop to consider all the changes that will affect our basic way of life. The Piscean Belief system has deep roots and extends to our Investments in stocks and bonds, and our Banking System (both of which are built on “trust”), to our system of voting, and even the food that we take for granted will always be in the grocery stores.

The Hopi prophecies tell us Mother Earth will soon visit a ‘cleansing’ upon us. Over the next few years this polarity will become increasingly tense and fearsome as Mother Nature, herself, will lash out against those who would USE up Her resources without any thought to being of Service to Her. During this time of ‘cleansing’ many more will receive the message from the whispers of mental teachers and guardian angels… find a place of safety to ride out the changing times! Only those who have a close relationship with our Earth Mother Goddess will hear her gentle whispers to “find safety”. She has work to do cleansing the Earth of those who value “things” to be gotten by devouring the Earth’s resources, over Serving protecting Her from the ravages of the greedy.

What do you Know for Yourself?
All those things which are based on Belief will fall away in favor of those ideas which are based on Knowing for ourselves.

If the truckers went on strike or the roads became impassable or invaders made importing goods over the roads impossible… what would you do?
If you had to “go back to the land”, grow your own food, preserve store food for later use, build a chicken coop, raise goats or pigs or rabbits for meat… would you survive?

Just look at what happened in New Orleans! Those who were fortunate enough to have friends and family in nearby states made it to a place of safety. Those who didn’t have this support system nearby were forced to live in overcrowded shelters and wait for help that was slow to come… some are still waiting!

We cannot expect our government to ‘be there’ for us during these disasters because our government is one of those things that will also be undergoing major changes and may in fact fall away and become something totally different than we know today.


The only thing that makes sense is to band together with friends and family, living closely with those we love in tribal fashion sharing tools and resources and physical help to accomplish the day to day chores of living off the land.

Now is the time to prepare for this ‘cleansing’ the Hopi prophesize. If disaster struck in your city where would you go to survive?

Are you finding blocks in your current Path? Are you feeling Mother Nature’s urgings to find a place of safety?

The Hopi prophecies say that only those with a close relationship with the Creators will survive the coming cleansing. 2012 is only 6 years away!! What will happen between then and now? My teacher, Father Eli, used to say… “Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst, and then you’ll be ready no matter what happens.”

What kind of a relationship do you have with Mother Earth? Is your relationship with our Earth Mother close enough for you to hear Her urges and warnings to find safety when the time comes? If you are sensitive enough to hear Her whispers, what will YOU do? "

By Misty Eve


Picture: http://www.ciromarchetti.com/ciro/zodiac/index.html