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Friday, February 10, 2006


Angels With One Wing
~ Excepted from Lyrics by Charlie Landsborough
They're the Power when two souls combine
They can climb mountains
That alone they could not climb
So hold me and I'll hold you
And together we will find We're just
Angels with one wing
We must cling together to fly

Sacred Run

Ann from Roc Rebel Granny sent the heads up about this run a few days ago, she will be helping to serve dinner and sending the runners off, I have decided to send energies by dancing evey day and keeping track of the runners.

"With so much violence happening at all levels, and so many killings happening in Iraq, it's time we look at these events as wake-up calls for all of us to answer. In 1978 we took up the challenge to run for our life and run for the planet we call Mother Earth. Now 27 years later we still run and have kept running in different countries to bring awareness to our responsibility to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Please join us as we run this course again. " Dennis Banks

The Theme is "All Life is Sacred" and here's what they say:"All across America, we will listen and engage one another in conversations about Mother Earth: clean air, soil and water; about sacred sites and burial sites and other issues of concern to Native Americans; about the ways of the People in peace and war."

Why not join us?

More info at http://www.sacredrun.org/

No Man Is An Island

I can’t live my life in my accustomed way without other people to help do the things that I don’t know how to do. Without the help of other people I’d have to know how to build a house, how to make furniture, how to generate electricity, how to have effective transportation that I could build myself. Without other people I would be so busy that I wouldn’t have time to play music, or teach. Civilization has come a long way since we decided to work together.

What is a Friend?

“It is said that a friend is someone who knows ALL about you and still likes you. Every friend we have is an object to love, and makes us happier. We find it hard to be happy without friends. Having friends and being accepted and loved in a social group is one of the most important things for happiness.

“In every friendship, each must furnish something the other needs. Your friends must furnish something YOU need. It isn’t a friendship unless both benefit from it. Friends are different from acquaintances. Friends are worth money to you; they are valuable. If they are in need, you are faced with the question of just how much their friendship is worth. Are they worth ten dollars? Or is the money worth more than your friends to you?”
~ Father Eli

Why is Friendliness important Magically?

The relaxed emotions such as love, sympathy, friendliness, etc. help us keep the power we have for magical practice. The tense emotions such as anger, worry, fear, etc. use up one’s life force at an alarming rate. Therefore the Wise Man will attempt to control his emotions, and always try to be friendly and loving.

We need each other if for no other reason that to learn some valuable lessons in patience, and compassion… in other words… we need friends in order to learn to love, because the lesson of life is Love. The more love you can hold in your heart, the more powerful you are magically, because we work with the power of Love.

If the great Natural Law of Cause and Effect says that whatever we send out comes back to us, then I want everything I work for magically to be infused with the power of Love. I want everything in my life to be charged with this magical loving Source energy, including my friends!

How to make friends and how to be a friend is the lesson of this influence.

How valuable are your friends? Would you go out of your way for them? Would you help them when they have need?

Will you gladly help them when the opportunity arises during this influence?

By Misty Eve

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kitten Heaven

Well, never mind all that!

Ginger Bean has had her babies 4 beautiful kittens, two Ginger, one tortoiseshell and one tabby, her Pprrrrrs are echoing through the house and I'm off to tell her what a clever girl she is!

The pictures above are not Ginger's kittens because hers still have their eyes closed and I wouldn't want to disturb them.

Purrr, purrrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrrrr


POET Pour out your heart
oh poet, in a poem
Of far away places
let your mind roam
for just beyondwhat the eye can see
someone will be waitingthere for thee
Someone you have known
forever in your mind
Somewhere in a dream
true love you find
They are more than words
from emotions spent
they are more than words
from a letter, not sent
Of heart, of soul
of tear stained words
the poet writes
that his voice may be heard
So pour out your heart
oh poet, in a poem
let the world see love
let your heart be known
by Robert Ditchman

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Egg Head

I am in a black rage; it’s a normal every day today.

The government is allowing sex offenders to work in schools, though the Education Secretary did get egg on her head.

Gordon Brown is looking smug and complacent, and slightly insane.

The Government are making mad laws, trying to watch and monitor our every move and so what? If they watch and listen and hear everything we say and do. Know each journey, every conversation. What will they discover?

I look around me at the world and I see good people constantly pushed around by a system that pays lip service to civilised behaviour yet declares war on another country for illegal and immoral reasons. I don’t understand how everything is so desperately wrong. Governments just mess up peoples lives more. There are so many things wrong at the moment I don’t even know where to begin.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he said he felt ashamed to live in a country where people could be so complacent that they would just let all the wrong things carry on. It almost seems like people don’t care, yet everyone I talk to is unhappy about the situation we find ourselves in. Mother Nature is fuming and is sending Whales up the Thames to tell us about ourselves.

Perhaps it’s time to admit that this really isn’t working, Capitalism is destroying the planet and ruining the health of us all, Democracy as it stands is a joke, it’s been two thousand years now and capitalism must always have it’s sacrifice, well it can’t have the planet it can’t! We need somewhere for our children and their children to live, and the fairy folk and everyone else. I know I’m not the only person that feels like this, just because the system is entrenched doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.

I am in a black rage; it’s a normal every day today.

Welcome To a Stranger

Lady, thou camest from a stranger land,
And little of thee I know;
Yet thou art joined to the fading band
Of travelers here below.
And thou art of woman's form and mien,
Hast a woman's heart within;
And, by thine eye and thy brow,
I ween Her sorrows with thee have been.
Thy Father is mine, and mine is thine;
We both are his equal care;
His goodness, and love, and blessings benign,
We each as his children share.
In sympathy, then, I give thee a hand
And greet thee as thus we go,
And pledge a renewal in that bright land
Where pleasures perennial grow.
~Mrs. Jane E. Locke

Monday, February 06, 2006

Aphrodite Self-Love Ritual

Color of the day: Lavender
Incense of the day: Daffodil

Today is the sacred day of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty.Celebrate your own beauty with self-love and with the freedom and energyof a sacred dance. For tens of thousands of years and across many cultures, dance has been a way to energize, to heal, and to commune with the spirits. Try a dance such as a sensual belly dance that honors your feminine essence. Play music that makes you feel sexy and primal. Dance barefoot. Express your sensuality in any way you wish, through your own unique movement. Don't worry about technique; just let your body express its mood. Feel your worries subside Let yourself feel energized as goddess energy pumps through your veins.

By: Emily Flak


Thanks to Freecycle, I now have a Computer Monitor at home.
Yip Yip Yip!
Thanks Vas