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Saturday, January 28, 2006

~ Prayer For Peace ~

This is Imbolc, when the ice begins to melt, the earth begins to soften, and the seed begins to stir in the darkness.

Let the small seeds of peace also stir within the hearts of those who have been locked in the ice of fear, anger, and hatred.

As the heat of the sun strengthens and warms the earth, so may the heat of love and compassion strengthen the will and spirits of all of us who strive for peace.

I will strive to soften my impatience, so that my compassion can break free and thrive. Peace is a harvest worthy of my patience.

I cannot hasten the growth of the crop by tugging on the new shoots. But I can prepare the soil where the seeds of peace may grow.

I can allow love to burn so brightly within me that I glow with the force of it, and allow it to shine so that the fear and anger held within the hearts of others begins to soften and melt.

Peace is not an outward ideal, but an inner truth that lies deep within each heart. May it break forth and flourish.

So mote it be.-

Flame RavenHawk

An Imbolc Carol

We Dance to the ring of Imbolc
We Dance the round of spring
We dance tonight to invoke
The hope that it will bring.
Imbolc February 2nd

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Which Typical Anti Hero Are You?

What Kind Of Soul Are You

You Are a Bright Star Soul

Like a shining star, you have no trouble being the center of attention
In fact, you often feel a bit hurt when all eyes aren't on you
You need to be number one in everything, no matter how trivial
And it's this ego that both hurts your confidence and helps you acheive

You're dramatic and a powerhouse of pure energy
You posess a divine quality or uniqueness that's hard to define
A natural performer, it's likely you'll become famous in some circles.
Just learn not to take everyone's reaction to you so personally!

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul and Prophet Soul
With Tahnks to Teh Blog Fathers Blog Of Teh Day

A Meme With A Twist ~ Copperwitch ~

This beautiful Padparadscha and yellow sapphire pendant is by Brigitte Perreault Jewellery.This sapphire is a red-orange colour. It's from Sri Lanka, well faceted and about 80 per cent brilliant. It is one of the rarest and most-prized of the coloured corundums in the world. The orange can be mixed with pink or violet to give the colour of the lotus blossom called by Sri Lankans, Padparadscha. Padparadscha sapphires tend to be cleaner to the eye than rubies. According to crystal lore, this stone improves the character of the selfish and encourages its wearer to think before they act.

shamelessly stolen from http://copperwitch.blogspot.com/

Who sent me this MeME:


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The Grapes Of Wrath
The Trouble With Mary
Gladiator (Because I always fall asleep)


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East Enders
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Roc Rebel Granny
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Mother Damnable Returns


Elderflower wine
Guinness Punch


In the Dark

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Jest

Jesting decides great things
Stronglier, and better
Oft than earnest can.

John Milton (1608-1674)


Horace, Satires 1.10. lines 14-15
Picture from here:

Happy The Man

Happy the man, and happy he alone,
He, who can call today his own:
He, who secure within, can say
Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.
Be fair,or foul, or rain or shine,
The joys I have possessed, in spite of fate are mine.
Not heaven itself upon the past has power;
But what has been, has been, and I have had my hour.

Translated John Dryden (1631-1700)

Ille potens sui
Laetusque deget. Cui licet in diem
Dixisse vixi: Cras vel atra
Nube Polum pater occupato
Vel sole puro: non tamen irritum
Quodcumque retro est efficiet, neque
Diffiget infectumque reddet
Quod fugiens semel hora vexit.

Horace, Odes 3:29 Lines 41 -48
Odin with His Ravens by Tudor Humphries

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Message

“They must be told, I could not imagine Mother ever being so angry, she’s unhappy and all the drugs aren’t helping”

Eyes looked deeply into eyes as thought was applied,

“We’re already endangered and vulnerable.” My Lady Bottle Nosed Whale spoke up “I’ll go, I’m so big they can hardly ignore me!”

The Water Sprites chimed in unison

“Us too, we’ll come, we’ve never been to London and we can deliver messages too”

The company smiled to see the Water Sprites leap and play, The Bottle Nosed Whale was known to be sensible and direct she would be able to deliver the message and the water sprites would bring her home again. The message must be very clear, there was no time for anybody to be in the least doubt.

At last all was decided and the feast began, there was bubbles and magic and much water music. At last it was time to merrily part and for all to make their way home and tell their friends and family what had been decided. No one was surprised by the news; it had been coming for a long time.

My Lady Bottle nosed whale was very excited to be travelling and to have such a mission assigned to her. Her family felt very proud of her and loved her so well they journeyed far with her. They swam right to the Thames estuary keeping her company and repeating over and over the message to make sure it was right. They sang it louder and louder to encourage their sisters voice after all sound waves don’t seem to travel well through the air.

They made a merry parting as the whale began to swim into the fresh water; she knew it would take a toll on her but what toll was being taken on Mother? Her eyes grew sad as she remembered her beautiful Mother Nature, sweet and fresh, always ready with a gentle touch, a smile or a delicious treat for one and all. Now sad and in pain.
“I want to come home Mother” she sang, “I’ll do all I can”

The river was full of bends and turns and each turn took her further away from the life she had loved so well with her family, but the brave Lady did not waver she had made a promise and would deliver the message she had been entrusted with. The Water Sprites joined her and their sparklings could not fail to lift her spirits.

She swam under Tower bridge and past the Tower of London where ghosts cheered and waved her onwards, there it was to the right, the Houses of Parliament the Mother of Democracy she would listen, one mother to another. The Lady Whale began to sing.

“Greetings and Felicitations,
I bring a message from the world
Mother Nature is very unhappy
The drugs you use are making her high
The chemical fumes give her a bad head
She’s not thinking straight is very cross
You have received previous warnings
Please stop! Please stop! Please stop!”

The whale was very pleased and the water sprites applauded sweetly her song had been loud and clear, she had remembered the words and had managed not to swear! They listened for an acknowledgment, waited, swam around, no reply; “Ah Well” My lady Whale repeated her song. Again she had been loud and clear. She thought she heard a reply but when she listened it was just an echo.

She raised her head to the surface and looked, yes this was the right place, she swam around again the Water Sprites reassured her that yes she had been loud and clear; no they didn’t know why no one acknowledged the seriousness of her message. They must be able to see for themselves that Mother Nature was very unhappy. When she surfaced again she saw people standing on the embankment pointing at her and waving. She repeated her song.

As she listened she heard the sound of propellers, motorboats were coming, well good if people were so close to her they couldn’t fail to hear her could they? She waited till they came close and again sang her message. She enjoyed the rhythm and the melody. So sang it again straight after. The water sprites were in raptures “What a beautiful song” and “How delightfully sung”

The boats came closer and closer, they still hadn’t heard, the fresh water was beginning to make her head spin. She turned and swam for a while to clear her head.
“Oh dear, how could this be? No one heard” As she swam the river narrowed, the sprites warned her to be careful. She swam free to help her think. What could she do? All that remained now was to repeat her message.

“Greetings and Felicitations,
I bring a message from the world
Mother Nature is very unhappy
The drugs you use are making her high
The chemical fumes give her a bad head
She’s not thinking straight is very cross
You have received previous warnings
Please stop! Please stop! Please stop!”

She did so all that night, calling again and again, listening for an answer, sometimes she thought she heard a voice “I hear You” but her head was spinning, the water was not salty and was alien to her, she grew more tired, the sprites never left her they blew bubbles and rubbed her skin grown sore from the unaccustomed environment.

The next day the men closed in on her, they crowded her and she softy sang her song, they put a sling under her belly and lifted her from the water. The water sprites sang a lullaby as she peacefully fell asleep.


Monday, January 23, 2006

The Laughing Gnome

I was walking down the High Street
When I heard footsteps behind me
And there was a little old man (Hello)
In scarlet and grey, shuffling away (laughter)
Well he trotted back to my house
And he sat beside the telly (Oaah..)
With his tiny hands on his tummy
Chuckling away, laughing all day (laughter)
Oh, I ought to report you to the Gnome office(Gnome Office)
CHORUS Ha ha ha, hee hee hee
"I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me"
Ha ha ha, hee hee hee "
I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me"
Said the laughing Gnome
Well I gave him roasted toadstools and a glass of dandelion wine (Burp, pardon)
Then I put him on a train to Eastbourne
Carried his bag and gave him a fag(Haven't you got a light boy?)
"Here, where do you come from?"(Gnome-man's land, hahihihi)
"Oh, really?"In the morning when I woke up
He was sitting on the edge of my bed
With his brother whose name was Fred
He'd bought him along to sing me a song
Right, let's hear it
Here, what's that clicking noise?(That's Fred, he's a "metrognome", haha)
Ha ha ha, hee hee hee"I'm a laughing Gnome and you don't catch me
"Ha ha ha, hee hee hee"I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me"
(Own up, I'm a gnome, ain't I right, haha)
"Haven't you got an 'ome to go to?" (No, we're gnomads)
"Didn't they teach you to get your hair cut at school? you look like a rolling gnome."
(No, not at the London School of Ecognomics)
Now they're staying up the chimney
And we're living on caviar and honey (hooray!)
Cause they're earning me lots of money
Writing comedy prose for radio showsIt's the-er (what?)
It's the Gnome service of course
Ha ha ha, hee hee hee"I'm a laughing Gnome and you don't catch me"
Ha ha ha, oh, dear me
(Ha ha ha, hee hee hee"I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me"
Ha ha ha, hee hee hee"I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me")
(One more time, yeah)
Written and performed by David Bowie

~ Apologies ~

Hi Darlings

Just wanted to humbly apologise for my behaviour in Cyber Space over the week end.

I am sorry if I offended anyone, just went a bit wild.