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Friday, January 20, 2006

Wild Wild Angels

Don't talk to me of shattered dreams
Of course you don't know what it means
To live for someone else you just can't take
Oh and when you're bitten by the truth
You blame it on your misspent youth
you never seem to learn by your mistakes.
So don't talk to me of wild wild angels
Wild wild angels on the skyways
Those wild wild angels on the highways of your life'
Cause it's people like you who never knew
What wild wild angels have to face.
Oh and I ain't hangin' round to see
You turn on someone else like me
I'm still alive and you know the way I live
But baby that's one way you'll never be
Such simple things you fail to see
You take back ev'rything you ever given.
So don't talk to me of wild wild angels . . .
Sung By Smokie

You're so Fine

Wilson Pickett(Finney, West, Schofield)
You're so fine, You're so fine, your mine
Baby you're mine, oh yeah
Well I walk and I talk about you
I love you, I love you
And I need you, Oh, by my side
Alright, Well, I walk and I talk about you
Well there's nothing in this world
Sweet as your lips, you're so fine, you're so fine
Every time we meet, my heart skips a beat
You're my first cup of coffee, (chorus- My last cup of coffee)
You're so fine, so fine, baby you're mine alright, all the time,
Oh yes you is
Well I walk and I talk about you
Alright now, yeah, alright
You're so fine you're so fine baby
Oh, yeah oh oh, you're mine all the time
Oh yeah, well I walk and I talk about you
You know I walk, oh I talk
Talk about you baby, one more timeI walk and I talk, talk about you baby
You know that I walk

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Prayer For Thor's Day

Thor, Lord Almighty, childhood playmate
Be with us now and help keep us straight
Fight with us against the evil men
Babylon’s here! It shames us again.
Women and children cry out in their pain
While Babylon strives, filthy lucre to gain
The serpent arises, its coils are tensing
Thor, my lord, its Armageddon I’m sensing.

We Bless and honour you on this your sacred day
Offer you a libation and a candle to light the way
As we stand here before you with our banners unfurled
We worry and fret for the evil unleashed in the world.
The witches of the hedgerow stand brave and true
Our ways you well know and our flowers dressed in blue
We garden and nuture, to grow is our favourite way
The wickedness we find can only fill us with dismay.

We speak of the child left weeping and alone
It hurts us my lord. Chills us to the bone
We hold and we cherish, light a candle to bless
Cuddle and care and share the peoples distress
We need you my Lord, we can fight alone no more
The strength and the power of the peoples hero Thor
With great hammer and belt, gauntlets and thunder
Lightening gladdens our hearts and fills us with wonder.

The peodophile, the nonce, the child molester
Theives of childhood, the innocents they pester
Throw thy great hammer, expose this evil plot
So we may see what’s what and what’s not
Protect these your children, peace of mind impart
Bless with kindness and help ease the broken heart
We can live with this evil and this shame no more
Please hear our prayer Mighty God Thor

Thor, Lord Almighty, childhood playmate
Be with us now and help keep us straight
Fight with us against the evil men
Babylon’s here! It shames us again.
Women and children cry out in their pain
While Babylon strives, filthy lucre to gain
The serpent arises, its coils are tensing
Thor, my lord, its Armageddon I’m sensing.

Black Jack

We used to play a game called “Black Jack”

Each player has seven cards.
The card on top of the remaining cards is turned over and forms a new pile
Each player in turn places a card down following suit and number. If you can’t throw a card you must pick one up.

Key cards

2 = Pick up 2
8 = Miss a go
Ace changes suit
King changes direction of play
Black Jack pick up 5
Red Jack cancels Black Jack

If you think you can get out on your next go you must say “Last card, knocking”
And knock on the table, if you don’t say this you must pick up all the upturned cards on the table.

Wanna Play?

Thor's Sacred Day Ritual

Color of the day: Purple
Incense of the day: Sandalwood
The sacred day of Thor, Norse god of war, thunder, and lightning, falls on this date. And to add to the energy, this year his sacred day occurs on a Thursday, which is named after Thor. In Norse mythology, Thor destroyed his enemies with his magic hammer while he acted in the best interests of his people. Although he was the god of war, he was also known for his fair and good nature. Thor's hammer is widely used today as a symbol of protection and as a business charm to improve reputation and authority. The energies today are ideal for spells requiring resilience, protection, and personal strength.
On a white candle, use a pin to engrave Thor's hammer and lightning symbols. Light the candle, saying:
With the power of Thor
I empower this spell
To protect and help me
Manage my challenges well.
By: Emely Flak

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Snowdrop

A fresh new snowdrop greeted me
Amongst the leaves beneath the tree
That delicate and tiny flower
Braves frost and raid and snowy shower
To tell us Spring is nigh
My garden soon will bloom again
In summer sunshine, gentle rain
With pansies, roses, hollyhocks
But none can bring such joy to me
As that tiny snowdrop ‘neath the tree.
by Nessie Gell

We Return Thanks

We return thanks to our mother, the earth, which sustains us.
We return thanks to the rivers and streams, which supply us with water.
We return thanks to all herbs, which furnish medicines for the cure of our diseases.
We return thanks to the moon and stars, which have given to us their
Light when the sun was gone.
We return thanks to the sun, that has looked upon the earth with a beneficent eye.
Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit, in
Whom is embodied all goodness, and
Who directs all things for the good of
Her children.
~Iroquois Prayer~

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Court Of The Crimson King

The dance of the puppets
The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun.
I walk a road, horizons change
The tournament’s begun.
The purple piper plays his tune,
The choir softly sing;
Three lullabies in an ancient tongue,
For the court of the crimson king.
The keeper of the city keys
Put shutters on the dreams.
I wait outside the pilgrim’s door
With insufficient schemes.
The black queen chants
The funeral march,
The cracked brass bells will ring;
To summon back the fire witch
To the court of the crimson king.
The gardener plants an evergreen
Whilst trampling on a flower.
I chase the wind of a prism ship
To taste the sweet and sour.
The pattern juggler lifts his hand;
The orchestra begin.
As slowly turns the grinding wheel
In the court of the crimson king.
On soft gray mornings widows cry
The wise men share a joke;
I run to grasp divining signs
To satisfy the hoax.
The yellow jester does not play
But gentle pulls the strings
And smiles as the puppets dance
In the court of the crimson king.
By King Crimson

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Charmed by the Mundane?

Ever feel that every day life is crowding in? That matters of the mundane are obscuring your view of the enchantment? Life can be complicated at times. If you find mundane issues are clouding your judgement I have a tonic for you :>)

Take a multi faceted cut glass crystal wash it well. Hang it at a sunny window, take note that the crystal is blessing you with rainbows on your ceiling or walls. Use a large glass, rinse well and fill with water. Hold the glass by the crystal so that tiny intense rainbows are held within the water.

As you do this look out of the window into the world, relax and watch as the crystal continues to charge the water. When you feel ready drink the water, sip it, as you do so visualize the spirit of the rainbow in you life. Feel yourself filling up with crystal light. If you do not finish the water keep it with you and drink it through out the day.

You may find that you see things differently in all aspects of your life and the rainbows will continue to bless you with energies that will make your work in the mundane much simplified. Leave the crystal hanging in the window, remember to wash it regularly.

In these short winter days a candle will do just as well for sun light.


The story so far

So as far as I can gather what’s been going on is two thousand years ago someone came up with a plan, they would steal the magic from the people, they would do it gradually so people wouldn’t notice at first, the fairies, gentle folk, would offer a gift only to be turned away with harshness. Slowly, slowly they began to fade.

Each generation succumbed to the mundane slightly more, people were happy and living their own lives, so who would think that cruel men had thought of an idea to enslave the world. Bartering and sharing was to stop. There needed to be a measure on things.

Country folks laughed at first, they enjoyed the trade and they knew what an item was worth, an egg was an egg and a cow still a cow. ‘Twas the people in the towns that found it easiest to exchange a coin for a gift. Then it spread gradually till at last everyone born thought that everything had a price and the measure was coin.

The people who first thought of the plan had decided that they would keep all the money in their families, not share it at all with anybody. As time went on they accumulated more and more money, they thought having all the money and enslaving the world would give them power and make them happy.

The Gods were not to be allowed their powers, each legend and fairy tale was to be discredited, there was to be only one god, messengers from the gods were to be destroyed. The first messenger they murdered was Jesus then they hi jacked his teachings to confuse and control people.

It was hard for them at first, people stuck to the old ways, traditions, the things they knew to be true. Then the Church they’d established began to be jealous of the wise ones, the elders, it was natural for people who wanted comfort, advice or just a good old chin wag to turn to the elders. This was when the church began to persecute Witches and other community elders. The Bible was even re written so witches could be murdered.

Witches who held trust with the gods helped to enable magic to flow around the world and fairies could always be sure of a warm welcome at their hearths. It became harder and harder for people from other realms to pass into the mundane, and to be honest they didn’t mind much because the mundane was always a strange place with curious ideas and ways. So the fairies began to stay in other realms.

As time went on the descendants of the people who had decided they wanted to steal the earth and enslave people grew more desperate, they looked at the people and saw that they were happy, they fell in love, had children and enjoyed life. Sometimes life was hard but good people would always share and life would go on. The descendants grew jealous again.

They knew they had all the money and could make all the laws but they weren’t happy. They tortured and killed more innocent people to try and find the truth. They were told more lies because folk are cunning and know how to keep secrets. They were told they could never be happy until they found the truth. “Where was truth?” “Truth is in beauty.”

This is when the descendants came up with the plan to steal truth back from the people they plotted and connived and watched. In London the girls were sweet and kind, if they had no money they earned some however they could. The descendents watched, they saw the sparkle as ladies from the realms of the Fey visited their sisters. The monster of jealousy grew within their hearts and they decided to make their move.

A man watched at a broken window, he watched a girl sleeping, waited until the fairy sparkles came and blessed the sister they missed so much, they could see that the girl was tired and hungry, her clothes weren’t new and her bed clothes were old and tattered. So they blessed her and in her dreams the girl danced with her fairy sisters again.

The man crept away and made his report to the descendants they decided that here was truth, aha if they had truth they would be happy! When the man returned to the girl’s window he had his bag with him. He crept into the room and took out his knife determined to find truth. He cut the girls windpipe first so she could not scream then working quickly, before she died he cut into her body.

When he found nothing he was sent out again and again, he was sworn to find truth and determined to complete his mission. The fairies knew straight away what was happening and feared to come to their sisters in case they brought them into more danger. The Fey were shocked at what could happen to people in the mundane world and as many of the witches were gone it was difficult to develop lines of communication.

The descendants of the people who first decided to steal the world from people came up with another plan, instead of working on the land and in cottage industries they would force people to work five days a week, they would pay them just enough to live and then they would have less time to be happy. They began to build factories and offices. If people wanted to have enough money to live they would have to work long hours.

Generations were born and began to believe that people must work to live. Government took over educating children, true tales began to be lost, nursery rhymes that had kept children safe were rewritten and their meanings lost. Teachers began to confuse children, family ties were cut and more and more the children of the universe began to be lost and frightened and unhappy.

In other realms the gods and goddesses heard the children call, the fey still kept faith with people in the mundane and took messages back and forth across the ether. The descendants tried to destroy all the messengers they could but the Fey are brave and strong and persisted still. Mother Nature herself was worried but the descendants had caused so much damage to the world she was very busy trying to repair the damage.

People who could not be happy any more in the mundane began to escape to the ether, there were always others waiting to help them, guide them through the forest. Until finally everyone learned how to escape to the ether and the gods knew and blessed everybody, although people were charmed by the mundane and didn’t always remember their dreams, the gods and people from other realms all began to look at the mundane. They thought their messages had been getting through, that people were happy and kind still to each other.

Two thousand years is not long in eternity but they felt ashamed that they had stayed away for so long. They want to help not least because the way the earth was being controlled was hurting Mother Nature. The descendants of people who had stolen it were trapped in the mundane and knew they could never have any real happiness or true power. They had again grown jealous and had decided to destroy the planet so no one could be happy.

The people from other realms could not let this happen, where would everyone live if our one world was gone? Mother Nature always a kind and loving mother began to be angry, she shook and rumbles but no one was listening and as only innocents were hurt by her protests she began to be very unhappy. No one wanted to see Mother Nature so very sad so everyone tried to decide what should be done.


This image was published in the Sky & Telescope Magazine Gallery of August 2001, as Astronomy Picture of the Day on 04-July-01, in Backyard Astronomers Guide in 2002, in Newton Magazine, and in 2005 Farmer's Almanac.

This picture was taken at night, well after the end of twilight. There had just been a brief rain shower at our location that moved off to the Southwest. The full moon, in the Northeast, reflected off the raindrops and created a moonbow. To my eye the moonbow appeared faintly in color. If you look very carefully, you can see a second extremely faint moonbow to the outside; it shows up better in a print.

Why does this shot look like it was exposed during the day? The moon is a neutral color and reflects the same spectrum as the sun. This exposure was 400,000 times longer than would be used during the day, and the sun is 400,000 times as bright as the full moon. Human eyes do not see color well at low light levels, but the camera does.

You can see the blurring of the anchored sailboats from their motions during the time exposure. You can also see stars at center left. The apparent lower end of the rainbow is exactly at a reef where we snorkled the next day. We didn't find a pot of gold.
Subject: Moonbow over Salt Pond Bay