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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pass It On

Random Acts Of Kindness Kindness is contagious. A smile begets a smile, simple courtesies encourage politeness, and a thoughtful gesture lingers in the heart. It feels good to do good and doing good deeds make others feel good. And so it goes, one good turn deserves another, and kindness becomes a way of life.

Kindness is fundamental to life and it is essential in creating healthy, happy human relationships. We all need to be shown kindness and we all need to express it. Acts of kindness connect us to one another. It gives us hope in humanity. Whether random or well planned out and articulated, acts of kindness have a domino affect in creating a better world.

Generosity of spirit is just as important as monetary contributions. Sincere acts of kindness are almost always appreciated, even if there is no acknowledgment. For true kindness is unconditional with no thought of reciprocation. Kindness lingers.

We may forget the words, or even the person, but we seldom forget the act, a door held open, a cookie from a neighbor, a word of encouragement when we are feeling blue. Try it today. Commit one random act of senseless kindness. Mow a neighbor's lawn, let someone cut in line in front of you, hand out balloons for no reason, say something nice to everyone you meet. Chances are those that you touch today will "pass it on" to others.
We can change the world, one smile at a time.

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Blogger Mother Damnable said...

~ Merry Yule ~

My Aunty Cath came to stay so I dropped off the Radar, she has retutned safely to her care home and had a lovely Chrimbo.

How did everyone do on the Yule Orgasm? I had several ;>)

Love and best Wishes


Thursday, 28 December, 2006  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

damn, i only got two!!

Friday, 29 December, 2006  
Blogger Zoe said...

Lol...Glad we all had a good time! : >

I completely agree with your sentiments too, Sharon!
This is a great post. Thankyou for being such a wonderful spirit and I send you all my blessings for the New Year.(A better tribute is on my blog, darlin!)

Please stay safe!
Zoe xx

Sunday, 31 December, 2006  

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