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Monday, December 11, 2006


I played with Angels
in the hurricane
they spoke your name
in joyous Anarchy
1:11 PM


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

still not YOU!

fantastic though!

Tuesday, 12 December, 2006  
Blogger sapphoq said...

i love the angels you have taken pics of. nice to read ya again. spike q.

Wednesday, 13 December, 2006  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

Thanks Cocaine Jesus,

I have to wait till this plaugue sore on my cheek heals up!

(That's what you get for dancing with dead people at Halloween!)

Perhaps for you for Yule.

Spike Q How lovely to have you visit again.

I'm glad you like the Angels :>)

Wednesday, 13 December, 2006  
Blogger Zoe said...

Lovely! And posted at 1.11 pm! hmmm....

Sunday, 17 December, 2006  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

Chuckles Zoe, I posted this to another blog but liked it so well I thought I'd post here.

I love it when the numbers do magical things :>)

Monday, 18 December, 2006  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

is it yule yet??

Wednesday, 20 December, 2006  

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