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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups, brings happiness and love.
New beginnings and a hopeful fresh start.
Cups they all tell their tales of the heart.
A new relationship that's sure to last long.
Whether it's lovers or friends you 2 belong.
Bubbling over with emotional bliss and joy
Be careful unless you wish for a girl or a boy.
The Two of Cups continues this happy suit.
Harmony, understanding, romance to boot!
Perhaps a contract of the lasting kind.
If in dispute common ground you will find.
Co operation and reason will be your friends
At work peace and harmony will be the blend.
The message is there of a happy union for two.
The Three of Cups is celebration and fun!
So be prepared because there's sure to be one.
Time to share joy, although there's work to do
Query marriage or pregnancy? Blessed are you!
If you've been ill, your recovery will go well.
A hobby how ever and not a profession.
Still you'll enjoy as you learn the lesson.
Four of Cups suggest the honeymoon is over.
You feel withdrawn and sense anticlimax,
Life's gone stale, but are you sure of the facts?
You are still offered a blessing that is good
Don't cut yourself off, look again you should.
Turn this time around and instead take the time
To think, meditate, and learn this little rhyme.
Five of Cups tell of loss and disappointment.
Time to extricate from that wrong commitment.
You may feel abandoned or perhaps betrayed.
A time of sadness but do not feel dismayed.
These situations are always under your rule
Is the glass half empty or is it half full?
Think again, does your heart rule your head?
Six of Cups reminds us of days that are gone,
Resolved or not, memories still linger on.
Perhaps a friend or schoolmate returns at last
A matter concluded with roots deep in the past.
Nostalgia you'll feel, remembering happy days
Thinking about your old values and your old ways.
Consider also the significance to you of children.
Seven of Cups have you been daydreaming?
A little muddled? Befuddled with scheming?
Your options seem many but are they all for true?
Can it be clear thinking and focus elude you?
Take your time, more information you must seek.
Creativety at this time should be high on your list,
Intuitions and dreams may be significant now.
Eight of Cups, it's time to walk away, time to move on
You've become disappointed, felt a change of heart.
You've thought again and you now wish to depart.
This will work through in the space of 30 days
Emotional maturity will change your old ways.
As you walk away more meaning, in life, you seek.
Reflect, become wise, there's no need to be meek.
Nine of Cups shows your desires are soon to be fulfilled.
Contentment and satisfaction, a real Fairy Godmother hug.
However the card warns of overindulgence, don't be smug!
...to be continued!


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