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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

~ Tarot ~

I’ve been giving tarot readings online and it’s been quite interesting. People e-mail me with a question and what area of their lives they’d like me to look into. I clear my mind, light a candle for truth shuffle the deck and lay a spread for them.

This is sometime harder than giving a reading to someone face to face; I don’t know anything about the person, not even if they are a man or a woman. Yet the feedback I have had has been “Describes my situation exactly” “Spot on!” etc.

How can this be? I am not making anything up, I am probably elaborating slightly less over the Internet, as it’s much easier to tell if a querant is interested in a particular card if they are in front of me.

Perhaps this is because The Tarot is a mirror of our own journey through life, the Major Arcana the more significant stages and the Minor Arcana the more subtle. We all think our life experiences are unique; Tarot shows us that although our individual experiences may be unique the pattern of our lives is broadly the same.

The Tarot can, somehow, show us where we are in the journey of life, and what is to be the likely outcome. To some people a Tarot reading can be a catalyst to enable them to see just where they are, perhaps for the first time.

There are ten cards in a Celtic Cross spread and seventy-eight cards in a Tarot deck, so there is a large scope for possible variations. Yet it is surprising how often the same cards come up for people. I suppose this may be because of factors in the mundane such as Winter coming up, Christmas coming up, environmental concerns are coming to the forefront of all of our lives.

Quite how Tarot cards manage to pin point just where a person is in life and how they are coping with it is a mystery, but they do seem to be able to, and they can be quite sharp in their message! It’s down to the skill of the reader to make the message as acceptable as possible to the querant.

To convey the message in the cards in as diplomatic way as possible ~ that’ll be another learning curve then ~

Mother Damnable the diplomat.

~ Cue maniacal laughter ~

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Blogger JahTeh said...

Did you take the plunge and buy the Toth Deck?

Sunday, 08 October, 2006  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

Na, I meet somebody with the Toth deck and gave him the book :>)

I'm holding out for the Gilded Tarot!

Sunday, 08 October, 2006  
Blogger Zoe said...

Merry Meet Mother!
That is interesting! I have done it once and found that the feedback I recieved was also encouraging. Shows that nothing is limited to the physical realm after all!
I seem to have a strange habit of pulling out the same card three times conseculatively if I really concerntrate.
I agree,the celtic cross gives the best results I think too!
Zoe xx

Sunday, 08 October, 2006  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

Merry Meet Zoe,

You do seem to have an affinity with Tarot cardS :>)

Perhaps you pull the same card several times because that is the card that is relevant for you.

And interesting experiment is to keep a note book and do a three card spread (past, present, future)each day for two weeks or so, write down the cards you get, the feelings you get from them and what is happening in your life that you think they may relate to.

Thanks for your comment and I hope you will visit again.

Best Wishes

Monday, 09 October, 2006  
Blogger Zoe said...

Yes Thats a great idea!

I will do that. The cards that keep coming out(usually 'The World' and 'The Hermit') do seem to be relevant to my life at the time and sometimes the kind of mood I'm in.

Thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my site also !

Im not sure how well I have percieved your message,It may take practice.

Straight away I felt yellow (pale) and later when I had the chance to 'meditate' on it some more I kept feeling a royal Blue or Green, Im not sure which. It was a very deep,rich colour.

hehehe, probably way off!

Zoe xx

Tuesday, 10 October, 2006  

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