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Friday, October 27, 2006

Our Night On The Tiles

“Hail and Well Met” on the Yes, Yes game
“Give us your names.” They spell them plain
Then they swear, and then they fear
“Can’t you understand us?” “We make it clear”

“There’s this band, they play by the book
Begin by Invocation wanna come look?”
On the Tube we giggled as the Voodoo man sang
He opened our ears with a clatter and a clang.

In the club we meet with The Hellfire band
By Invocation, and with intention unplanned
As they play, by Magic, we know every word
The energies we raise thus, we duly observe.

He bowed and he smiled as we met on the stair
Recognition? Was he mundane or bravely aware?
That Demon he knew me, we felt for sure
But “Where and When? Did we, before?”

The dark man quipped as he counted the score
“You share one woman whilst I have four!”
But “What about you?” “What about me?”
“How would you like to be my number Three?”

Like Stray Cats down the alley we three paced
And chuckled and laughed at the darkness we faced
The dangers we knew and those yet to come
We wondered and marvelled at what we’d become.

You remembered at need another band
Who play the tunes from a faraway land
To labour for Love a blessing and a joy
Blessed, indeed, as a man and as a boy.

We walked, at last, into the night
Our souls are free, to life we hold tight.
We love life and we love London Town
We smile as I smooth my hair and my gown.

When I left you I could not look back,
The glow in your eyes would make me backtrack
So we hug as we part at the tube station gate
Smile a merry smile and promise “Laters Mate.”


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