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Friday, July 07, 2006

What a Roller Coaster

What a Roller Coaster! Life has been busy for a coupla months so I haven’t been blogging as usual, I met an angel, a fallen one, just like me ;>) We had fun and it was learning curve for me, I’ll Gonzo it once I’ve consumed enough alchahol, which may be a while!

I’ve kept up with gardening and have added some more tropical plants because we have a “Drought Warning “ a “Hosepipe ban” and a “Heat wave warning” Poor old Blighty is Scorchio! Man Angel acquired a Bougainvillea for me, which I remember growing in the Middle East whilst I was there. I also planted Passion Flower and some lovely almost black Dahlias, called “Arabian Nights”

My Black Bamboo that I bought with me from Dorset has recovered and is shooting up wonderfully well, it seem I shall Have my own Bamboo grove after all, There is a little red beetle that keeps eating my lilies which makes me cross, but I think I have saved the stargazer and Madonna lilies but my Tiger lilies look a little ragged. So I should still be able to enjoy the lovely aroma of lilies in the summer evenings.

Damnable Major is speaking to me again, which is great, I know Mamas and sons can’t always get along but it was as if a part of my heart was missing not to be able to speak to my son. He is doing well, has his own flat now and is living a happy laid back life in Dorset. Damnable Minor is very happy we are planning a trip for him to stay with his brother.

Aunty Cath is now in a Nursing home in Wiltshire, it’s a very good one, very clean, very pleasant staff, we filled in a long form giving family details and the staff remembered our names when we visited again. Aunty Cath seems to be stabilising a little, she can remember some things and is walking about again with the aid of a Zimmer frame, she hasn’t fallen since Saturday.

I haven’t forgotten about any of you, I’ve been dying to write for ages and will catch up with everybody’s blog over the next coupla days.

Oh Yeah, forgot to say I got so bored being blonde I dyed my hair red, bright unnatural, glowing red :>)


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