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Monday, July 10, 2006

Same Old ~Same Old Story

The latest whiz bang scheme of the sadly deluded government is to introduce the national curriculum for children from birth,


allegedly children’s communication needs are not being met. At first glance this seems to be just another effort by a control freak government to control people from the cradle to the grave, but upon reflection I wondered why the government should suddenly be so concerned about children, there is the obvious thought that if children are manipulated from such an early age they will be used to it and therefore more malleable as adults.

It does seem to me strange though successive government’s have almost ignored children, there are no votes there and with the notable exception of Thatcher who took away the third of a pint of milk children used to drink at break time and a bit of manipulation of the education system children were largely left for their parents to care for.

A quick google revealed the growing belief in the phenomenon of “Indigo Children” and the more recent emergence of “Crystal children”


widely believed to be the next evolutionary stage for humans. Since the days of the “Dawning of the age of Aquarius” people have begun to be more aware and interested in spiritual matters. New age is now old hat, many people explore and live by alternative belief systems and more and more people are becoming psychically aware and trusting in their intuitions.

Can it be coincidence that since the 1980’s more and more children have been diagnosed with highly suspect conditions such as hyper activity and ADHD? The alleged symptoms that fit these children also fit Indigo children and now that Crystal children have been identified, who because of their high psychic abilities are late to talk, are increasingly diagnosed as autistic and prescribed drugs.

Is it concerned that a wave of people are growing up who simply will not conform in the way that is necessary for Government to be effective? Why are increasing numbers of children prescribed Ritalin and other drugs that will stunt their psychic growth as surely as they stunt their physical growth


I thought it suited the powers that be to have potential trouble makers in society shorter than they should be, making control of them much easier.Serious enough, but now I feel that the government is planning to monitor children from birth to see how many vulnerable indigo and crystal children they can identify and begin to manipulate.

Naturally you have probably been programmed by your experience in society to disbelieve my thoughts, and I almost wish I hadn’t begun to look into why it should seem to want to steal childhood entirely from children in this country.

However you look at it something is wrong, very wrong, all children are crystal, diamond, precious, rainbow and deserving of protection, not interference from the state. Not meddling, or monitoring but love, time and care from their parents and family.

How can it be right for children to be separated from their parents from birth? Why and when did we allow this to happen?

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Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

children should never be seperated from their parents at birth unless the parents have died or don't want their child or unbelivably impoverished and uncarring about their baby.

do governments, our government, want to control children?
of course they do.

Monday, 10 July, 2006  
Blogger Granny said...

I've avoided ritalin for Rebecca even though it's been suggested. I want my Rebecca please; not a zombie.

I don't discount its usefulness in some cases of course but it's way overprescribed here in the states.

Overcrowded classrooms don't allow for diversity.

Monday, 10 July, 2006  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

...and yet CJ many of our children are seperated from their parents, and sent to nurseries where they are looked after by young, inexperienced and underpaid staff.

The government needs to begin earlier and earlier to brainwash our children, or how will they have a compliant, docile population?

It was strange to read this again (it was my first blog)Since then all I've read is bad news, I write these things and hope that I am wrong :>(

Granny, Thank goodness you resisted Ritalin for Rebecca, it's at the stage here where children who have been on ritalin can be spotted because of their small size.

I find the similarities between ritalin and cocaine very worrying indeed, seems to me that children are being set up for a life of addiction.

I don't think drugging children, in this manner is ever useful, how will they learn anything about how to interact in society?

I think the state education system is producing exactly the results is set out to do.


Thanks for your comment, it is lovely to have you visit :>)

Tuesday, 11 July, 2006  
Blogger dawniy said...

mmmmm I knew it would be on it's way .... it's like the new every child counts register thingy , they are even going to record info such as do our children eat their 5 fruit and veg a day. Seems to be that children ahve become a political pawn, education has been one for years they've messed us about to suit whatever is the latest whim. ooops can you tell I'm fed up of men in suits in london telling us what to do with our chldren.

and Granny totally agree with you about ritalin !!

Sunday, 16 July, 2006  

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