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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Pointless Picnic

Venue: A Picnic Spot In Your Local Town, City Or Village.Time:
Midday Every Sunday
Place: Everywhere Picnickable on Our Planet


Pointless Picnics are to be held every Sunday at Midday, providingthe weather is fine. They offer an opportunity to get away from theconsumer work ethic.Tell your friends to tell their friends and come along to share your food, play music and games or just relax.

There is no reason for the picnics they're just something you don't have to think about, enjoy them, they're fun.The time of 12 noon (local) has been arranged to avoid the need for organisation.
Everyone is welcome and don't forget..... it's just a Global Picnic!The idea behind the picnics is to give us the opportunity to meet up with like minded people and feel less isolated. If all goes well, one day you maybe able to walk into any town at noon on a Sunday, go to the local picnic spot and meet up with a lot of folk with ideas for a peaceful future!Yes... And relax a while too. i see a pointless picnic e group for individual cities like thefreecycle networkhttp://www.freecycle.org/ this concept has far reaching possibilities block parties in neighbourhood cul de sacs

Getting to know our neighbours is so important in this age of the fear breeding fear – breeding fear spiral.
Reality check!This is a movement that has no vertebrae - because of this it is powerful and effective, there is no structure other than what YOU are motivated to do.It is an idea that is carried in the wind, trusting the process oflife. Like the oak tree sleeping inside of every acorn, just waitingf or the environment to be amenable to its awakening.

Our lifetimes are very short in the face of existence - we will not see all the fruits of our actions, but we are witnessing the fruits of the seeds planted by those who came before us - relax,serve life and trust in the universal wisdom - step back take a ten thousand year view and see how quickly we are evolving:)

Quotes by John Harding initiator of "pointless picnics""Yes the picnic idea is still very close to my heart and on Sundays if the weather is fine you may find me picnicking somewhere." "Hopefully picnics will be worldwide and easy to find just by talking to friends."

"The picnics are also pointless, not in one place and with no agenda apart from sharing food in peace. I like pointlessness, constantly searching for reasons and solutions is tiresome and unrewarding."

"The idea of having no agenda, no speeches, no fixed meeting point, no organisational structure and no money involved does prevent this type of event being usurped by political groups with hidden agendas, it also keeps things understandable, if someone tells you the picnic is for any purpose other than sharing ones food in peace they do not understand the picnic concept."

"We need to be constantly monitoring our environment and adopting the most efficient responses in order to conserve our energies and retain our freedom to think."

"The weekly Sunday picnics could prove to be very strong, they provide a method of networking which does not rely on technology".

"People NEED to talk, to discuss, to communicate face to face, allow our 'auras' to mix, create new philosophy"We don't wear labels Its called the pointless picnic.Spread the word!

Forwarded by :viziondanz@infinitepossibility.org"there is nothing wrong with our world,we are just having a weird conversation"


Blogger Granny said...

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Welcome back - again.

Thursday, 06 July, 2006  

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