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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

World Day of Conscience

A proposal for a World Day of Conscience to be observed on March 29, 2006 and on the occasion of all future appearances of the total solareclipse "Eye of God".On Wednesday March 29th, 2006 the symbolic total solar eclipse "Eye of God" will once again appear in the skies above our planet Earth.

This symbolic "Eye of God" will "look down from the heavens" above the east coast of South America (Brazil), Central and North Africa (Ghana, Togo,Benin, Nigeria,Chad, Libya and Egypt), Eurasia and Asia (Turkey,Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia).

Robin Edgar is proposing that human beings in all parts of the World may respond to the spectacular cosmic symbolism of the total solar eclipse"Eye of God" by observing a World Day of Conscience on Wednesday March29, 2006 and on all future dates when the total solar eclipse "Eye ofGod" appears in the skies above our planet Earth.

World Day of Conscience should be observed in a manner that calls attention to and seeks redress for any and all forms of injustices and abuses that occur in the world. Special attention should be given tothose matters of conscience in the domain of human rights, civil liberties and social justice, as well as serious environmental and ecological concerns.

World Day of Conscience may be observed in diverse manners. It is up to those individual people and groups who choose to observe World Day ofConscience to decide what are the most appropriate ways for them to observe this day.

Religious and spiritual observances are certainly encouraged however non-religious manners of observing World Day of Conscience are also appropriate. Suggestions for various ways to observe World Day of Conscience are welcomed, as are diverse forms of co-operation with and support for organizing and sustaining World Day of Conscience.

At present the most urgent need forco-operation and support is simply to spread the news about World Day of Conscience as rapidly and as widely as possible to human beings in all parts of the world.

Total solar eclipses following that of March 29, 2006 will occur onAugust 1, 2008; July 22, 2009; July 11, 2010; November 13, 2012;November 3, 2013, March 20, 2015; March 9, 2016; and August 21, 2017. A map that shows the paths of totality of these and other future total solar eclipses may be viewed at the NASA eclipse web site.NASA LISTING OF SOLAR ECLIPSES 2011-2020robinedgar59@yahoo.ca

Please help spread the word about World Day of Conscience



Blogger sapphoq said...

that is an excellent idea and one that i hope takes off!

spike q

Tuesday, 28 March, 2006  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...


How lovely to see you here :>)

I'm looking forward to the Eclipse tomorrow, interesting times

Tuesday, 28 March, 2006  
Blogger Jessie Speer said...

thanks for posting this. i'll definitely take part... three cheers for the power of consciousness

Wednesday, 29 March, 2006  

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