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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Sacred Run

The Sacred Run is now in New Mexico, in the "Reflections from the Road" page from the Sacred Run Website we can learn why people are running Marcus Atkinson writes:

"We all know that the political situation throughout the world is getting worse and worse by the day, and that this is leading to environmental destruction and wars around the world, spirituality has become just a business for the majority of the worlds religions, drugs and alcohol are destroying the lives of youth and families everywhere, and in the future world peace will become less and less unlikely unless we can all come together NOW and work for change.

Sacred Run is what first opened my eyes to a much larger world, and led me to many other organizations doing similar things. I am honored to be back on Sacred Run again, with lots of old friends who took the time to teach me so much when I was first getting involved in the struggle, and also opened my life up to spirituality and a belief that WE can make change.

We must go further than just talking about the changes that need to happen, we need to take action, to connect with more and more people, and to create ways for more people to become actively involved in creating Peace and making social change. Only a true sense of spirituality can make it possible for us to stop destroying the environment, and stop us from taking advantage of other people lives and be more concerned with the welfare of EVERYONE instead of just thinking of ourselves.

I will continue to do this for as long as I can walk or run, to honor all those who have given everything, including there lives and their freedom. To become spiritually stronger myself and to help keep the movement for peace and social change alive."

Roger Straw writes:

"Soooo, anyway..... Next time I’m sleeping on a hard gymnasium floor, or feeling the wind burn my face, or freezing, or staying up late to plan tomorrow's route for the Sacred Walkers, I will remind myself that pain and endurance is sometimes redemptive. The gifts of self-neglect we give the world bear fruit. We pay the price, and the fruit is often invisible, a thing of Spirit, a light breeze against the powers that be, but a breeze that sometimes mysteriously joins with the breezes of others in the struggle, and becomes a mighty wind that blows to the Four Directions, and makes the Circle one again. That’s my prayer with every step on today’s journey."

Dennis Banks writes:

"..Our voices need to be heard and we have a message: All Life is Sacred."


Route, schedule and progress on the road


The Sacred Run is asking for donations, this is a long run and Runners are taking time out from their every day lives so every donation will be much appreciated, I'm sure.


Or if you live close to the route why not join in? The Web site says:

"Because we are receiving a tremendous amount of requests to assist the Run, we are welcoming and allowing new runners and walkers to join us. But you must provide your own transportation and be financially independent. No drugs, alcohol or weapons. If you are on prescription drugs, we must know what it is and what it is for. Check out our Route and Schedule, and write us an email to let us know when you will join us, where, and for how long. "



Blogger Granny said...

Thanks. I've been busy and lost track of them.

Monday, 27 February, 2006  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

can we not start a co-equal 'sacred run' over here in europe?

Tuesday, 28 February, 2006  

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