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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Accomplices

Ginger Bean is getting so plump and when I looked at the date we were cat burglared I’m sure she’s due to have her kittens very soon, it’s so exciting anticipating what they will look like and what colour they will be.


Geoff seems to be the prime candidate to be Papa but there’s no way of telling currently there are three feral tom cats camped outside our back door Busta, Geoff and Beaux. We think Beaux is the son of Busta because they look so similar.


We took some pictures this week so here are the three Alpha Tom cats in my neighbourhood. I don’t think the pictures really do justice to their full muscle bound glory, they really are large, powerful cats.

CoCo is pregnant too, she loves kittens and will look after any of the other cats kitten she is a lovely mid wife too jumping into the basket and grooming Mama to calm her. Each cat seems to have three or four babies each time so life does not become too chaotic once the kittens start running around.

Tomkins one of our previous kittens




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