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Monday, January 09, 2006

Living In The Summer Mountains

I have moved to this home of immortals
Wild shrubs bloom everywhere
In the front gardens, trees
Spread their branches for clothes racks
I sit on a mat and float wine cups
In the cool spring
Beyond the window railing
A hidden path leads away
Into the dense bamboo grove
In a gauze dress
I read among my disordered pile of books
I take a leisurely ride
In the painted boat
And chant poems to the moon
I drift at ease, for I know
The soft wind will blow me home.
Yu Hsuan-Chi


Blogger Granny said...

Beautiful. Happy de-lurking week. I'm behind today but I'll be back.

Monday, 09 January, 2006  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

march is such a great month isn't it?
i like the poem. may i steal it?

Monday, 09 January, 2006  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

Hi Granny, and welcome back for your return :>)

Hiya Cocaine Jesus, I'm glad you like the poem. Please feel free :>)

Monday, 09 January, 2006  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

many thanks. i will feature it om my family site. utility fish shed in a week or two.
thanks again.

Wednesday, 11 January, 2006  
Anonymous Mother Damnable said...

I'm glad you found the post useful Cocaine Jesus. I'll keep a look out for it :>)

Thursday, 12 January, 2006  

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