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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chocolate Milk

Saturday is favourite at the moment because we get creamy chocolate milk delivered from our new milkman. It’s for the Damnable Juniors mainly but they are kind and share with Ma. Nothing can beat the creamy taste of cold chocolate milk in the morning.

There have been three Tom cats camping out in my back garden for several days Busta and Geoff are back as is a much younger black and white cat, we think he must be the son of Busta because they are so much alike. We call him Beaux.

Mysti goes out to play and just boxes them away if they approach her. I think Trixie has a crush on both Geoff and Beaux. CoCo has been out for a play, I don’t know if she is pregnant but she seems very hungry and when she looks at me her eyes go black in that “Hurry up and die so I can eat you” way she has.

We haven’t taken the Tree down yet, I might do it tomorrow but I am enjoying the fragrance and the needles are holding on so I may enjoy it for a few days more yet. I think a Yule tree is so pretty, When Damnable Major was born Grandmother Anne gave us a decoration every year so we have some wonderful memories stored up in our Yule decorations.

The survey that was done on the drain at the side of the house came back clear, so our happy home shouldn’t tumble down at the corner, it must be the guttering needs changing, the cracks in the wall do look alarming, the drain pipes are original to the house (1908) so need replacing a nice builder is coming to see me next week.




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