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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shout It Loud!

You claim Iraq’s liberation
All we see is occupation
Liberation? What a sham!
Now you act just like Saddam
Blair your gagging legislation
Shows your blatant desperation
When you kill, we will talk
Shout the truth until you walk
Speaking truth is never violence
This Ummah* will not be silenced
You can make the truth a crime
But it still comes out in time
Our Dua* remains the same
We refuse to live in shame
Will you send us all to prison?
Cos we just don’t hold your vision!
Shock and awe you DO allow
Who commits the terror now?


Ummah - Community
Dua - Prayer

We Are All Babar Ahmed

“Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated” Nelson Mandela

Did you know?

Under 2003 UK-US Extradition Treaty you can be arrested in Britain and take to the US if you ever send an email, access a web site or use a credit card that breaks US law.

It does not matter…

If you are British or not
If there is no evidence
If you are a Muslim or not
If you have not broken any UK laws
If you have never been to the US
If you are against terrorism

More at:


Friday, December 09, 2005

No I Wasn't Dreaming

But this is the only news coverage I could find:

A "four foot tidal wave of water" turned roads into rivers in part of Tooting after a water main burst last Wednesday night.
The flood severely damaged shops and properties in Amen Corner and Mitcham Road and disrupted water supplies to surrounding streets.
A spokesman for Wandsworth Police said a four foot deep wave of water had struck the area after a pipe measuring four feet in diameter burst at 10pm.
Water poured into the basements and ground floor areas of about 50 businesses, destroying stock, equipment and furnishings.
Many companies had to close the following day to mop-up and dry out their buildings, some pumping hundreds of gallons of water out of their cellars and rooms.
Dain Bedford, 26, who lives above a shop in Mitcham Road, said: "I was just walking past at the top of my stairs when I saw a ripple of water go by my glass door.
"I looked outside my window and there was practically a river running down the street.
"Some people were going home and were wading through the waters........

More at:



Court Duties

Mother Damnable was up early, court duties could be fun but required concentration to be ahead of the game, it was always fun to dress smartly, she pulled the chest from the cupboard and selected her jewellery, gold was to be the order of the day, were sapphires required? Perhaps not, diamonds for elegance against black.

The day was fine and bright, as My Lady Damnable left the house she spotted a bright shiny penny, she picked it up and put it in her coat pocket

“Find a penny, Pick it up
All day long, you’ll have good luck”

It was always good to find a penny as the luck could be passed on.

“Bow Street Magistrates Court” It had been a while since she had attended there, once on the tube Mother consulted her A to Z and found that it had moved and was now in Bow Road! ~ The journey was uneventful until passing The Tower of London the train suddenly malfunctioned, several passengers sat for a while in silence until the announcement came they were all to change to platform three.

Mother Damnable knew this would make her late and she chuntered a little because she knew there was nothing worse than being late for court. Once again installed on the train over at platform three another announcement came “You are required to enter via Tower Gateway” ~ Traitors gate ~ “What on earth?” queried My Lady, but she decided to keep an open mind and as long as she ended up at the same destination all would be well.

On leaving the station My Lady noticed another penny on the ground, not so bright and shiny but a pair would always be useful so to double the luck she picked this penny up too and put it safely in her pocket, once through the security, in the new court building that was unknown to her Mother Damnable wondered if she would recognise any other people concerned with the court case?

Playing spot the Anarchist was all very well but black clothes were the order of the day at court, in any event due to the unexpected detour Mother was late and proceedings might very well be over, “Ah not so!” Mother caught site of My Lord Red, sitting as if in a dream. The Lady stood before him and tapped his knee before he noticed her “What enchantment was this?” Thought but not spoken.

Mother Damnable asked the news? How faired My Lord Blackelberry? One charge already dropped, the police we about to produce the video for the next charge, My Lady turned as she felt an interest to her left, she saw ten, young, inexperienced but very large policemen,

“Why so many plod?”

“They were the arresting officers”

“All ten?”

Mother knew by the prickling in her thumbs that deeds had been done in space and time that needed to be called to account; well we’re in the right place for it she thought as she entered the public gallery. A comedy turn was in progress as a motorist argued with the crown prosecutor that he couldn’t produce his documents for a valid but funny reason, his friends supported him in the public gallery and My Lady watched and listened.

The crown prosecutor was a young slip of a girl and had apparently defined herself for the day as a hanging judge, she did not intend to drop the further charge and argued the toss with my Lord Blackelberry’s solicitor, eventually the video was produced. Mother watched and admired Lord Blackelberry’s demeanour. But was appalled as she watched plod pull the old stunts, channelling through an empath, a loud “Tut” another assault “Tut”

My Lady Damnable could feel the crown prosecutor stiffen, she felt her begin to channel, “Well channel this!” Lady Damnable flew, in her mind. Back to the original assault the one that Plod had attempted to inflict upon Lord Blackelberry, She flew back in time, the victim had entered the Tower through Traitors gate, that much was clear, then two assaults to the neck, My Lady Damnable gasped at the audacity!

The crown prosecutor paled perhaps realising for the first time the true seriousness of the situation. “I’m not sure, let’s watch the tape again” Mother leaned forward, she didn’t want to miss a breath of what had taken place, a parallel screen appeared on the wood panelling of the court room and Lady Damnable knew that others were watching and listening too.

The tape rolled again, the assaults were clear, My Lord Red clearly and loudly blew his whistle. Mother Damnable gave Lord Blackelberry a round of applause for the elegance of his actions, the crown prosecutor turned and with lowered eyes left the room to consult the police inspector that had appeared as if by magic. My lady followed, “Truce!” was immediately declared by plod.

“Truce, how can there be truce after an assault”

Mother listened as the empaths amongst the plod declared they had never seen anything like it! A voice came clear as a bell through the ether “Remember the pact” eleven startled, pale police officers scuttled away, the prosecutor returned to the court room and the second charge was dropped.

Afterwards in the pub, mother Damnable passed the two pennies to Lord Blackelberry, quipping that he may have needed them to pay the ferryman! Lord Blackelberry’s smile lit up the room and mother glowed happily to know she had passed on the luck.

Later that night as My Lady pondered on the events of the day, she received another summons, this time from My Ladies of Endore, so the audacity was true then, a step too far and this time on camera. Mother Damnable hugged old friends and bowed as she beheld the most lovely Queen, Ann Boleyn, they had not met for several years, as Savernake forest was no longer close to where Mother Damnable lived.

“What shall we do then?” Was the question, My Lady Ann smiled “I called the Pact, that will confuse them for a while, they have made so many pacts and broken several they’ll be searching the archives to find which one they’ve broken and to whom!”

The Hounds of Hell were straining at the leash, any assault upon my Ladies of Endore caused an automatic unleashing and they knew they would soon be free to roam and sniff out all the dirty little secrets that Babylon were trying to hide. “Ah puppies” the Ladies played their favourite games, encouraging them to do their job well, no encouragement was necessary really but the Ladies of Endore love their hounds.

“How shall we visualise them this time? How big and how long until they return to us?”

“Eighty feet” came a masculine voice through the ether

“Infinity” another male voice echoed

The ladies of Endore collapsed into giggles

“Eighty foot Hounds of Hell that go on for infinity, or infinite sized Hounds of Hell that go on for eighty feet?”

Finally the Ladies regained their composure and it was agreed that the Hounds should be as large as eighty feet, if required and that they would search for infinity or until every last secret had been uncovered. The ladies smiled as they unleashed their favourites and sent them out into the world.

My lady Damnable returned home to her comfortable bed, and wondered what secrets the hounds would reveal on the morrow.

N.B. In these more politically correct days the Hounds of Hell have been renamed The Puppies for Peace.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Autumn Girl Soup

By Kirsty Maccoll

I’m an autumn girl, flying over london
With the trees on fire it looks like home
I’m an autumn girl on the endless search for summer
Cause I need some love to cook my frozen bones
You needed something to get your teeth into
And in my voodoo kitchen you said
I’ve got something to show you,
It’s a recipe handed down from father to son
For a thousand years, and it goes with those hot salt tears.
I’m an autumn girl, crying over london
With a heart on fire but no-one home
I’m an autumn girl on the endless search for summer
Cause I need some love to heat my frozen bones
Get me on the boil and reduce me
To a simmering wreck with a slow kiss
To the back of my neck
Carve up my heart on a very low flame
Separate my feelings then pour them down the drain
Close my eyes and sweeten me with lies
Pierce my skin with a few well chosen words
Now you can stuff me with whatever you’ve got handy
And on a cold grey day a cold grey man will do
I’m an autumn girl, flying over london
With the trees on fire it looks like home
I’m an autumn girl on the endless search for summer
Cause I need some love to heat my frozen bones
So give me something to whet my appetite
And chill my soul with a sudden lack of interest
Oh, but the winter freezes on and the candle’s burned low
Fill me with the hot stuff then say you’ve got to go
Take my mind, marinade it in red wine
Grate my thighs with your chinny chin chin
And I will let you in
Oh on a long dark night a long dark man might ...

Flying Visit

We just got home from a flying visit to Nannie Rose and Grandad Ray’s house, where we saw Tomkyns for the first time in several months, he is the son of Mysti and has grown from the ball of fluff that left us into the most beautiful silky Tom cat. He is very bouncy and Ray had hours of fun playing with him, though he did cut a bit rough!

Rose and Ray have just returned from a trip to Egypt and had a lovely time they stayed at the Titanic resort and water park so water slides were the order of the day.

They bough me back the most lovely coin belt for belly dancing, it’s pink with sequins and gold (coloured) coins, I’ve promised a couple of Rainbow Families to perform my best fertility dance for them and belly dancing is so empowering to women I’ll be shimmying and jangling my way towards the week end :>)

I did hear that Maya Evans was arrested, by 14 policemen for reading the names of all the injured and dead from the Iraq war, outside the gates to Downing Street but have been unable to find out more so if anyone has any info I’d be glad to be enlightened.

MARCH : For Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and the oppressed of the ummah

Before they make it a crime

Make your voices heard, Spread the word, make sure you come.

Gathering Time 11.00am

Saturday 10 December.

Gathering point Parliament Square ending at Hyde Park.

Coaches from all major cities

More info at:

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Queen Of Wands

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catch Up

I know, I know all these links and quotes it’s about time we had a catch-up don’t ya think?

I’ve decided that I won’t sand the dining room floor, it’ll make too much dust and with Yule just around the corner I’ve quite enough to do! The painting is lovely though (Dulux ~ Eden and white) I took all my books back downstairs yesterday and It’s great to have them all at hand again, I’m such an old book worm, I do think the Internet is great but nothing beats snuggling down with an old favourite book does it?

I can’t wait till all my pictures are back on the walls.

I just had a rant at Wannado who have again stolen money from my bank account! Grrrr they promise to refund but I’ve heard that before, I told them they were a bloody disgrace and wondered how many other people they were stealing money from? ~ they told me if I swore again they'd loose the call ~

Raymond has turned into my best buddy and has been an angel, it’s wonderful to see a little man growing up and quite warms the cockles of my heart that he has recovered from school and has direction and purpose, all the girls love him and I don’t blame them!

Aunty Cath had a bad fall last week she sounded very shaky at first, but is growing stronger again a day at a time, we don’t yet know if she will be well enough to come for Christmas as she usually does, I have a plan so fingers crossed she will as I know we would both be miserable not to spend the holiday together.

I have decided that I probably won’t take up the offer of an Internet Radio Show (one hour show hosted by my good self providing Tarot card readings) I think Tarot card readings from home will be much more fun and personal, and now the dining room is nearly finished it can be my parlour :>)

I’m totally skint so I thought I’d mention the google search box at the top of my blog and the google adverts box to the right; see the deal is fellow bloggerers that every time someone clicks through I get .0001 of a dollar, has to be a proper search or click through tho’ so if you want to help Ma Damnable out click away my dears.

I did manage to borrow a tenner today though so will be able to go Wombling tonight, the cats are all disgraceful at the moment and can’t quite figure out if they’d prefer to go out and play with the big Toms or just yowl all night! I know which I’d prefer but the choice is up to them, last night Trixiebelle and Mysti did venture out then Ray decided he wanted a cuddle so we had to round them back up again. Much to Geoff’s displeasure.

On the plus side I have a new milkman, he delivers all sorts of things as well as thick, creamy dairy milk so that will save me a lot of seasonal struggling home from the shops. I haven’t even started for Chrimbo, I’ve just been scrubbing up as I go, I’m sure it will all work out, it usually does.

Phew that’s about all I think!

Babylon's Burning ~The Ruts~ From Jah Wars

Babylon's burning You're burning the street You're burning your houses With anxiety
With anxiety Babylon's burning Babylon's burning With anxiety Babylon's burning Babylon's burning
Babylon's burning You're burning the street You're burning the ghetto With anxiety

With anxiety Babylon's burning Babylon's burning With anxiety Babylon's burning Babylon's burning
Babylon's burning, baby Can't you see? Babylon's burning With anxiety
You'll burn as your work You'll burn at your play smouldering With ignorance and hate
And with anxiety

Babylon's burning Babylon's burning With anxiety Babylon's burning Babylon's burning
Babylon's burning, baby Can't you see? Babylon's burning With anxiety
Babylon's burning Babylon's burning Babylon is... burning Babylon's burning Babylon's burning Babylon's burning


We'll All Publish the Al Jazeera Memo

Heard the Word of Blog?


I believe this shows obscene Babylon systems at work and can only reiterate my original call

“Oi leave them kids alone!”

Stupid little men dabbling in things they know nothing about!


Monday, December 05, 2005


The Fantastical, Aerial, International, Reasonably Inconspicuous, Emancipation Squads

(Be Careful What You Wish For :>)


From Paradise Regained

….The childhood shows the man.
As morning shows the day. Be famous then
By wisdom: As thy empire must extend,
So let extend thy mind o’er all the world

John Milton

The Press Plagiarist Of The Year Award

"The debate about old-versus-new media can get a bit heavy. Meet the bloggers who are getting their own back, and having a laugh.

"But there isn't any rule against copying stuff off a website, is there?"

So pleaded The Daily Mail when caught red-handed back in 2002, having run a feature called Blue Peter Saints & Sinners. The editorial process at the Mail turned out to be: a visit to nostalgia site TV Cream; a use of the "cut" and "paste" features found in web browsers and desktop publishers; then hiding when they got found out.

With intellectual property such a hot issue, and with a new army of bloggers chomping at the bit to tear a strip off the "mainstream media", you might have thought that journalists would be a lot more careful about playing nice with the web......"

More at:


Golden Gazebos

Sunday, December 04, 2005

POLAND: Radical Right Polish Government Escalates Social Repression


Friends Worldwide,

We sent a report about situation of activists from Poland. One memeber of Anarchist Federation was arrested two days ago, two squats have been evicted, around 80 people have suits in courts.

It is getting harder and harder here.

Read in enclousre if you are interested, in solidarity with your struggles, Anarchist Federation of Poland (Poznan section)
In the past months, a wave of repression has struck Poland with double force. We assess the number of people currently or lately under police repression to be about 80.

Of course it is not only because right-wing and neoliberals have won last parliament and president elections. For several years actions of many different political and social groups that openly protest against the Polish government’s policy are submitted bigger and bigger repressions, with the use of the police and a machinery of court.

This phenomenon is not an incidental, but on a mass scale. For the past 3-4 years many activists of anarchist, antiwar, radical left wing, social worker and ecological movement, have been put on trial. The reason of the government’s repressions is undoubtedly an increase in number of social conflicts (for example a number of demonstrations, according to the police statistics, raised from 315 in 2001, to 2054 in 2003, and 1476 in 2004). The government apparently is not able to manage with so tries to restrict the freedom of assembly and speech. But we know that not only we have a r i g h t to protest, but we are f r e e to protest!

We announce 8.11.2005 a day of protest against the state and the police repressions! That day demonstrations are going to take place in few Polish cities (Poznan, Warszawa, Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz). If you can do anything to protest and to support us- do it! You can help us by sending a donation for costs of lawyers, suits etc.

We are collecting money through the Anarchist Black Cross’s bank account:
PEKAO BP XX o/Poznañ ul.Stary Rynek 44 61-722 Poznañ Poland swift code: bpkoplpwapoa for USD: 10204085-5999100-270-44787 // owner: Marek Piekarski
For more on this email, see this UK Indymedia article >>>>



1st Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian Assembly

I thought the meeting yesterday was generally positive, no doubt others will think differently, and others are jaded from attending too many meetings, it was good for me to see familiar faces and a room full of independent, free thinking individuals, which in these days means all the world to me.

The meeting was facilitated very ably and discussion was generally kept on course (Babylon has a way of throwing tangents at the most able people) Although passions ran high and there was a degree of frustration it was generally agreed that we must do everything we can at all times.

Thankfully the drums from the Climate change march lifted our flagging spirits.
www.campaigncc.org Although the drip, drip of water from the ceiling was later descibed as torture. The hat was passed around twice and it was resolved to find a cheaper meeting place in future.

For me, I was impressed by the amount of people who spoke, each sharing their own views of what was happening and what should be done. There were strong vocal people there and everyone used their voice. We were all determined that the energies shared should continue in whatever way possible.

A four hour meeting is long and it was very intense, people are feeling a real sense of urgency, and have real concerns but Babylon is intrusive and all encompassing so it is difficult to gauge just where, when and how to start. The meeting ran on for an extra half an hour until people could bear it no longer.

We all adjourned to the bar and what followed is naturally Top Secret ;>)