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Thursday, December 01, 2005

To Do List

I’ve just declared the painting finished in the dining room, and I’m pleased with it, the ceiling is white and bright again and the colour I chose is Eden which is kinda green, the effect is very fresh and I like it, Ok I did get carried away and painted under the dado rail in the hallway but that looks bright and fresh too.

I went to see about hiring a sander today, the cost is not too bad but goodness knows how I’ll operate it! Being left handed makes all these things more complicated, so I’ll have to concentrate! Or perhaps just ask for HELP! The floorboards are good though so I think it’ll look lovely and cosy with polished boards.

Those are the major jobs before Chrimbo, which has once again crept up on me. Still I’ve managed to celebrate Eid, Divali, the Pagan festivals and am well on my way to making life one long celebration Yo Ho Santa!


Blogger Granny said...

How many Father Christmases? As opposed to how many Santas? Or just how many helpers does Santa have around here? A bunch of Santa helpers but no Father Christmas I'm afraid.

Friday, 02 December, 2005  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

ah well, pehaps we'll just have good old saint Nick.

Glad to hear Santas helpers are available though ;>)

Friday, 02 December, 2005  

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