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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thor The Thunderer

When I was very young my Grandfather gave me a book it was “The Tales of the Norse Gods” Maybe he recognised the Viking spirit in me. I loved this book and it remains a favourite.

I used to dream of riding out with the Valkyrie, to the field of battle, giving comfort to the wounded heroes, magically easing their pain, then finally, when it was time carrying them home to Asgard where they would be welcomed to the halls of the Gods, what great rejoicing there would be to have a favourite son welcomed home.

The warriors would feast and laugh, aye and sometimes my sisters, also warriors would join in their tales, we maidens would giggle and blush and fill their drinking horns or provide another dish of food. Since then I have my own tales of battle but we continue to laugh and raise a horn to friends still absent.

This is how I learnt of Thor, great red-headed Lord, patron of Warriors, he protects both Gods and men from the forces of evil. He is invoked in matters of Law and Order and has a Fertility Aspect. Thor controls Thunder and lightening and storms at sea.

His famous hammer Mjollnir increased his already impressive strength. Thor is the son of Mother Earth and was the only one who could control Loki when at his worst. Although in some tales Loki and Thor worked well together.

Thursday is named for Thor, and I often feel close to him especially on this day, a thunderstorm on a Thursday is a magical sign to me, so I suppose it’s no wonder that in these days of hypocrisy and evil I feel a need to invoke my lord Thor.

Thor, Lord Almighty, childhood playmate
Be with us now and help keep us straight
Fight with us against the evil men
Babylon’s here! It shames us again.
Women and children cry out in their pain
While Babylon strives, filthy lucre to gain
The serpent arises, its coils are tensing
Thor, my lord, its Armageddon I’m sensing.


Blogger George Breed said...

I love Thor! And have since early childhood when we found each other. Thank you, Mother Damnable, for invoking his name this day! Thor's Day!

Incidentally, I took one of those Belief tests on a cyber friend's site and scored 100% Neo-Pagan. Hmmmm....

Thursday, 22 December, 2005  

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