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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Reality Bites

When I left my house this morning there was no traffic at the end of the road, apparently most of this part of London has been affected, you’ll never believe what happened a water pipe blew up around the corner from my house for real!

I walked down and looked, it was on Amen Corner, just up from the Ramblers Inn, there was a crater in the road, no kidding, about 5 foot by 8 foot, three or four feet deep and gushing water every where, thank the Lady no one was hurt. Though apparently this has happened before locally.

But when I checked on the news, nothing, still nothing, I haven’t seen the Standard yet but I’ll bet there will be nothing. I suppose it doesn’t suit the Government to let Londoners know that what we really need to be concerned about is exploding water mains not bird flu or terrorists.

Perhaps because Thames Water would then have to get their house in order and start repairing and renewing the infrastructure of the Victorian drains that are still serving us so well. That would mean spending money and the millions of pounds taken from people to pay for our water would then not result in such huge profits.


**Update just as I thought nothing on the news and guess what? No Water.

***Update 2/12 Still no traffic, but it's peaceful down there now and people are enjoying being able to wander across the road at whim


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