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Friday, December 30, 2005

Invocation Of the Rainbow Ray

From the Brotherhood of Light

The Rainbow Ray is a composite of all the known colors of the spectrum,as well as the colors of gold, silver, platinum, and copper. It is a force of light that is natural to your being. The planet as well as you, have for the most part, integrated the rays singularly, and are now ready to move to this integration. It is very powerful, and will touch you in ways that you have not experienced before.

Allow it to caress you, and stimulate you at the same time. You can always control the intensity, for your comfort. Its effect is one of unification, alignment, and enhancement of the crystalline energy within your personal energy grids, chakras and fields. It will assist you in grounding from the earth upward. And allow you to fully feel the energyof you, bringing Home here to earth, through your physical body.

It is nourishment for your very soul. For within the color spectrum lives an energetic composition that is magnetic as well as resonant with the properties of the individual rays. It is an awakening energy that all is ready for. It is time.

This invocation is best-done while sitting upright, with your spine as straight as possible. Do not be stiff, but be comfortable. Before beginning the invocation, bring your self into your center of light, the beautiful light tube that runs through you, touching all your personal body chakras, as well as those above your head and below your feet. You focus will be to allow the ray to move through you into the earth, returning through your light tube, and moving up once more into your highest energy centers. You are sharing this integration with the earth, and she will return her supportive energy to you, just as you are supporting her.

When you feel centered, and aligned with the highest part of yourself, your light, start the flow with a few deep breaths, and then when you are ready, imagine a most wondrous rainbow arching its way to you from above, from source itself. See, feel, or sense it's shimmering colors,and most of all, feel the love.
Then say aloud or to yourself,

I invoke the energy of the divine Rainbow Ray,
to fill my body with its awakening energies.
I invite its energy of decodement, as my cells remember all that I Am.
I allow the colors to merge with every part of me, aligning me with my highest purpose.

As you say these words, allow the energy to move through you, entering your crown, and moving to your heart, and then spreading to every part of you. See it gently extend from your fingers and toes, and radiate out from you in all directions. See it permeate the earth, flowing down as far as it wants to go. When Mother earth has shared with it, she will reverse the flow and you will see, feel or sense that it is returning to you. Allow it to move upwards through you, knowing that it is also cleansing and clearing as it retreats. You may feel a final surge of extra love as it moves through your heart chakra once more.

It will depart through your crown, and continue through your chakras above your head, returning to source.It is suggested that you stay with this flow for 10 to15 minutes. Your body will take in just the right amount of light and energies each time you sit with the Rainbow Ray, as will the earth. Any energy that is not needed by either you or the earth will be shared with all life around you, gently and easily, without intrusion or harm.

This Ray may be invoked regularly, on a weekly basis, if desired, and will greatly facilitate your personal alignment with the energies of ascension. As we have given a basic outline of this experience, allow your own soul knowing, to make this a special time. Play with this and make it your own.

As the Ray retreats, allow it to be a gentle easy process, as it will leave you feeling so very, very peaceful. Return slowly to the your awareness, and breathe deeply and fully. Stay seated for a few minutes before arising, and when you do you will feel a renewed sense of self. When you are completely back in the consciousness of your body, if you can, go outside and be on the earth for a few moments. It will put the finishing touches, so to speak on the entire experience, and Enjoy!


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