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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catch Up

I know, I know all these links and quotes it’s about time we had a catch-up don’t ya think?

I’ve decided that I won’t sand the dining room floor, it’ll make too much dust and with Yule just around the corner I’ve quite enough to do! The painting is lovely though (Dulux ~ Eden and white) I took all my books back downstairs yesterday and It’s great to have them all at hand again, I’m such an old book worm, I do think the Internet is great but nothing beats snuggling down with an old favourite book does it?

I can’t wait till all my pictures are back on the walls.

I just had a rant at Wannado who have again stolen money from my bank account! Grrrr they promise to refund but I’ve heard that before, I told them they were a bloody disgrace and wondered how many other people they were stealing money from? ~ they told me if I swore again they'd loose the call ~

Raymond has turned into my best buddy and has been an angel, it’s wonderful to see a little man growing up and quite warms the cockles of my heart that he has recovered from school and has direction and purpose, all the girls love him and I don’t blame them!

Aunty Cath had a bad fall last week she sounded very shaky at first, but is growing stronger again a day at a time, we don’t yet know if she will be well enough to come for Christmas as she usually does, I have a plan so fingers crossed she will as I know we would both be miserable not to spend the holiday together.

I have decided that I probably won’t take up the offer of an Internet Radio Show (one hour show hosted by my good self providing Tarot card readings) I think Tarot card readings from home will be much more fun and personal, and now the dining room is nearly finished it can be my parlour :>)

I’m totally skint so I thought I’d mention the google search box at the top of my blog and the google adverts box to the right; see the deal is fellow bloggerers that every time someone clicks through I get .0001 of a dollar, has to be a proper search or click through tho’ so if you want to help Ma Damnable out click away my dears.

I did manage to borrow a tenner today though so will be able to go Wombling tonight, the cats are all disgraceful at the moment and can’t quite figure out if they’d prefer to go out and play with the big Toms or just yowl all night! I know which I’d prefer but the choice is up to them, last night Trixiebelle and Mysti did venture out then Ray decided he wanted a cuddle so we had to round them back up again. Much to Geoff’s displeasure.

On the plus side I have a new milkman, he delivers all sorts of things as well as thick, creamy dairy milk so that will save me a lot of seasonal struggling home from the shops. I haven’t even started for Chrimbo, I’ve just been scrubbing up as I go, I’m sure it will all work out, it usually does.

Phew that’s about all I think!


Blogger Granny said...

I haven't seen a milkman since I was a child. Ours had a small Ayeshire dairy with wonderful milk in glass bottles with smiling babies etched into the glass. He did all his own deliveries.

We had milk from my uncle's farm until the pasteurization laws went into effect. He had only 4 or 5 cows; one Jersey, one Guernsey; one spotted something and I believe a couple of Holsteins. Wasn't worth it to send the milk for processing so as the cows died of old age, he didn't replace them.

It took me a while to get used to pasteurized milk.

Oh, and 1,000 Rhode Island Reds. I never saw a white egg until I left home.

Why am I writing an entire post in your comment box? Sounds like you're accomplishing lots.

Tuesday, 06 December, 2005  
Blogger JahTeh said...

Our milkman had a horse who knew it was nearly home when near our house. She used to speed up and we would hear such wonderful language from the milkie still trying to deliver bottles.

Tuesday, 06 December, 2005  
Blogger Sharon J said...

It may not be much, but I made a search and perhaps added a fraction of a cent to your fund.

Glad you liked the foot ... 'tis sexy, me thinks :)


Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...

Granny, thanks for sharing, you paint a wonderful picture, and are always welcome to post as much as you want here :>)

My Grannie kept chickens when I was a little girl and like you I didn't taste a shop bought egg or chicken until I was nearly grown up.

JT Poor old milkie!

Sharon, thaks for visiting, and thanks for adding you 2 cents worth ;>) A very fine foot indeed!

Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  

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