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Sunday, December 04, 2005

1st Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian Assembly

I thought the meeting yesterday was generally positive, no doubt others will think differently, and others are jaded from attending too many meetings, it was good for me to see familiar faces and a room full of independent, free thinking individuals, which in these days means all the world to me.

The meeting was facilitated very ably and discussion was generally kept on course (Babylon has a way of throwing tangents at the most able people) Although passions ran high and there was a degree of frustration it was generally agreed that we must do everything we can at all times.

Thankfully the drums from the Climate change march lifted our flagging spirits.
www.campaigncc.org Although the drip, drip of water from the ceiling was later descibed as torture. The hat was passed around twice and it was resolved to find a cheaper meeting place in future.

For me, I was impressed by the amount of people who spoke, each sharing their own views of what was happening and what should be done. There were strong vocal people there and everyone used their voice. We were all determined that the energies shared should continue in whatever way possible.

A four hour meeting is long and it was very intense, people are feeling a real sense of urgency, and have real concerns but Babylon is intrusive and all encompassing so it is difficult to gauge just where, when and how to start. The meeting ran on for an extra half an hour until people could bear it no longer.

We all adjourned to the bar and what followed is naturally Top Secret ;>)


Blogger Gerry said...

Hi, chickety chick...

D'ya come here often?

Haven't we met?

Don't I know you?

My, what a wonderul pair of bazukas you have there...

Mind if I nibble them? ;-)

Sunday, 04 December, 2005  
Blogger Mother Damnable said...


Yep! that's about right:>)

Though quite how I ended up speaking Polish on the way home is anybodies guess.

Sunday, 04 December, 2005  

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