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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Troll Guard ~ Revised ending ~

The Troll Guard is well known to me. I first summoned them when I was a Witchling concerning a matter in the mundane that I don’t even remember now. I know I felt I needed protection. Tossing and turning at night I couldn’t sleep so rose to look out of the window, I lived on the sixteenth floor so imagine my surprise when I saw the back of a huge helmeted head. The head must have been five foot from the forehead to his chin.

I knew there would be three other trolls guarding each corner of the building. That was what I had asked for. He was holding his sword upright in front of his face. I felt so protected and peaceful that I was able to go back to sleep. The Troll Guard have been with me on and off ever since.

Contrary to popular opinion Trolls are very large indeed; they can be a little clumsy because of this. They enjoy logic and like to keep things straightforward. Because of this they respond well to military discipline and often form guards, for protection and for other various causes. They are fearless in a just cause.

Many years later, in cyber space, I came across a group who were inflicted by a psychic vampire. I was part of their cause too. The vampire attacked me and the resulting sulphurous exchange could be detected through the ether. However the group continued to give credence to the vampire so its powers grew.

I was summoned through several covens; an explanation was required of me. I explained there were too many women and children involved for me to simply walk away. I had no credence in the group troubled with the vampire so was unable to influence them. The group were charmed by the mundane. Elders muttered and chuntled. I held my ground I believed the group needed help.

A lady came forward with flowers in her hair, she offered me her cup, I admired her dress. She presented to me a book*; she took a flower from her hair and arranged it in my curls, a Bluebell. Another lady came forward she wore a necklace of sapphires that glittered blue in the flames. I smiled and bowed. She presented me with three sprigs of Rosemary.

I relaxed just enough to look around. I saw many old friends amongst them were The Troll Guard. I bowed to them relieved to see old friends amongst such an august assembly. I was called forward again, “You have your own path, all our paths begin at sunrise and end at sunset. Any other business before we adjourn for dinner?”

During the feast I caught up with friends and acquaintances, the food was good and so was the wine! There was music and singing, and much conjuring. I began to be restless I know in the morning I would have much work to do. A book to read and an instrument to write. I made my excuses bade sad farewells and left.

The next morning I rose early and settled down by the fireside to read my book. There were clues and riddles. As I read I untangled the Bluebell from my hair. Everything fitted so nicely into place. Everything I needed was at hand as I began to build the instrument. Protection was needed, then cleaners too, strong-arm tactics were called for, much salt. Was it funny? Did it Rhyme? Words just flowed for the longest of times.

At last it was ready, I hoped so at least. I think I had covered every contingency. Vampires are such tricky things to deal with, the first rule being do not engage. I sent a copy of the instrument to the coven elders. At Length I received the reply “We are ready. At your word” I needed somehow to warn innocents not to engage. The battle would be hard; no prisoners were to be taken. No hostages allowed.

I engaged with the group, the vampire was gross and hideous, under their charm the group could only see it’s mundane face. I conversed calmly gaining their trust. Finally I judged the best time to send the instrument of destruction, I rose at four and sent the mail back channel. Deleted the e-mail account and went back to bed. I didn’t turn my computer on until after noon the next day.

There were explosions and fall out amongst the group. The vampire had posted the instrument into the group. I held hard. A drink of Black Currant fell all over the vampire’s keyboard. Some innocents engaged, others did not. Every post was given the name of the instrument; did they know what they were doing? Incantation after incantation poured in. Instigated by the vampire that had sown the seeds of it’s own destruction.

The Captain of the Troll guard had signalled “Ready” As did My Lady Black Currant.

Still the energy poured in. The greedy vampire sucked it in, so far gone was it with its delusion it could not sense our presence clearly. Energy continued to flow into it, the creature began to panic, it’s mouth opened, it could not contain the stream of energy it had wished upon itself. As it exploded I saw a movement to my right, a sparkle of twinkling dust.

The energy changed, whizzed skywards and became the most wondrous display, everyone’s favourite firework was there, huge and colourful and loud! The fireworks went on and on, the explosions became a drumbeat. We were surrounded by the smell of gunpowder. I remembered to breath. When eventually the fireworks were over and my head had cleared I glanced to my right.

I beheld the most beautiful apparition. Her dress was as white as her beautiful wings. She held a wand in each hand. One was tied with roses and the other with lilies. As she turned to me the air around her sparkled. Her hair was decked with a circlet of flowers and the sweet perfume of many flowers filled the air.

“Mother” a Troll’s voice spoke “May I present to you The Lady Alacrite” I bowed to the lady who had stood at my shoulder. “My Lady Damnable” she nodded to greet me. We were both offered a glass of Elderflower Cordial. We both drank deeply then the Lady spoke “Perhaps next time you could use less salt.”

We began to clean, there was indeed much salt! The Troll Guard stood down. Wearily we all found our way home. At length there came another summons, this time for a celebration in the Court of the Crimson Queen. Which is another story entirely.

* The Cad Goddeu or Battle of the Trees ~ Taliesin 2



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