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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mother Dashabout

I was rushing through my local market and one of my neighbours called to me, I back tracked and apologized saying I was just A to Bing, he laughed and said “I know what you do you dash-about! I see you dashing about”

We laughed and spent a few minutes catching up his words made me think so later when I was out and about I made an effort not to dash, to stroll and take in the environment around me. To slow down and smell the roses.

London is not noted for rose growing but London is very good at growing people, London has traditionally offered safe refuge for people. This is a place where people have been given time and peace to get back on their feet again after persecution in their home country. They always dreamed of returning home but few do. Instead they stay and add to the multiculturalism of this wonderful city.

Some come for different reasons, the culture, the wealth of opportunities, to get away from small town England, I feel like I have seen them all today, each with our own reasons for being here, millions of us, all managing not to bump into each other, to be civil to each other sometimes even managing to smile at a complete stranger.

Each brings our own dish to the feast, the night skies have been a riot of fireworks for the past few weeks Divali, Eid, Halloween and Guy Fawkes all following each other each demanding fireworks. Wonderful clothes and beautiful sequined slippers, herbs and spices, exotic fruits freshly imported. We can all share and bring more of the whole world into our lives.

I enjoyed my walk today there were no scenic vistas, only an urban jungle with lots and lots of people. Interesting people, each with a part to play, some happy, some sad and no doubt some of them bad. I’m no Judge or Jury just an interested observer.

How does one eat a Dragon Fruit?

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