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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Kennington Play Project

"CALL FOR SOLIDARITY FROM St. Agnes Place and the Kennington Play

Please Forward this to people in South London.

On Wednesday 23rd November 2005 at Brixton Town Hall, Lambeth Council
will be holding a full council meeting. We want to discuss the future of St
Agnes Place and the nearby Kennington Play Project. Their plan is to
close the playground and knock down twenty one properties (52 54 56 58 60 62
64 66 68 70 72 74 75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89 and 91) in a £16m deal with London
Quadrant Housing who want to buy the land.

For more than 30 years, the squatters of St Agnes Place have formed one
of Britain's most distinctive communities and have established themselves
as a positive part of the wider community. The Kennington Play Project has
offered a safe open-access play facility for local children which is as
in demand now as it was over 25 years ago when it opened. Once the council
takes a decision like this, the likelihood of further land sales and
demolition in the area increases. Where will this stop and where will
the children who use the playground go to play?

The demolition notice has already been served, and it is now a matter
of time before they act on it. Lambeth Council has been trying to get rid
of the residents of St Agnes Place for years - Councillor Keith Fitchett
recently described them as “parasites”. This is the same man who is at
the centre of a Council Housing fraud scandal which has recently cost £2.8m
of tax payer’s money. Police fear this money may never be recovered and
Fitchett may be forced to resign as a result. We are being expected to
put our trust in a council which is knee deep in scandal and financial

The meeting on the 23rd is your opportunity to make your views heard.
We need to let Lambeth know that their plans are totally unacceptable and
will have an extremely negative impact on the local residents. The more
people we can get down to Brixton Town Hall the better. Please pass
this information on to your friends and arrange to meet at 6:00pm.

For further information please feel free to call: 07795 542 458"


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