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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I've been Cat Burglared

There are a large number of cats sharing the same area, where I live, some we see all the time others not so often or only at night. The two big Tom cats who seem to be the Alpha males we see often they sit on the windowsill and gaze longingly at the Queen cats that live with me.

One of these Toms is a black and white old bruiser, he looks and walks more like a Staffordshire bull terrier than a cat, and he has a huge head, no neck and walks with a muscle bound swagger. His head is covered with scars and his eyes are always swollen. We call him Busta.

The other is a stripy grey and black with the most wonderful emerald green eyes, his nose is pink and when he yawns or meows his lips are black. It seems that he is younger, not so battered as Busta, for a while he followed Busta everywhere, then they had some terrible fights, now it’s most often this one gazing through the window. We call him Geoff.

Lately Geoff has been sitting on the back door step, he sits on one side of the door and Ginger, aptly named, was rolling around and cooing on the other side. It’s quite sweet to watch Ginger flirting with Geoff. There was a big fat dead rat in my garden a few days ago, it seems Geoff is tempting Ginger any way he can!

Last night I made sure the cat flap was closed and went to bed, I was woken by a commotion outside my bedroom door, as the cats never fight I was surprised and got up to see what all the commotion was about. When I looked I saw Geoff disappearing down the stairs, and the girls in a corner with their hair standing on end.

I followed Geoff down the stairs to find he had taken refuge in the larder, I had an instant picture of him, cornered, launching himself at me tooth and claw, so I retreated back up the stairs. By the time I had calmed down and retuned to the kitchen he had disappeared again. I wondered if he had somehow crept in and I hadn’t noticed before I went to bed, then I thought “The cat flap” when I looked he had not only broken in one way but, on being disturbed had broken back out again!

It seems Geoff really does like Ginger! I don’t know if he was successful, time will tell, Geoff hasn’t been around today so he might have had his wicked way.

Now then, who do I know that would like a sweet little kitten from a Witches cat?


Blogger Kris said...

Me please! :)


Friday, 03 February, 2006  

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