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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Forest House

I travelled to the forest, I was due to meet friends of mine, they and I had not met for a while and although we had attended the Great Coven I had not seen them since I had the honour of meeting My Lady Alacrite. I not had heard their view of the firework display, nor of the vampire. It’s always good to catch up with old friends.

The morning was clear and fresh, I was enjoying a long pace. As I walked I looked for wild strawberries by the side of the path, My Lady Raven greeted me as she accompanied me for a while. The trees were glorious, in full leaf. I turned my face to the sun as I walked. My Lady Honeysuckle was as fragrant and lovely as ever.

As I reached the top of the rise I rested and as I admired the scenic vista I noticed a movement “My Lord Oberon” How lovely I waved back. “Mother” He greeted me “Still beating those slugs?”

“I’ve kept them back so far this year, but there seems to be more of them somehow, I’m thinking of using nematodes next year. Have you news of My Lady Fuchsia?”

“Yes, she is very well, it seems that her journey agrees with her and you, My Lady Damnable, have you recovered well from your own travels?”

We laughed and exchanged news. I had a bottle of Rose Hip Syrup much diluted, which we shared as we talked. The Sun climbed into the sky and I knew it was time to continue my journey; I bade Farewell to Oberon, hoping we would meet again soon. Much of the road was downhill now so I would make good time.

As the trees thickened overhead I found refuge from the sun in the cool and the dark of the forest. The fern was high and the brook babbled happily as it flowed, I breathed in the forest air. As I walked the forest grew darker around me. Deeper and deeper into the forest I walked, luckily the path was known to me as the dark closed in.

Soon enough I began to detect a difference in the air and I knew my sisters were waiting for me, what fun to greet them again. I quickened my pace eager to know their news and share mine. My sisters of the Forest House were waiting to greet me. We had waited long enough.


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