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Friday, November 18, 2005

Cold and Frosty Morning

It’s cold and frosty in London this morning, beautiful though as the sun is shining one of those crisp winter days. The past two days frosts have killed off the Pumpkin and nasturtium plants, so I must clear them and put them on the compost. I left them for so long so the nasturtiums could self-seed, they were so pretty growing up the fence. There were a deterrent to the stinging nettles that threaten to take over, though next year I will be ready for them with my recipes for nettle soup.

I have to put plants safely in the greenhouse to over winter, I’m late on this too but it has been exceptionally warm up until now. Sweep it all up with my magic broom! I’m not allowed fires, London has a healthy concern regarding fires, so I will have to catch the fly tipping hit squad tonight and ask if I can dump my stuff on their truck. They sometimes let me, it makes them look like they’ve been working and they get to watch me struggle with sacks of garden waste.

My Fuchsias have been fooled into flowering, I transplanted them, which set them back a little, lovely dancing ladies of my childhood, I used to play that they were fairies. I want to move all the chrysanthemums but I think I will leave it till spring, just give them a lovely mulch to keep them snug. Some of the roses had black spot so I under planted them with parsley, beneficial to both plants ;>) I’ll have a look and see how they’re getting along now.

So, now I know what I’m doing where are my gloves and clogs?


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