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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Busta Returns

When I returned home from buying necessary supplies, and a new cat flap Busta was on my kitchen windowsill, he is bigger than ever, his fur has all grown back on his head, and though some of it has grown back white he looks very well. His black coat is shiny and he looks very muscular.

Geoff has disappeared with a scratch on his nose, it seems he is still the young pretender after all. Ginger was whittering away at the window but I kept her in. Little known fact that if a Queen cat has more than one lover whilst she is on heat they can all be the father of her kittens.

Trixiebelle however did manage to get out and led Busta a merry dance. A different black and white cat, which later tried to get in through the newly fitted cat flap, followed her home. Trixie wandered around for a while like the cat that got the cream, then cuddled up and is now fast asleep.

It was good to see Busta again, bigger and glossier than ever. It must be such a hard life for him. I love seeing him on top of his game.

I wonder how long this cat flap will last?


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