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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Anti-Authoritarianism Anarchist Assembly

Anti-Authoritarianism Anarchist Assembly
Saturday 03rd December, ULU (Room 3D), 2pm - 6pm

"The UK regime is quickly constructing a dystopian web of repression. Today's
ASBOs, injunctions and exclusion zones will soon be joined by biometric ID
cards, internment, blanket powers of arrest and summary justice. Laws against
'religious hatred', 'harassment' and 'glorification of terror' will criminalise
dissenting views. Shoot-to-kill policies and Civil Contingencies powers reframe
state executions as necessary to maintain order and preserve the official way
of life, it no longer matters whether the accused is guilty.

This cannot go on unchallenged, people should not be afraid of their
governments, governments should be afraid of their people. An organised
anarchist response to this situation has the potential to alter the balance of
power long after the last car stops burning, we must create a real state of
emergency and destroy this authoritarianism. With organisation, defiance, and
open resistance we always win.

This is an invitation for an open dialogue between all anarchist and
anti-authoritarians to discuss how we resist the authoritarianism of the state
in our day to day lives, in our local communities, and on an international
level. We need to co-ordinate our activities and actions, and work together to
start creating a world we desire, and destroy the one the rich have engineered.

The agenda for the meeting is open for all to contribute to, please email agenda
proposals to an_assembly@hushmail.com.

----- Please forward -----"

See you there?


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