Sunday, April 13, 2014

Breaking News ~ Milk Up Bank Farm ~ Wind Turbine Scandal Emerges

Following previous reports from Milk Up Bank Farm - RainbowArk Animal Sanctuary, researchers have uncovered the shocking news that Oakenshaw Community Association have already signed a contract for a “Community Benefit Wind Turbine” and have received the first payment, The Community Association have called a public meeting to decide how they are to spend this money, on Monday 14 April 2014 at Willington Cricket Club, there will be drinks and a free buffet.

The “Community Benefit Wind Turbine” does not yet have planning permission. The site for the Wind Turbine is next to Milk Up Bank Farm and will cause a nature conservancy area to be destroyed, the plot thickens as truth emerges. Could it be that Paula Campbell was not in favour of her land being used in this way? Certainly in the following video Paula talks about someone wanting to buy her land for this project. It would seem there are many more questions to be asked  here. Who is this man?  Who is on the committee of the Oakenshaw Community Association? Were the Community Association running out of time to get this first mast into place? Did they need to get Paula out of the way in a hurry given the public sympathy for Paula'a Rainbow Ark

"There are some concerns about running out of time to secure the tariff to bring income into the village. This is being discussed with the landowner. Planning permission is not in place yet and negotiations are ongoing regarding the legal agreement with the local landowner"

Willington town council planning-committee-minutes-03.07.

Durham County Council seem to be planning a lot of Wind Turbines of 30 meters tall, perhaps the voices of members of parliament arguing for councils who “wrongly” oppose wind turbines to be sued  should raise alarm bells with every critical thinker, what is happening here? Could it be that Paula and her Rainbow Ark were removed from their home because of  Wind Turbines, Wind Turbine profits and a local community association signing a "contract" that was totally without any remit they could possibly legitimately claim.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Struggle Continues to Save Milk Up Bank Farm

Bailiffs moved in on 29 January, with dogs to remove Paula from Milk up Bank farm, which was sheltering 350 animals at the time, Paula Campbell has run her farm as Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary for many years, encouraging visitors and school parties to learn about the animals living there. There have been ongoing problems with the mortgage because an assessor had valued another property wrongly, however Paula had stayed in touch with the financers Redstone Mortgage Company, and has contacted the ombudsman, and she has done everything she could to keep Rainbow Ark running and her animals cared for.

When the Bailiffs arrived with dogs Paula Campbell collapsed and was admitted to hospital, Paula was told that if she didn't leave the farm she would be sectioned. Several days later together with her son Paula was allowed back into the farmhouse where they barricaded themselves in, while Paula was inside the water was cut off so no fresh water was available at the farmhouse, an engineer from the water board attempted to enter the farm to restore the water supply but was turned away by security. Bailiffs spent the nights employing scare tactics to intimidate Paula and her son.

“K9” security firm blocked the right of way through the farm and refused to allow supporters to deliver water and medical supplies to Paula at Milk Up Bank Farmhouse. After six days Paula Campbell,was told she could collect water and was ushered off the property still maintaining that the eviction is illegal and that she did not want to leave her property. Paula says she will continue to fight for justice. The case is under appeal and Paula has an injunction to stop Bailiffs damaging or destroying any more of her property.

It doesn’t take much digging to find that Redstone Mortgage Company was fined £630,000 in 2010 by the Financial Services Authority for their poor treatment of some of their customers. The over valuation of the first property is a fraud that property value assessors seem to be committing up and down the country as a way of allowing developers to step in and purchase property cheaply.  “K9” the firm of bailiffs employed have behaved unlawfully at several points; closing of the right of way brought them to the attention of Durham Council who advised that the right of way must remain open. Police aiding and abetting bailiffs from K9 though refusing to protect Paula’s human rights have once again proven who they work for. Things are not at all as they seem at Milk Up Bank Farm, so perhaps a little more digging is needed.

Ah, could this be the real reason Paula and her Rainbow Ark have been hounded and evicted from her property? A Wind Farm ? Durham are currently trying to build a huge 50 metre wind turbine this planning application, which will generate a potential profits of £7.4 million,


Would apparently need to use Paula’s road to develop and Paula was refusing access. There may be other plans afoot but this situation certainly needs looking into very carefully. If as Paula Claims the eviction was unlawful then it seems someone has a vested interest in taking her property. This planning application will cause a nature conservancy area on Paula's property to be destroyed. There is a worldwide land grab going on at the moment, ordinary people are being evicted from their properties on tenuous and unlawful grounds and police are continuing to aid and abet bailiffs acting illegally.

Paula Campbell is everyman as we struggle through these troubled times, all she wanted was to live quietly taking care of the animals she has such an affinity with.  The world of big finance crashed into her peaceful Durham sanctuary and took everything, but this will be all of us as our lives, in turn are destabilised by outside influences, as our rights are eroded and as “developers” cast an eye over anything we own or aspire to own.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

~ Making Spiders ~

Yes ! I am still here ..thanks for asking, and for your comments, I love seeing your visits on my map, so thanks for visiting, I have been busy making Ribbon Roses, Beaded Spiders and wire wrapping marbles, I thought I would re-post Mother Damnable's most popular post which is The Spider Totem, I didn't write it, I found it and re posted, a very interesting article tho, I am loving making spiders, they have such character and look cool on the ribbon roses that I have embelished origami boxes with.......

The spider is the weaver of magic. There is much myth, legend and lore associated with this small and interesting creature. Nearly every culture, continent and tribe has some lore associated with the spider. They are said to be everything from the creators of the universe to the givers of the alphabet to man. They are associated often with the number 8 and are said to be the keepers of the internal plan of creation.

The spider is considered to be associated with the Earth element. Several American Indian tribes tell the story of Grandmother Spider. She is said to have spun the web of life and that all living creatures, beasts, and humans are interconnected through her web. Every life touches another via the intricate, complicated, interwoven threads.
The spiders web is also said to contain messages to man. One folk lore story suggests that it was a spider’s web that gave the gift of the alphabet to humankind so that they could communicate with each other, all over the world, with the written word. There are also variations on this theme of messages being sent through the spider by use of the web. One only need understand how to read the web correctly in order to interpret the message trying to be conveyed.

Many different names are given to the spider or it is connected with various god like traits. In India the spider is associated with Maya, the weaver of illusion. Greeks called the spider Neith and believed she was the “divine mother.” The Cherokee American Indians call the spider the “sacred weaver” and believe she spun the world into existence. The spider was also one of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom’s, totem creatures, along with the Owl as she represented deep knowledge and understanding of life.

To watch a Spider spin its web is a wonder to behold. They diligently work to create a masterpiece of nature that they seem too small to accomplish. The silk of a spider is said to be stronger than a strand of steel of the same diameter. Their webs provide a means of catching the prey for their sustenance. It really is a marvelous work of art and nature. The spider creates her web and then goes about her business, when she returns she has a host of tasty insect meals to choose from. She wraps them up in her silken thread and preserves them for when she needs to nourish herself. Spiders are solitary creatures and their web patterns will vary by species.

The Spider possesses many virtues that are powerful and valuable and which any person would be wise to emulate or divine. One who has the power of the Spider will see enhanced balance, creative energy, and writing skills. Magic and intuition are also all part of this noble totem’s magic.

The Creative Spider Totem possesses the following virtues:

Balance, nurturing, energy, solidarity, intuition, inspired abilities, writing abilities, enhanced communication, wisdom, patience, fortitude, faith, ingenuity and divine knowledge.

Spider Pearls are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Spider Pearls are characteristic of its host; they possess all the virtues that may be seen in the Spider itself; the wisdom and understanding of this creature is contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to that unique and fortunate individual. For century’s shamans, priestesses, spiritualists and practitioners of the occult have used Spider animal pearls to transfer the powerful magical energy of the Spider to themselves and to others in need of this commanding animal magic.
Spider pearls are highly sought after by any wishing to absorb Spider virtues into their lives and develop stronger mental abilities such as those embodied by this wise creature. The owner of a Spider pearl will see their lives, spiritual energy and mental clarity imbued with all of the virtues attributed to the “Creator” of the world, the Spider. The Spider totem is a strong spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most influential of all animal totems. Strength, magic, psychic energy, balance, creativity, and so much more can be integrated into the spirit of the possessor of this magical pearl and the Spider totem.

Copyright © 2006: Zahir Karbani UK Registration Number 253932

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love and Best Wishes to People in Ukraine

At Least 35 Protestors Killed in Clashes with Police near October Palace.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

~ Fukushima ~

On March the 11 2011, the world watched as the tsunami, caused by a massive underwater earthquake hit the coast of Japan, the huge immediate effect on people’s lives was apparent, but as we watched the explosions at the nuclear power plant at Fukushima it became clear that this was a catastrophe that would have huge and ongoing consequences, a catastrophe that is being ignored and swept under that carpet by world governments and the main stream media alike. However the consequences of the meltdown of the nuclear power plant at Fukushima are increasingly hard to ignore as evidence mounts.

The consequences of any nuclear leak are very hard to link definitively back to the leak, and many of the dangers to health are ongoing and accumulative, the Japanese government is downplaying connections between human health problems and the radiation that has and is leaking from Fukushima, 36% of children in Fukushima are reported to have thyroid cysts, in tests conducted in September 2012 this is apart from the other symptoms.

All of Japan is affected, and we may never know the true cost to human health, many children will not be born, many people will become sick and not be able to make the contributions to their community that they would like to. Many people cannot live at home, cannot be with their friends and family, or if they are close to home are worried and confused because home has changed, people around are worried and confused and may well be getting ill, real support and clarity does not seem to be forthcoming for people.

Although the Japanese government are downplaying any risks to health, the accumulative health effects of people living in the area seems to be another catastrophe in the making, With people still living and working in heavily contaminated areas, children are only allowed out to play for an hour at a time and  covered up as much as possible. People who go out to the local park are advised to only remain for an hour, and to wash hands and faces and to gargle.

The Prefecture of Fukushima, which is similar functionally to a “State” in the United States, is a beautiful, rural alpine region with wetlands, a mainly rural farming and fishing population. People supplementing incomes with traditional local crafts.

Welcome to Fukushima ! March 2007

This You Tube video uploaded on July 22 2008, containing tourist information as of March 15 2007 portrays a wonderful, pristine environment. The beautiful, alpine environment is, however part of what complicates any attempt at clean-up operations as an estimated 100 tons of water travel down from the mountains to the sea, past and through the contaminated ruins of the nuclear power plant.
Estimates of the amount of water flowing through the contaminated nuclear power plant into the ground water and into the pacific ocean vary considerably from 300 to 600 tons per day, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced in August of 2013 :

"We are not currently able to say clearly how much groundwater is actually flowing into the ocean," said Tokyo Electric Power spokesman Noriyuki Imaizumi in response to a reporter's question about the government estimate.” However :“….The Japanese government believes radiation-contaminated water has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean at a rate of 300 tons a day"

The Pacific Ocean, it would seem has been profoundly affected by the Tsunami,  with debris reported as far away as Hawaii, in his report from the Newcastle Herald, New South Wales, Greg Ray reports that yachtsman Ivan Macfadyen who recently sailed from Melbourne to Osaka and then from Osaka to San Francisco claims that the sea “seems dead..” Macfayden claims that the lack of sea birds and sea life made the journey silent and eerie,

“….The next leg of the long voyage was from Osaka to San Francisco and for most of that trip the desolation was tinged with nauseous horror and a degree of fear.
"After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead," Macfadyen said.
"We hardly saw any living things. We saw one whale, sort of rolling helplessly on the surface with what looked like a big tumour on its head. It was pretty sickening.

"I've done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I'm used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen."
In place of the missing life was garbage in astounding volumes…”
Ivan Macfadyen claims :
"Part of it was the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan a couple of years ago. The wave came in over the land, picked up an unbelievable load of stuff and carried it out to sea. And it's still out there, everywhere you look."

Ivan's brother, Glenn, who boarded at Hawaii for the run into the United States, marvelled at the "thousands on thousands" of yellow plastic buoys. The huge tangles of synthetic rope, fishing lines and nets. Pieces of polystyrene foam by the million. And slicks of oil and petrol, everywhere.
Countless hundreds of wooden power poles are out there, snapped off by the killer wave and still trailing their wires in the middle of the sea.

"In years gone by, when you were becalmed by lack of wind, you'd just start your engine and motor on," Ivan said.
Not this time.
"In a lot of places we couldn't start our motor for fear of entangling the propeller in the mass of pieces of rope and cable. That's an unheard of situation, out in the ocean.
"If we did decide to motor we couldn't do it at night, only in the daytime with a lookout on the bow, watching for rubbish.
"On the bow, in the waters above Hawaii, you could see right down into the depths. I could see that the debris isn't just on the surface, it's all the way down. And it's all sizes, from a soft-drink bottle to pieces the size of a big car or truck.
"We saw a factory chimney sticking out of the water, with some kind of boiler thing still attached below the surface. We saw a big container-type thing, just rolling over and over on the waves.
"We were weaving around these pieces of debris. It was like sailing through a garbage tip.
"Below decks you were constantly hearing things hitting against the hull, and you were constantly afraid of hitting something really big. As it was, the hull was scratched and dented all over the place from bits and pieces we never saw."
Plastic was ubiquitous. Bottles, bags and every kind of throwaway domestic item you can imagine, from broken chairs to dustpans, toys and utensils.
And something else. The boat's vivid yellow paint job, never faded by sun or sea in years gone past, reacted with something in the water off Japan, losing its sheen in a strange and unprecedented way.
BACK in Newcastle, Ivan Macfadyen is still coming to terms with the shock and horror of the voyage.

"The ocean is broken," he said, shaking his head in stunned disbelief.

Recognising the problem is vast, and that no organisations or governments appear to have a particular interest in doing anything about it, Macfadyen is looking for ideas.
He plans to lobby government ministers, hoping they might help….”

“More immediately, he will approach the organisers of Australia's major ocean races, trying to enlist yachties into an international scheme that uses volunteer yachtsmen to monitor debris and marine life.
Macfadyen signed up to this scheme while he was in the US, responding to an approach by US academics who asked yachties to fill in daily survey forms and collect samples for radiation testing - a significant concern in the wake of the tsunami and consequent nuclear power station failure in Japan.
"I asked them why don't we push for a fleet to go and clean up the mess," he said.
"But they said they'd calculated that the environmental damage from burning the fuel to do that job would be worse than just leaving the debris there."

The World changed beyond comprehension, life for the people of the once pristine area known as Fukushima in the Land of Japan was never to be the same again. Many, many of the survivors have left, families have helped to finance their young people and children in trips away from the contaminated areas, Japanese people have left their homeland and now live overseas. For their own safety, for their health and to give their young people a chance at surviving to lead a healthy and productive life. Support groups reach out to the world, in a way, possibly unfamiliar for respectful, independent and reserved people. They come to lands unfamiliar and strange, witness our struggles so different yet familiar, and must remember their faraway home that is no more.

In Portabella Road, that magical place, I heard the most beautiful ladies, dressed in kimonos hand painted and buttersoft silk, soft peach, deep pink and powder blue, as I gazed down I saw the whitest of pure white socks, then wooden shoes that I recognised from Japanese paintings. Ooooh looking up the ladies obi were tied around slender bodies, then at the neck pure white silk under kimono just peaked, white powdered necks and faces, sparkling eyes laughing into each other’s beautifully painted sparling eyes. A tradition to behold, I was transported to another time and place and I wished the girls well with their joyful, divine, magical journey. We are also blessed with the emergence onto the Craft marketplace of the traditional crafts that may have previously been hard to find in the Global marketplace.

We can also learn to Traditional Japanese Arts for ourselves, in You Tube Videos and we can find Pinterest Boards to inspire creativity and our own Art. Japanese people bring with them, as have many others, a wealth of longstanding tradition that we Londoners have always traditionally welcomed - strangers in a strange land, as Benjamin Zephiniah writes so wonderfully in his poem The London Breed

….and on a Global level as children of men we would extend the hand of friendship as Mrs. Jane E. Locke reminds us in her heartfelt, empathic words Welcome to a Stranger.

A reminder that with Empathy we can understand and become kind towards what may be foreign exotic, strange but has love and beauty that we all hold close, that we can all understand, or try and understand, people holding tradition as a reminder of our Thousand Ancestors and the Love they gave to us before we were ever a twinkle in someone’s eye. Their own eyes twinkling at the thought of what we may become. For me I hold the secret wish that Cherry Trees may still blossom in the Heart of Fukushima, and wish that love and kindness may shine through for the people profoundly affected by the tsunami that the world watched sweep over Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

~ New Beginings ~

 ~ For I shall have no Master ~

Truth is what is, the facts may sometimes be hidden, but truth will out, it doesn’t matter how you feel about truth, truth doesn’t care, truth cannot be held in the dark for long, truth will be, will escape, truth will shine for you, truth will enlighten you, truth will not be imprisoned, truth is source, truth is what is. You can believe truth or not, it doesn’t matter truth is.

This year we are guided by 7, 
the number of truth

Art Work by Ciro Marchetti

Monday, February 10, 2014

~ Full Moon Magic ~

I first started writing this blog in 2005, true the last couple of years I haven’t written much, you see I have been waiting, waiting to be able to speak, without being called crazy, paranoid, being told I was “barking” for explaining chem trails to people I cared about. I have tried to have fun, tried to be patient and kind, I have worked hard and wondered what would giving Psychic Tarot reading all day do to me, and all the other psychics working on the phone lines?

I already knew that people like me, who were cruelly abused as children were already adept at traveling through the ether, we had to be, we were neglected and hurt in the real world, we wanted to live and we would have died if we didn’t find some escape. We dreamed our way back to happiness and back to love. Although we had to come back to the prison of reality we would see flashes of fairy sparkles, see kindness in a smile and know that life would be worth living again, somehow.

To be a left handed catholic when I was a child was not easy, my uncle had his left hand tied behind his back so he would write right handed. My Grandfather taught me to write when I was very tiny, I cannot remember not writing. Just scribbles at first, then postcards, letters and stories and poems. When I arrived at school I could write so no need to challenge which hand. I was always told off for holding my knife and fork in the wrong hands, and eating “wrong”. I am eternally grateful to my Grandfather; I cannot imagine the results if I had my left arm tied behind me as a child.

There were still dark muttering from the nuns, “Left handed path” “Wee heathen” and worse were muttered over my head. Causing giggles with the other wee heathens and curiosity as to what lay on the Left Handed path. Later I learned I am “Sinister” “Cack handed” “South paw” In truth being left handed really works in hand to hand combat, and boxing, they never see it coming, the moment they glance towards my right hand, schmack  and smack again ! Blind-sided by a sinister heathen. However my brother still laughs that I have a problem with doors, always opening on the wrong side for me.

In my magical life I learned Empathy, then I learned healing, to caste a spell,I was eclectic and never shied away from the Left Handed Path, why would I ? Born a leftie. I learned other things, to recognise a Hex, how to see a curse. There were lots of warnings lots of “All ye who enter here are doomed “” “Turn back” However curiosity got the better of me and I learned how to tell the cursed ones, the ones who lie, who murder and who steal energy, they are not hard to tell apart from True people they most often keep themselves apart, so we can tell them from their deeds.

Quantum Physics and free energy technology seems to be catching up and finally bringing to mainstream knowledge what I have always understood as Magic, as Energy work, as light walking. Any Light worker will know and understand about the abundant, free, magical energy the universe provides; as will Empaths, healers, small children and people not indoctrinated into the mindless, robotic system we know as everyday life. Universal free energy is available to all and will be more so as we learn how to use it.

We know now that the Vampire Muppets are dabbling in Systems Magic we can see this in their rituals, their symbolism, their fear, the boring procedures they must follow as they steal our energy, our money and our children. The System is their System, designed to create more money and power for them, designed to disempower the people. Life, as we know it has been designed to discredit and dishonour Magic, people are discouraged from being individual, from thinking for themselves. People are taught they cannot live without money, cannot live without other people, cannot be individual.

The Vampire Muppets cursed themselves with every lie, with every torment and with every murder, they stole energy from innocents and now these innocents return, empowered by all our love, to do what they must. The Cursed ones have no Magic, have no power and no where to hide. Evidence accumulates with the police and they must investigate or explain, why not? 

Brave people are coming forward to tell what they know, their evidence is being recorded, reported to authorities around the world. Court cases are being heard and recorded, with more to come. Arrest Warrants for the “Queen” of England have been issued, for the ten First Nation Children that she and “Philip” stole from a Canadian orphanage, ten children that were never seen again. Four men came forward as adults to testify, to give their evidence. These four Brave men now enable the Truth to come forward with other brave souls that too have transitioned.

We watch the Vampire Muppets as they try and hide themselves away, watch as they age and wither before us, their faces etched with fear. Frightened of us, yes. Frightened of the Truth, totally. But ironically frightened most of all of the “Demon” monsters their Ancestors created of themselves. They are afraid and that is why they try and rule through fear. The “Divine” right can no longer apply so their henchmen and misinformation Muppets feed us lies about Shape shifting alien reptiles, “Predators” that live off human energy, well yes these Muppets are energy thieves but they are all to human. Living long only because they are afraid to die.

They keep to their Covens, Keep to their Orders, too stupidly inbred and corruptly sadistic to change, so they are easy to understand, they must hide behind their “Bona Dea’s “  their “White Witches”  they hide behind their own children who they corrupt in turn. A core of 13 in greater and lesser covens. They show us time and time again who is what and mock and laugh as we disbelieve their jests. They function from Sabbat to Sabbat, Moon til Moon. The energy they seek eludes them as they become jaded and ever more sadistic and cruel. How many children disappear each year?

This month the Full Moon falls on the night of Friday 14 February, The night when the veil is lifted and we can feel the Moon’s mystery upon us, the night when Magic is near us all. The full Moon shines her light on the shadows, her light on what must be seen. This full Moon I shall ask for Blessings of Courage and Clarity. I shall be sending Love and Healing to all the Victims and Survivors of Sadistic Abuse and I shall Dance, Dance, Dance like a dervish………………..

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~ New Beginings ~

Friday, February 07, 2014

~ The Art of Finding ~

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

~ Mother Damnable Speaks ~

My First Radio Show : 

As Sharon Gifford with Tony Z and Miles Johnston

22.22,  40.50, 1.03.13, 1.16.50, 1.23.23, 1.30.30, 1.35.02, 1.43.50, 

~ "The People's Voice" Logo ~

We have seen time and time again how the ruling psychopaths use systems and symbols, to deflect us from the truth, to control us and in the latest pathetic effort,  we see in the revelations that continue to spill out from the Narcissistic Muppet show known as “The People’s Voice” Again and again important news stories being suppressed, and lies and misinformation told as truth and real information.

Let’s look at the symbols, the logo of the “People’s Voice” an open mouth with a card bearing the letters TPV, an open mouth being blocked ! Something kept telling me again and again to look up the letters regarding their numerology values of the letters, oh dear me ! The letters in the logo are 13.
Even when not using a numerology chart the letters TPV in their position in the alphabet are

T = 20, P = 16,V = 22)

(2 + 1+ 6 + 2 + 2 = 13)

13 is the number of the coven, the number of letters in New World Order, a number that is traditionally associated with the occult we can see that these Muppet's dabble in the occult, David Icke himself claims that. As we have already seen no real magic was ever given to these fools, and the only way they can conjure any energy is through rituals, by using drugs and by using the energies of young children.

The REAL Voice of the People is getting louder, people are remembering they have a voice and are learning how to use it, we are learning that it is up to each individual to speak and not give their voice away to people who also want their money, lots and lots of money in the case of David Icke. The main stream media does not speak for the people neither does alternative media. People speak for people our voices do have power and it is up to us, individually, to use our own voices and our own powers.

“The People’s Voice” while suppressing real and important news, claims to give people a voice, which is clearly not true. The voice that is coming through is shambolic, misinformed and unprofessional. Sexism and narcissism is the order of the day, and David Icke himself publishes fragments of private skype messages to try and rubbish people rather than address legitimate concerns raised time and time again by people who are entirely unconnected to each other.

The message in the Logo is obvious. A mouth blocked by the number 13, which is a highly symbolic number to the “illuminate” and is used in many company logos to give a message to the initiated. As the Logo for any media outlet a blocked mouth should ring alarm bells, to have the number 13 emblazoned across that card would seem to be a literal calling card for everything that “The People’s Voice” Claims to be against.

David Icke’s Vanity project, raises more and more questions, the logo can now be added to this list, it is important to be clear about these things, we know the modus operandi of the usual suspects is to “hide in plain sight” Well here they are again, blatantly letting you know who is really running the show at “The People’s Voice” and what their intentions are.

TPV have still not answered claims that important news stories are being suppressed, or claims that in excess of £100,00 of money donated has disappeared, preferring to post private skype messages on their web site, and not answering any of the serious claims laid at their door regarding plagiarism, sexism and unprofessional practices, and, of course all the donated money unaccounted for.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Children Tortured at Medomsley Detention Centre

For those of you that say the ritual child abuse does not go on, does not happen, or for those that still turn away and refuse to see here is shockingly the chilling true tale of how more than 143 people have come forward to tell Durham Police of the horrific sexual, mental and physical abuse that they suffered at MEDOMSLEY detention centre, since this BBC report this number has doubled.

“Boys at a detention centre asked other inmates to break their legs in order to be moved elsewhere and escape being abused by staff, a former detainee has claimed.” “Many of those sent to Medomsley were first-time offenders often detained for relatively minor offences.

Ray Poar was 17 when he was sent there for stealing biscuits from a factory and has waived his right to anonymity. He said: "It's always in my head, the shame, it's ruined my life, it's completely ruined it." On one occasion Mr Poar remembered being woken up after wetting his bed and being forced to bunny hop naked to the showers. He said: "When I couldn't make it to the showers I was kicked.

"We knew we couldn't turn around to them and complain to them about what had happened with Husband because they were part of it, they were the ones that were kicking us about every day. "The odd punch in the arm, the ribs, the back of the knees, every day they were doing it. You had nobody to talk to."

 In 2003, Newcastle Crown Court heard Husband used his position of authority at the centre to systematically abuse his victims from 1974 to 1984. He was jailed after being found guilty of 10 counts of indecent assault and one of a serious sexual offence after police said almost two dozen victims came forward.

One man who wished to remain anonymous said some of the worst violence he suffered was from fellow inmates but he alleges it was orchestrated by prison staff. He said: "They were telling you that you were worthless, that's why you were in there, you were no good, nobody wanted you. "I was in the dorm, I felt being kicked and punched and slapped. When I've tried to look up, because I was in bed, I saw a prison officer at the door smiling. "Then I realised he's put them up to this and I just curled up into a ball and took what they threw at us. I thought tonight it's my turn, it will be somebody else's tomorrow."

About 70 Durham Police detectives are working on the inquiry. Det Supt Paul Goundry described the reports as "horrific" and those who were sent there were faced with "what was effectively a brutal regime". "If you ended up in the kitchens you would almost certainly be raped and sexually assaulted," he said.

 If that is not systematic child abuse, I don’t know what is, how could this have gone on?

 People must have known, turned a blind eye and covered this up.

Everybody should take note that these brave men, are standing up for us all when they make their statements, standing up for all our children when they tell us of the sadistic torture that was inflicted on them when they were only children themselves.

It is up to us to listen, to stand with them and call with them for justice, for lives blighted before they began.

As Bill Maloney says we are all victims of this abuse, everyone in the world. We have a duty to do everything we can to stop any more children being raped, tortured and worse, by sadists who have been allowed to continue for years and years and years

Survivors Speak of the horrific abuse at Medomsley Detention Center.......

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where Did All The Money Go David Icke and Shawn ?

I don't know how many of you are aware of "satanic ritual abuse" as revealed more and more by people like Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey and others. However it seems certain that despicable things are happening to our children. Individuals have been named, identified and reported to the police, yet even the horrific reports we hear regarding Savile and the disgusting episodes at the BBC and at various hospitals where many witnesses have come forward, very few arrests have been made and, as far as is known the close personal relationships Savile enjoyed with Thatcher, “Prince” Charles, the “Queen” and “Prince” phillip has never come under police scrutiny, as they properly should.

Children from care homes and disabled children are, it seems being abused, tortured and even murdered by evil people who use the children, and the children's energy in "rituals" based on the demonology and ritual developed by Solomon. With his “Seals of Solomon” and, on magical secrets stolen from my magical sisters, during the horrific cruelties and torture inflicted during the “Burning Times”.  Although the “secrets” gleaned by torture from the wise ones of old are lies and misdirection, the wise ones would, as perhaps we do ourselves, play the “What if” game. What if we are tortured what shall we say? The “kiss to the arse of Satan” and the “Naked in our rites” are funny, explicit messages for us to know our ancestors kept the faith and no real mystical secrets were given.

Playing with the seals of Solomon is, however, another matter altogether, the conjuring of demons by Solomon was, just that conjuring of the evil from a twisted mind. The “Demons” were held by seals, under Solomon so he could conjure them as and when he wanted. Incidentally this is what caused the rift between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, who could not associate with such evil, so although she loved Solomon she went home and became reviled as the “Whore of Babylon”.

Since then the Seals of Solomon have been played with by initiates into the “Satanic Rituals” they must endure before they become tuned to these “demons” that are still the depraved visions of sadistic madmen who create and conjure these entities again and again. Giving the “demons” strength and allowing these creatures power over themselves and over the world itself. Creating monsters because that is what they have been told they must do to have “power” and the Vampire Muppet have believed the lies fed to them by their own twisted imaginations.

"Snuff" movies are made and sold for huge amounts of money to sick, perverted and depraved individuals. Children it seems are tortured by having “Their genitalia completely removed with a scalpel” and are filmed as they bleed to death. These films raised “£30,000” twenty years ago, how much do they cost now? How much for a child? How much for a disabled child?

More and more children are being stolen from their parents by Social Services and "secret family courts" must surely ring alarm bells for many of us. If parents are struggling to cope in a difficult world with the huge responsibilities that are involved in bringing up a child, then surely the family could actually be helped through a stressful time, perhaps a family could have a little holiday, perhaps  families could have their bills paid so they could have a debt holiday?

No money! No money for that! But there IS money to pay millions for social workers, Secret Courts and “Foster Parents” that often seem themselves to be a danger to children. It is estimated £3.6 million is made FROM each child in care, could not some of this money actually be spent on the child? Or indeed spent on giving the family real support? These children are, needless to say vulnerable and deserving of help and support from every adult in the land.

We do not know how many children disappear each year from “care” there are no proper record’s kept. Individual children may be reported as runaways or missing to individual police service, but as police services are individually designed and run there is, as with so many other situations, no proper countrywide records kept. Children are fed into a mincing machine and who knows how or even if they emerge at the other side.

Money, is at the root of everything for these depraved individuals, the greed and immoral, cruel and despicable behaviour of the richest people in the world shocks and stuns the ordinary person as these antics are inflicted upon us through the Mainstream Media, we watch as love, sex, humanity is defiled so everything we know seems sordid and depraved.

There are only three stories in the Movies, Aliens, vampires or Zombies which will you be? The limiting and restricting of human understanding and imagination is everywhere around us as we struggle through a world where violence, ugliness and depravity come at us from every turn. It is only natural for people to want to switch of and to need to find explanations and guidance from people that they believe in.

This is where David Icke, Ian R crane and other mis information charlatan’s come in, or rather are directed in by their evil masters. People have busy lives, since the greedy vampire robber barons and the vampire banksters are busy stealing all the money, that is not really money at all, backed as it is by nothing, life has become harder and harder. Chemicals in the food, the water, the air pollute our bodies and the state education system has never been about educating people but only ever about dumbing down a populace and convincing people they must follow leaders.

These charlatans’ appeal to people, “Look, look at how wise, how clever I am…follow me…I will save you” is the mantra, and people do follow as the charlatan spins a web of deceit, you must be frightened, confused, believe they are special…a “chosen” one. Then slowly, slowly they will steal your energy, people don’t last long around these charlatans’’ becoming exhausted, demoralised and confused, the only choice for them is to leave and rest as their vital energies are stolen by their vampiric “saviour”. Gradually the charlatan vampire finds that energy is no longer enough, then he begins to steal your money.

In the case of David Icke it appears he began to be much more money greedy around 2005, this is when serious concerns were raised and published on the internet. David Icke began asking for more and more money from his followers and became abusive if his monetary needs were not met, as documented below. Davis Icke was, even at that time plagiarising others work and was showing sadistic, cruel and immoral behaviour in his private life and was stealing others energies to the point of exhausting them. This is 9 years ago, I imagine David Icke’s morals and lack thereof have only deteriorated considerably since then as he surrounds himself with “arselickers” and sychophants.

revelations concerning David Icke from 2006

Where has all the money gone? Again and again David Icke has been asked that question, he raised at least £300,00 from his “Indegogo” campaign, money was also contributed via Paypal and through bank accounts, it is estimated that as much as £500,00 could have been raised and dispersed through David Icke’s array of “Companies” each showing clear nepotism through the management structure.

Where has all the money gone? As David Icke begins again to harass and harangue his vulnerable followers into giving him yet another £400,000. People were promised an “Alternative TV station”…bringing the news that “Mainstream Media won’t touch” yet all we are shown on “TPV” is endless repeats regurgitated by third rate media hacks, as has already been explained in my previous post. Real stories from legitimate and well respected alternative media, bloggers and others are suppressed and ignored and anyone who asks why this is so? Or who expresses concerns that this is not what thousands and thousands of vulnerable people gave their money for, is rubbished, isolated and ignored by David Icke and his cohorts.

Bill Maloney's Revelations January 2014

Why don’t we all join the dots, let’s have a look at David Icke and ask ourselves what this narcissistic, vamipiric, thoroughly unpleasant (by all accounts) individual gets up to in his private life? He claims cocaine is not his drug of choice, what are his very, very expensive tastes? Why must David Icke be “protected” and funded? Where has all the money gone David Icke? Why do you need so much more so quickly?

My suspicions are truly horrific, what they do is truly horrific, and must stop, must come to an end, Vampires shrivel and die under the light of Truth, which is why David Icke and his cohorts must be hidden in the dark, will not debate, answer any questions or explain themselves in any way. Which considering they have taken nearly half a million pounds from the world wide populace is a reprehensible, irresponsible behaviour and must beggar the question what are these people hiding?

I join with many, many others around the world asking

“Where did all the money go David ?”