Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Homosexual Political Agenda

I would like to make it clear that I am talking about a political agenda here, a covert agenda whereby laws are created and pushed through by lobby groups and then enforced in a manner which disables debate, disables scrutiny and seems to be creating a sub culture of homosexual men enabled to carry out very nasty deeds. Who then call upon the laws they have lobbied to be created to punish anybody who speaks out against them. We have seen this in America with a small business being taken to court and sued huge amounts of money for refusing to bake a "Wedding" cake for a homosexual couple.

Thankfully such nonsense cannot happen here in the U.K. as traders are given a "Right to treat" which means traders don't have to sell you anything and don't have to give you a reason why.

We have all, I hope, known personally, lovely, kind, beautiful individuals who just happen to be homosexual. I have been blessed with love from friends who are homosexual. However we cannot say with any logic that homosexuality is the normal state within society, it isn't, Every species indulges in homosexual activity when the balance of society is out of kilter, from listening to my women homosexual friends that they have, most often, been abused, and traumatized by a man, or men and are now quite frightened of closeness with any man, even women who present themselves as quite manly are, in fact, frightened when in close proximity with men, With my men homosexual friends There usually seems to be a lack of closeness with their mother, or perhaps mum was actively abusive towards them. This made them vulnerable to be groomed by child molesters themselves when very young.

In this country we continue to watch as the police, government and other bodies loose files, do not follow up complaints, even actively cover up for well organised groups of child molesters, throwing the increasingly angered and appalled general public dead celebrities and prime ministers, that they don't have to properly investigate or bring to justice. Whilst activists all around the world are publishing names, dates, statements of child abuse that is claimed to have been committed by politicians, celebrities, millionaires, royalty, yet British police can only "investigate" historic child abuse and no arrests have been made, still!

Internationally people are becoming very concerned at the lack of concern from the "authorities" regarding people expressing their concerns towards children who may very well be at risk from harm. People are complaining that they are pushed from pillar to post and are clearly not taken seriously. People may very well be upset when they contact the authorities, and are not helped by police refusing to listen. As we know here in the UK it is very common for people who attempt to express their concerns regarding child abuse to be referred by the police to their local mental health unit. Frustrating and upsetting for people who are already upset, what could be more upsetting than grown men hurting a child?

Disturbing child abuse case links Australians to paedophile ring

Internationally we hear of shocking cases where homosexual men are pretending to be the father of a child that they have bought, for cash, in Russia, mysteriously being able to obtain a passport for the child, and returning him to Australia, where they proceeded to groom and abuse the infant, making videos, taking pictures, of a tiny baby boy. They then proceed to make this vulnerable infant available sexually to at least two men from America. Yes it's true, here is the news report.

ABC. Australia

.....and this case it seems is just the tip of the iceberg as more and more homosexual men are buying babies. buying surrogate mothers, abandoning babies that are handicapped and seem to be attempting to bring up these children, without supervision, in a homosexual environment. Cause for concern? I think so.


Gordon Lake, left, and his husband, Manuel, with Carmen.

Yet In Australia, where you would think the police would be very concerned with reports of child abuse, of homosexual men abusing children, they proudly demonstrate a dead end


In Australia there seems to be a particularly strident "Gay Activist" with a clear political agenda, "Garry Burns" a self admitted "Media Whore" and someone who manipulates the legal system into bullying people through various courts and tribunals in Australia, "Garry Burns" is what would be described in the UK as a "Vexatious Litigant" . Garry seems to be most concerned that no connection is made between homosexual men and child abuse, he claims Homosexuality to be a " ..natural born characteristic" Flying in the face of all opinion that Homosexuality is not an inborn characteristic, that it is, in fact, a deviancy from the norm, a learned perversion,

Studies have shown this and people know this, which is why homosexual men are shunned in normal society and forced to associate with other homosexual men, generally kept away from or closely supervised around children, and perhaps, through this isolation from normal society, becoming more deviant and perverted.

 "Gay Activism" is an international issue with "Gay Pride" marches inflicting our cities, Lots of sado masochistically dressed sexually perverted men parading their homosexuality on the streets, most worryingly parading very young children with them, encouraging these young children to dance in a "sexually charged manner" in front of crowds of homosexual men. Little regard for the sanctity of childhood in evidence.

There has been a "Homosexual Political Agenda" for years, lobbying government to make laws so we are not allowed to discuss or show concern about people buying babies, pretending to be a family and yet providing hell on earth to the unfortunate children that they obtain. These people are homosexual activists. A child cannot possibly grow up in a healthy balanced environment with homosexual men as "parents" Homosexuality is not the normal situation in society and I have yet to meet a homosexual man who has resolved his issues with women. So any child growing up with men as "parents" would be exposed to potential misogyny from a very early age. As a sociery we really do need to have the discussion regarding homosexual men adopting, or buying babies and children to bring up in a pseudo family consisting of two homosexual men as parents.

My contention at the moment is that "gay activists" are disabling public debate of their activities by attacking people who, quite rightly have serious concerns about homosexual men buying babies and not only raping and torturing, but renting babies out to other men specifically to be abused.That "Gay activists" would attempt to silence people expressing genuine concerns is not new but is another sign that the "Gay Agenda" creeps on and we ignore it to the detriment of babies and children born to vulnerable women, bought by the "pink pound" and tortured and raped by homosexual men.

Friday, August 07, 2015

~ Blue Fairy ~

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Chris Spivey ~ Bites the Dust ~ Oh No! Not Quite Yet.......

This week the news that Chris Spivey is in court, convicted of harassment of members of the family of Lee Rigby, the soldier who was murdered at Woolwich, has cheered me up immensely, and I do feel that, if Chris Spivey, as he has been warned, does end up with a custodial sentence, justice will have been done and a stand made for freedom of speech. Which is the excuse Chris Spivey uses for writing his obscene, deranged drivel, now mercifully deleted from the intenet.

When a bully and egotistical thug use their powers of  "free speech" to hurt and damage people, families and let's face it in Chrish Spivey's case to humiliate and hurt women particularly, yes Chrish, you fat bald wanker, your fear of women and noticeable sexist attitudes have been noticed, didn't pick on any of the men in the Rigby family did you? When a clearly misogynistic liar decides he has more right to publish lies about people than those people have a right for the truth to be told the balance becomes distorted.

The fact is that Chrish Spivey has no more rights than anybody else, the rights that he does have are, only in so far as they do not infringe on anybody else's. No one has the right to publish lies about people, behave in a threatening manner or make ridiculous accusations concerning an ordinary family already grieving the loss of a young family member. If, like Chris people are prepared to publish lies, bully people and cause suffering then they must, like Chris Spivey be prepared for the consequences of doing so.

Chris Spivey tried to shut me up when, after reading the dreadful article he eventually came up with, after a year of begging for money from readers of his blog for his "important article" telling us that it cost £300 a month to run his web site, that he was very busy sifting through "evidence" and would soon come up with "proof" that the Wolwich attack was a "False Flag" as, it appears just about everything else is, in the world according to Chris Spivey.

I am not easily intimidated but I was left reeling after the vicious, spiteful and untruthful attack from Spivey, it was clear that Spivey was not going to listen to reason, would not debate the strange position that he had taken, that Lee Rigby did not exist, he was really two other people one of whom had been murdered and kept "on ice" The vitriol and venom that Spivey wrote about the Rigby family, particularly the women members of the family was disturbing, the lies that Spivey repeated, with no substantiating evidence can only have served to have hurt and upset family members still further, harassment and bullying of female members of the community by a self appointed "alternative media journalist"

Did Chrish Spivey think, for one minute of the grief he was causing? Only to satisfy his wicked ego, did Kwish think of the Rigby families freedom of speech? Or, indeed of any of their rights ? Spivey seems to have been caught up in a bubble where wrong became right and lies became truth. No one around him was brave enough to tell him that he was wrong and that he was choosing the wrong path. His associations concerned me months ago, when I noted he was aligning with Gerrish and the UK Column etc. They will have fed his ego, encouraged him to "battle on", and people, like me, who did try and warn Spivey were hurt, humiliated shot down in flames then blocked and ignored.

Chris Spivey is by no means the only self appointed "Alternative media journalist" inflicting themselves on the community at the moment, Zero charisma Brian Gerrish, nasty loo collins, Danielle LaVatory, David Icke, scrarty Sonia Poulton are just a few that spring to mind but "Kev Baker", Open your mind radio soon follow, just look at these Muppets, and the terrible harm they have caused to people, real people.

The Woolwich story is by no means the only vehicle attempted by these people to make money, and don't doubt that is what this is really all about, kerching, kerching, they aid and abet fraud after fraud......The Hollie Grieg Fraud, ever wonder how much money was made from that? .....The Hampstead Fraud, much money was sent into that "fighting fund" Why is Belinda Mckenzie always in the shadows, lurking, cap in hand ? David Icke is probably still receiving direct debit money for the television station he pretended to set up......and yeah watch out for reptiles/bankers/pedophiles/satanists/politicians/MI5/.

Fear Porn is the term used for this type of marketing, fear illicits the fight or flight response a sprinkling of sex will make you more suggestible, and here, "look at my pretty donate button....only a fiver could keep me afloat for another week......after all I am putting myself in danger, by writing this for you............." Fear Porn, don't buy in, you will only end up scared and skint, at least. Humiliation, harassment and lies are the stock in trade of the fear porn merchant. Be careful.

Due to Chris Spivey's appearance in court this week he has deleted his blog, immediately the airwaves are fresher and clearer, the ether seems brighter and easier to communicate within, maybe just imagination but I for one am relieved that Chris Spivey's obscene, unpleasant and untruthful blog is no more. To bully somebody is to oppress them and the sheer volume and energy given to bullying on Chris Spivey's blog was horrendous. That, then is just oppression and oppressive.

A Blow has been struck for free speech, for truth, A liar has been stopped in his tracks, A person who would not allow others to speak freely is to expect incarceration. From an unexpected quarter, perhaps for some of us, but freedom from oppression is just that and Chris Spivey's attempted reign of terror did need to be brought to a close. here is his tirade against me when I first began to criticize his Woolwich article

No doubt there are other tirades against other women, what he wrote on his blog about women was unpleasant, bullying and untrue. Thank goodness another pesky misogynist bites the dust !


*** Although likkle Kwish Spivey claimed to be finishing his rubbish blog in a tantrum on the 31 July, this seems to be, like so much from Chris Spivey's crap blog lies and ego! Kwish claims we are all *fucked* without him!

However Spivey's new posts are still self indulgent, egotistical, whining and once more full of lies, claiming "signatures have been removed" from an online petition he started, that his conviction is "not legal" and although he insults people, his attacks are not as foul as usual, could it be he has lost his teeth?

Some pictures of crap tattoos are supposed to prove that Kwish is a "Tattooist" oh dear me! It seems Spivey can neither write, draw or tattoo!

Then the dying duck is revived by a sulking pouting Kwish who now tells us he has been begged to come back (as if! another of Spivey's creative essays) appearing on, "Open you mind radio" and "ian R crane's" radio show, lots of credibility there then!

Looks like Kwish is cosying up with zero charisma gerrish and his "UK column" just to totally destroy any little credibility Kwish may have left.

I am trying to listen but it's boring long winded and I am sure I am the only person that is listening, lets hope Kwish Spivey's dying swan act isn't as protracted, long winded and boring as his crap blog has always been!

Friday, May 29, 2015

"Danielle La Verite" ~ Liar, Bully and Fraud

The mess that is "Danielle La Verite" has once again reared her ugly head!

Spouting more rubbish and dragging her kids thru her muck, see comments on You Tube vid here:

Yet she has suddenly shut up when I ask my questions........

How do you reconcile your self proclaimed stance as a "Troofer" as an "Enlightened" person or even as a credible human being with the FACT that you have BRAGGED on one of your crap vids that you got a woman the sack from her job for writing a blog daring to criticize your crap vids, stupid voice, pathetic eyebrow, foul mouth, ignorance et al?

Just who do you think you are?

How do you reconcile being a nasty spiteful bully with al the clap trap you spout above?

Why do you ALWAYS drag your children into your bs?

Why are you suddenly not answering any questions?

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Mother Damnable Returns

Mother Damnable is getting her own miniature house too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'll be right here.....

I haven't gone anywhere, just a bit frazzled from the debunkings...Danielle la Verite (George) has a nasty set of trolls she sends in to hurt and try and get dissenters from her agenda the sack from any employment, the UK Column trolls and the Holly Greig Fraudsters also have nasty trolls that are used to hurt and humiliate people. Sonia Poulton is a cyber bully who bullies adult survivors of child abuse. David Icke is up to his neck in fraud and lies, he bullies when he can and generally frightens people with his foolish statements. Qwish Spivey is a fat, bald egotistical bully, who brags more about his nasty little life than we deserve. Russel Brand is so clearly a plant he embarrasses himself.

Enough already! If people want to follow, want to blindly hero worship failed people with feet of clay, that is up to them, I am not the only one debunking these fools, there are many brave souls who are stepping up and helping others to see straight, I hope you do too, one day.

Meanwhile I am here:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Live, Laugh and Be Merry

As all eyes turn to events in France this week, the question on everyone's mind can only be what has this cost freedom of speech? Or freedom of political satire? There used to be satire here in England, we used to laugh a lot, perhaps graveyard humour, perhaps to deflate a pompous windbag of a politician, now however People no longer quip quite so freely, tongues are guarded as we become more and more aware that anything on the internet can and will be used against us.

I noticed this with Facebook at first, how people would go through profiles to find any "dirt" an off colour joke, a confession, late at night to perceived friends. Forever lurking deep in the archives, to be found by a person who wants to hurt you because of something else you wrote, or spoke about on the internet. These people do not seem capable of simply staying on topic and discussing the real issues, but will mock you for a photo, taken at a party, that you would prefer had not been posted.

I have felt this in a personal way since January of last year, when I saw what a sham TPV, David Icke's money spinner "Alternative Media" television station actually was. I was shocked as I knew many people who could not afford it had not only donated money, but that peoples hopes and dreams were pinned to the "freedom" such a news channel might bring. I knew other people within the organisation were concerned, so spoke up and wrote my blog "The fatal flaws at The People's Voice". Straight away I was personally attacked, David Icke even published private skype messages on his website, told stupid lies concerning a painting and generally sidestepped and ignored the legitimate concerns that I was trying to bring to his attention. Because then i was not sure if he knew how much TPV was compromised, but David Icke built the project as a way of swindling money from people.

Then Sonia Poulton began her own bid to make money from her notoriety gained at TPV, once again Sonia Poulton however dodged two issues, one her "support" of Robert Green and the Hollie Grieg fraud and her refusal to allow the "Hollie Grieg Hoax" team a right of reply on her TPV show. And more disgustingly Sonia Poulton bullies adult survivors of child abuse, needless to say Sonia Poulton will not address any concerns regarding her behaviour but calls anyone who challenges her a " paedo enabler " Poulton's bullying is well documented and her modus operandi can be followed on twitter Poulton has threatened a documentary " exposing " David Icke that has never emerged and is, most recently trying to get onto the bandwagon that is the Madelane McCann affair, promising another documentary but producing nothing, except appeals for money.

Then Chris Spivey, or Christopher D Spivey as he now calls himself lunched out for over a year writing a crappy nonsensical "article" making stupid claims, saying disgusting, upsetting things regarding the Rigby family, and others Spivey is now on police bail for harassment because he is disgusting foul mouthed bully. Now Chris Spivey begs for money for his "Important work" that consists of snooping into people's private lives, calling them dreadful names and "lets look at the ears" in the ( main stream media) photos, it's all in the ears don't cha know ?

Danielle la verite (george):emerges, swearing and scratching, making videos that tell us nothing other than who Danielle feels is a "cunt" Danielle also seems to be a one trick pony as anyone who tries to question her several names, her apparent benefit fraud or the way she uses her children is attacked. Danielle george (la verite) boasts about contacting people's work and getting them the sack. Her cohorts even phoned the Westminster Conference Centre in a bid to get me into trouble as she believed i worked there. Nasty Dan la verite has nothing to offer and is so desperate for "fame" it is as cringe worthy as her badly drawn eyebrows.

All of these people have in common huge egos and zero sense of humour, their personal attacks on people who challenge the outlandish claims they make for themselves are shocking and appalling. Their total refusal to answer any queries or questions and their repeated demands for money clearly show self absorbed, selfish people with a sense that they deserve money for old rope, as they claim their lies as fact and second hand information as their own.

It is hard to laugh in the face of adversity and fear, we brits have always done that, cracking jokes on the gallows, in the prison ships and during our indentured slavery. We loved Diana, yet laughed at the quips when she was murdered. Joked because how else as a nation could we cope with the wickedness we witnessed then ? Maybe the remaining robber barons would have been whipped at the cart arse and strung up, their quarters sent to the corners of the nation as a reminder to never tolerate their ilk again. But we smiled through the tears and carried on.

Satire, humour, laughter are our defence and our weapon, they keep our minds alive and thinking, through the mind numbing pain of everyday life in these interesting times,  laughter will cut through a curse better than anything else. Laughter will show the emperor has no clothes, almost every calamity has been caused by people taking themselves and their "work" much too seriously. Increasingly people are self censoring, not expressing their thoughts or opinions for fear of personal attacks. The freedom to joke, to lighten the moment with humour, to provided a different perspective with irreverence is being lost.

There are already many inconsistencies
concerning the attack in Paris, as it emerges that the attack may have been a false flag, an operation carried out by Mossad and the CIA.  France has voted to recognise Palestine as a nation, robber baron Andrew accused as a child molester, no doubt more evidence will emerge, as to what has actually happened in Paris, however you look at it though satire is under attack, humour is dangerous, and the simple freedom and joy of laughter is being stolen. A direct attack on freedom of speech. People too frightened to speak their mind, too frightened to laugh are oppressed indeed, and the misinformation muppets are even trying to steal your voice and speak for you.

It is a creeping process, self censorship, as you begin not to make comments that you know will cause you to be attacked, you begin to keep your opinions to yourself, Icke, Spivey, UK column all have supporters that sweep in to attack, many people have been frightened to comment regarding the Hollie Greig fraud because of the way they will be attacked by people supporting and making money from the fraud. Chris Spivey has so viciously attacked the Rigby family that he faces police charges, Spivey also attacks anyone who tries to make sense of the long winded, confused, self indulgent, rubbish written about the Woolich affair that only exposes Spivey as the nasty, foul mouthed misogynist he clearly is, don't cha know ?

Danielle la Verite (george) has nothing to say other than swear and call people names, i have tried to make light of Danielle's repulsive videos by laughing at her comedy eyebrows, however this repulsive mall rat has claimed to have been responsible for getting a woman the sack from her job two weeks before Christmas, gloating about it on her blog. Supporters of Desperate for fame Danielle tracked my ip address and phoned up the Westminster Conference Centre believing I worked there. Yet this self proclaimed "voice for troof" will not answer any of the very many concerns people have regarding the foolish, obscene things she says in her repulsive, laughable videos.

It is these Muppets and their ilk that are trying to shut down free speech, seemingly believing they have more right to freedom of speech than anyone else. That the outrageous claims they make do not need to be backed by real evidence. That people have a perfect right to challenge these self proclaimed "alternative media" without being attacked, their private lives mocked and their employers contacted. It should be simple, debate should be encouraged, but the misinformation muppets fragile and over inflated egos will not allow any debate, as they swear and curse and think up more stupid names to call anyone who challenges them. Shutting down freedom of speech for others while using that freedom to tell terrible lies, the more sordid and expletive splattered the better. Seemingly determined to bring everyone and everything down to their level, claiming to be putting their necks on the line as they ruin people's private lives with spiteful lies.

Once again humour and satire exposes these egotistical fools, and bursts their bubble of lies. They are purveyors of  "FearPorn", nothing more as they soften you up for the inevitable donations, trying to make you fearful of life itself, making people fearful to speak out against them as they evade real concerns and delve into private lives in a further attempt to silence dissent. Much more intrusive, bullying and spiteful than the government would dare to be. Bullies should always be stood up against and bullies always take themselves much too seriously. Unable to see how foolish they appear as they make foolidh claims about themselves and how important they are !

Don't give away you freedom of speech to these muppets, they do not deserve to speak for anybody, and in fact do not speak for anybody but themselves. Don't stop laughing, laughter heals us all. Yes freedom of speech is under attack, but it is a battle that is easily won, speak out, encourage others to speak out, listen to and answer concerns. Do not give in to bullies, who ever they claim to be. Share a smile, a joke...

"With all it's sham, trickery and broken dreams. It is still a beautiful world....strive to be happy"

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Chrimbo and a Happy New Year !

Thank you for visiting, I see you visit from all over the world and I wonder about you, about your lives and I wish you best wishes for the holiday season, where ever you are and what ever you are doing I hope you have a moment or two of peace in your heart.

Many of you have been visiting for a long time and will know that what I have been saying for the last ten years on my blog hasn't changed, tho' many, many others are now saying the same things, times they are a' changing and, at least it is not so lonely to think outside the box, as I see many others doing so, many for the first time.

True, we are plagued by misinformation muppets, pied pipers, egotists out to make a quick buck, but these people are easier and easier to see through. Many people are realising that they don't need anybody to speak for them, or lead them or scrounge money from them. This is on both sides of the Atlantic all around the world and these people are being exposed as the frauds, bullies and liars that they are.

Who then can we trust? Who will recognise the truth? There is one person, one vital person that you can trust to find your way forward, through this vale of tears, one person that will always have your best interests at heart, one person who loves you, even in your darkest hour, The person who knows you best of all, all your faults, all your kindness, one person that will always be right there.....

This person is, of course, your own self, look at yourself in the mirror, know yourself, learn how to trust that small voice inside that warns and welcomes, you are individual and unique, no one has any right to try and lead you, You will, of course have been brainwashed since birth to believe that you are nothing, know nothing, that you are a fool and must do as you are told, by anybody, it seems. this is not so, you were born unique, bringing with you gifts to share with your fellow man.

Once we all learn to be individual, our own true selves, then we can stand together, with no leaders, no one swearing and lying on your behalf, no one leading your country to war "for freedom" No stealing of money by banks, governments or others, I feel we are closer than we think to being truly free, people are recognising frauds more and more as they crawl out of the woodwork telling us they are going to speak for us, recognising the sob stories, realising that the egotists are sick, sad individuals as they twist and lie and spread gossip concerning their critics, never once recognising how they give themselves away at every turn.

2014 seems to have been a year of recognising and exposing false "Alternative Media" when I first exposed David Icke it seemed that it was only me! Now tho' there are hundreds of people concerned about the latest mis information muppets, many people standing up and speaking out when they can clearly see someone lying, or frightening people, to soften them up to donate, donate, donate, The attack from the misinformation muppets at the moment seems to be utter degeneracy as the latest egotists use the foulest of language and terms attacking anybody who dares to question their "work" or their constant scrounging of money.

You do not need a leader and you do not need anybody to speak for you, as a quick set of guidelines:

1) If anyone is asking you for money, they are not on your side, you work hard for your money and it is for you and your loved ones, if somebody wants money to share information with you they are wrong.

2) If anyone is trying to frighten you and bully you or others, misinformation muppets will make stupid, inaccurate statements full of half truths and lies, will try and make you feel frightened, for yourself or for others, children are often used to tug at heart strings, then the appeal for money.

3) If someone tells ridiculous lies and then attacks anyone who challenges these lies, attempting to dehumanise them by calling them names such as "Troll" this should be a clear warning, I have spent weeks calling out liars and they will not answer one question, choosing instead to lie and lie again, people are people, not "Trolls" and if people try and set themselves up as "alternative media" they should expect challenge from the Alternative Community.

The Puppies for Peace were released some time ago "All truth will be revealed" do not fear the future for there are many, many like minded people who will be ready to stand by you when the time comes, you have been brave and strong already, you must have been or you would not be here, There is much love in the world, in the universe and all for you. Learning about yourself will make finding love and truth much easier.

Know in your heart that you are Blessed, by a thousand Ancestors, by the Angels of Anarchy and by the Mothers Damnable, you know who else blesses you and who you bless, I am grateful for you in the world, I truly am. Your presence Blesses the World.

xxx Thank You xxxx

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Danielle George and Chris Spivey ~ Debunked ~ Again

Link to you tube, caution: vile

I will give Danielle George's self indulgent video airtime on my blog as she mentions me and I will get no right of reply from her, as she is still pretending not to have read my blog and still pretends that she has not read the excellent, very well researched and written post by Deborah  Williams who is the person desperate Danielle again, in this video gloats that she got the sack from her job.

An act that I find totally reprehensible, however With no shame Danielle boasts about being spiteful to people as if that was normal and acceptable. Here is the link to the excellent article pointing out, with proof in Danielle George's own words that desperate Dan has no morals or principles whatsoever.
In her video Danielle George makes stupid claims concerning myself, apparently lying about people who criticise her false claims to be a "truther" a "decent person" and a "hippy terrorist" and who question her begging for money, has concerns as to how Danielle constantly puts her own children in harms way by criticising the schools she sends her children to, and makes stupid, self indulgent videos to publicise her actions is normal in the world of Danielle George.

Danielle George, do you not feel that keeping your children prisoner in the school system whilst abusing it may be detrimental to their well being?

Danielle also claims that I have multiple accounts on facebook  (I think that is what she was droning on about, I may have been distracted by her badly drawn eyebrows,) and that she was "working" on exposing my accounts, good luck with that Danielle, please though be prepared to provide evidence, I am sure you will understand, as you have been exposed as a liar just your word won't be enough for anybody.

I must admit I only watched this crap once, and was distracted by the eyebrows, the scratching and Dan's lower teeth, which at one point seem particularily revolting. But it does seem to me that I am being threatened, personally, by name at several points in the above vid, hmmmm, blogged for now. I will watch it again when I can bear to. 

Again the assertion that madam dan is "sticking her neck on the line" really Danielle? What is it that you do, apart from scratch, swear and denigrate anyone that tries to question you, your motives or your actions, yet you are trying to set yourself up as a "truther" a "hippie terrorist"  and a "decent human being" none of which seem to apply, particularily in light of your actions this week. How have you "stuck your neck on the line" surely the person you got sacked from their job this week has their neck much more on the line now thanks to you ?

I do realise that your attention span is very short Danielle, and you don't seem to be able to take the point of the previous article I wrote

or the article written by Deborah Williams here :

So I will list some simple questions for you.

Do you think publicising and criticisng your childrens schools on you tube and on facebook is good for their well being and educational needs?

Why have you begged for money for both Chris Spivey and Richie Allen?

How are you "putting your neck on the line"? All you are doing is saying what thousands and thousands of other people are saying.

Please provide proof that I know any of the other people that you accuse me of doing, I am not quite sure what with, telling lies and making up fairy stories are what you have already been accused of doing, so you make up more?

Please, Donkey face Danielle Geirge orovide proof of your lies that I was "behind" the face book page that was screen shotting your threats to kill people, that you had already blocked from your facebook page.

Please provide proof that I have any association whatsoever with the Kent Freedom Movement.

I am not sure from your droning which page you claim I have "taken down" I have not removed any pages from the internet and no your little trolls did not bother me. 

Do you really think it is the action of a "decent human being" to get somebody the sack from their job because they wrote an article criticising you, which you claim in your vid not to have even read?

How do you justify the lies and gossip you tell about people, considering your claims to be a "truther" a "decent person " and a "hippy terrorist"

How does your position as a "truther" correspond with your diagnoses as an Agrophobic and the amount and type of big pharma drugs you take?

Can you really not see that your repugnant behaviour this week has destroyed any little credibility you may have had ?

Both Chris Spivey and Danielle George have exposed themselves this week as spiteful, lying bullies with no morals or principles. Yet they both declare themselves to be all sorts of things, self praise is no praise at all, yet they tell us how hard they work, how their "necks are on the line" as they praise themselves up to the skies. I have seen absolutely nothing credible from Danielle George.

I also note that Danielle George has had her facebook page removed and now has returned as Danielle la Verite, where she claims:
"Danielle La Verite

Public Figure


Danielle La Verite, is a mother, writer, broadcaster; voice for those opposed to the criminal elite  paedophile promoting groups within society"

Oh dear me !

No ! Danielle, you are only a voice for yourself, you cannot claim to speak for anyone other than yourself, you certainly do not speak for me or for anyone  I know, you have only been making silly videos for three months.

You have been discredited as a liar and a spiteful bully, I am not quite sure why you are not facing harrassment charges for phoning and emailing someone's employer to try and get them the sack.

Please stop assuming that you can lie for anyone other than yourself

The Muppet Show

Chris Spivey has spent a year lunching out on donations supposedly researching an "article" that has no evidence, is mainly "research" from mainstream news including photos where Spivey makes foolish claims including that the ears do or do not match. Chris Spivey's repugnant attitude has resulted in his arrest for harassment of the Rigby family, an arrest that Spivey is trying to maximise relentlessly pointing at the "donate" button. That the "article" is badly written, self indulgent and boring is a given don't cha know ?

Chris had a row with me on facebook then ran away when he could see that he couldn't bully me, he has also blocked me from his blog, so I will not be able to see what he writes, which is a blessing, however I have explained my concerns regarding "kwish the kweep". Any questions please ask.


Chris Spivey has a "guest writer" on his blog named "Fuck the State" who comments in the heavily censored comments section,this comments section is a joke, kiss Christopher D Spivey's ares or get booted! No adverse comments in creepy Christpher Spiveys world:

Sharon Gifford is the thickest one of the lot, and has her own blog where she tries to portray herself as some nice and carefree individual who is also at peace with herself. She was actually the one foolish enough to spew out accusations of incest, paeodphilia and sexual harassment under her own name on their page. She was so eager to call that she just could not see that by doing so she totally undermined any other presentations of herself, be they offered in the past, present or future.
Needless to say I have not accused anyone of incest, paedophilia or sexual harassment, perhaps this annony mouse person could provide proof of their claims, and perhaps, proof of identity. That Spivey blocks me then invites others to write about me smacks of rank cowardice to me. What I have said regarding both Spivey and Desperate Dan is here, in public, under my own name. Again Annony mouse comments:

I would also just like to say that the levels of contradiction from these people, know no limits. Recently, all of them have attempted to discredit Chris, by way of mocking his work on Woolwich. Gifford was a most vocal protagonist and loved to feel good about herself by way of supporting the “Rigby” clan. She directed many criticisms at this site and those who use it, as well as several other sources of information.

I have mocked Chris Spivey's "work" on Woolwich because it is a joke. Please provide proof where I have "supported the Rigby clan" ?

This pathetic post annony mousely written, with no verification or proof, just Oooh all these people are speaking out against Chris "The Cweep" Spivey, for writing badly researched crap, behaving in an odious way to all and sundry and lunching out on donations that he begs from people, but Qwish Spivey just attacks, attacks, attacks at no point are peoples legitimate concerns addressed. Yet this man has sat back and begged for money for a year claiming he is writing a "very important article on the Woolwich affair" what has emerged on Qwish Spivey's blog is a construct of media pieces and gossip. Humiliating for Qwish, who doesn't seem to understand half of the claims he makes for himself.

The annony mouse fool who writes the guest post, giving himself a pathetic pen name, claims in comments that his lord and master Chris Spivey does not attack women on facebook, really annony mouse? Really coward? Really LIAR, and unlike, Qwish Spivey's ludicrous claims there is proof......

"You will need a years fucking holiday, by the time I have finished with you! I may even really mug you off by posting the needy messages that you have sent me... But for now, we will carry on tearing your bullshit apart."

Isn't that a threat?

"I take it you have no objections to me attacking you as a person... Course you don't after all, that it what all of your shite is based on..."

Or that?

"I might up my game a bit more and really expose you for the lying no good fat slut you really are... And of which I have the proof... "

Of course all hot air, no proof of anything, just more lies and gossip from Christopher Spivey, half baked bully!

More evidence of Chris Spivey's pathetic bullying here: Proof that Chris Spivey and the annony mouse chump "guest writer" are liars ands bullies, gossip is not journalism, and making up lies about all and sundrey has just made you laughing stocks!

I would like to ask Chris "the Qweep" Spivey why he has blocked me from his blog, then published lies about me from annony mouse sources?

.......and breathe.......

Remember, there is simply the truth, what is, truth does not cost money, truth does not attack, truth reveals itself, truth is not vengeful, all truth will be revealed, believe when it is apparent. Truth is escaping......

I know that this has upset people and I am sorry if I have upset anybody, I have had to rock the boat, as have others, the level of of abuse from Spivey and Danielle is apparent, not only towards myself but to many others as well.

Danielle George, Chris Spivey, Brian Gerrish, Richie Allen, David Icke, Lou Collins, Scrarty Poulton etc, etc are simply aping main stream media, want to be rich and famous, somehow, anyhow. That they believe they are already somehow "stars" is apparent in what they say and write and their attitude towards critism.

I have had help and support looking into this and like minded people have and are speaking out which is comforting in light of Danielle George's spiteful unprincipalled behaviour. Thank you. 


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chris Spivey ~ The Muppet Show ~ Featuring Danielle George

I didn't say much at the time because of the confusion and upset from being bullied and lied about by David Icke, I was hoping to recover quietly, I am a private person and although I keep a Blog I do not rant on and on about the current situations in the world, I have written what I feel, and have felt for many years, it's all here for anyone to read. I do not claim to be anything other than a private person and I certainly do not have a donate button.

As Chris Spivey is performing at the moment making stupid "reports" claiming he is the "leading dissident" in the country at the moment and "hard hitters" in the alternative media are out to get him ! Regular tantrum in his own underwear. I am being asked what about Spivey and his behaviour at the moment so it seems appropriate to comment.

Yes I did think Chris Spivey was making some sense at one point, which is why I recommended him to be interviewed by Mucky Mark Windows on his show for TPV, and continued to promote Chris to mucky mark even after Chris was described as a "loose cannon" by someone claiming to speak for David Icke. Which is how Chris Spivey nearly came to be on the mucky mark windows show.

What followed is well enough documented by Chris himself, who does not "out" mucky mark windows but publishes my full, real name  on his blog, how Chris treated me as his ego took over is  apparent in his post, I told Chris that I had no say - yet rather than get in touch with the producer Richard Rowland or Mark Windows himself, Chris Spivey rounded on me, despite my abject apology.

I had read Chris Spivey's blog previously and as he seemed to be coming up with names amd details concerning the apparent highly organised paedophilia that inflicts society currently I thought he was useful and I thought he was well reseached and honestly trying to help truth escape.

However Chris Spivey has taken a year to write a verbose, rambling boring article concerning the apparent attack on soldier Lee Rigby that seems to concentrate largely on the shape of people's ears ! Yes, indeed the whole affair seems highly suspect but do we learn anything from Chris Spivey's "research" ? Except that his blog costs £300 a month to run, he has spent a year writing the article and here is the "donate" button.

The article has caused derision, as badly researched and self indulgent as it is, no real evidence just everybody is dodgy and their ears! Got to watch those ears. It is with disappointment that I have watched Chris Spivey's ego take over once again as he attacks person after person who dares to disagree with him or who disputes that he is the messiah, just sayin' don't cha know ?

Chris' audience are currently reading the apparent row between chris, his local Social Services and the police, a worrying time indeed, However as Chris is obviously holding his own with strong support, and has claimed, now, not to be worried  concerning the social services I am not going to hold back from publishing any longer.

More and more distraction as people are dragged in, argued with, spat out and become grist to the mill for egos united (the current self proclaimed "Alternative media" that are a shambolic, egotistical, fear mongering bunch indeed !) We are all media now, all have a voice, if we choose to use it, These people bring nothing new to the table, except their own dramas and egos, no evidence, no debate, no critical thinking just emotive language to muddy the water.

The first thing that Chris Spivey did to promote his story concerning Lee Rigby was to go on Mucky Mark Windows show ! I was astonished when I saw this as mucky Mark had rubbished Chris and booted him from his show previously, as documented by Chris, perhaps then Chris Spivey is all hot air, who would rather have a tantrum at a woman than a man? Hey ho ! Mark Windows has no credibility, is a sexist no hoper but shame for Chris really.

I am told by Miranda Richardson that the story Mucky Mark Windows now tells is that I contacted Chris Spivey "off my own back" and no one knew Chris was to be interviewed thay day - as if ! - however again Chris Spivey himself proves this is a lie, as he was "handed over" to Richard Rowlands and was put on stand by as documented by Spivey:

Chris Spivey next appeared on UK Column promotimg his story, oh dear me ! Zero charisma Gerrish, tugging at heart strings as he drones endlessly and points inevitibly to the donate button, perhaps tho Chris is just very ignorant as to what actually is going on in the "Alternative media" and what will actually promote his story and what will destroy his credibility? He doesn't seem to get out much, after all does he?

Then yesterday in Chris Spivey's latest rant he mentions that Richard Rowland is going to take pictures of him doing something, the very same Richard Rowlands that was so very rude to him, as documented by Chris himself, the phase "Thick as thieves" comes to mind, Chris Spivey again cosying up with very dubious company.

** Looking again at Chris Spivey's long winded, egotistical begging board it seems he is firmly entrenched with Richard Rowland who was the "producer " at TPV who booted him from the Mucky Mark Windows Show, and who Likkle Qwisthy Spivey was so upset with in his "Muppet Show" post. Richard even filmed the terrible, boring, long winded talk that Spivey has most recently inflicted upon people.  Richard Rowland got to know Chris from pms on Facebook, which is exactly how Richard got the job on the Sonia Poulton (commonly known as Scrarty Poontang) show, I wonder if Richard has told Qwith Spivey that he worked on the big breakfast ?  I wonder has Qwithy believed him?**

Interesting that Chris Spivey has Richard Rowlands name wrong in his blog,  Calling him Richard Drowlands. Perhaps an indicaction of the quality of Chris Spivey's other "research"

Chris Spivey attempted to bully me when I sent him this blog post, not answering any of my allegations that he is a boring, long winded, fat, egotistical, liar, wih no "evidence" that the Lee Rigby story is a "false flag", Just saying that people's ears are a different shape in a photo isn't evidence of anything don't cha know?

However as I very easily got the better of Qwish Spivey, he wet his knickers and blocked me from his Facebook, so much for his rough tough talk, Qwish even dragged in his daughter to try and intimidate me, however semi literate muppets just aren't scarey, they are stupid and run away when their lies are challenged as can be seen here:

Sorry for you Stacey! Danielle George is a big mouth coward, a junked up druggy with no bottle, donkey face Danielle can't even sort herself out, which is why she rattles when she walks, from all the big pharma drugs she is addicted to.

Chris Spivey seems very interested in my physique during the Facebook altercation, before Qwish wet herself and blocked me she made up lies about my size, shape, figure etc, even demanding a picture, weird enough, naturally Chris Spivey offers no evidence for his mad claims re the Rigby family, he obviously has none, hence his pathetic atempts to bully me !

Here tho' is a lie, documented by Chrissy Wussy, who claims I asked him to inculde my full real name 18 times on his crap blog post, Liar, liar pants on fire, admit it kwish, you were just too scared to mention anybody else's name, weren't you?

As if anyone can tell this fat, creepy egotistical scrounger anything ! That is clearly part of the problem, Cwish wuss Spivey does not listen. However as easily as Chris Spivey blatantly lies here it is obvious that truth is not impotant to him, certainly not as important as his inflated ego. or the money he scrounges with his lies. I did not "tell you to include me " did I? You pathetic, lying coward!

To debunk the other lies Chris Spivey flings at me, no the police were not called when I was at TPV, I was not escorted out of the building by the police, who were not called. The perverted comments Chris the wanker Spivey makes concerning my sex life tell more about his sick mind, are untrue and as Chris wanker Spivey has never met me are blatantly figments of his own twisted imagination, as is much of his "research".

Full transcript of Facebook conversation with Chris Spivey here:

Most reprehensibly Qwish Spivey is once again begging bowl out, harrasing money from anyone unfortunate enough to come across his dribbling, incoherant, self indulgent blog, he has even tasked one of his minions to post this, on what I am told is now his heavily censored and controlled "comments "section.

DEC 15, 2014 @ 15:41:10
I think that this might be a good time for us all to remember just how much time and effort Chris puts into his work on this site – on behalf of us all. Running this site costs a lot of time and money and it would be good if Chris could rely on his site visitors to help to chip in with whatever they can afford to help with this – come on people can we all help by donating 

just a few ££ for the running of this essential site? I think we "

Essential site? Essential for Chris Spivey and his enormous ego, please don't send money to this disgusting old man, he is a bully, a misogynist, a liar and that is on just scratching the surface, more revelations are to follow regarding this foul fat bully.

Danielle George

I wasn't going to mention the brand new media whore Danielle George as she is such a know nothing dope, but what concerns me about this foul mouthed, donkey faced, mall rat is, not only is she begging for money for Chris Spivey and Richie Allen,  this mare is constantly putting her own children in the front line as she, very stupidly, declares war on their schools, yeah fight yer own battles but any woman who puts her own children in danger of bullying, exclusion and worse is a total failure as a mother and I can only wonder how desperate this chav is for fame that she will sell out her own family?

Whilst begging for funds for Richie Allen on Facebook Danielle claims, regarding TPV and David Icke:

"I've watched that unfold & knowing people who know David well, I honestly think he was played in a big way & the intent to destroy him was enormous. Don't buy the opinions of people that don't know those involved"

Really Donkey face ? Really Danielle George?  this passes for "research" how? A cursory search of the Internet will provide hundreds of debunks of David Icke, documenting his plagiarsm, his hunger for money, his false claims, his sadism and cruelty towards all and sundry,  David Icke was sent a lot of peoples money which he has stolen, to see dippy donkey breath tow the D Icke camp party line so dutifully is a shame on her and totally discredits her as an up for sale, easily influenced media whore.

"don't buy the opinion of those who don't know those involved"....hopefully this means mall rat Danielle George will keep her stupid, foul mouthed, uninformed, up for sale opinions to herself, certainly this tatty headed, donkey face gets my "Twat of the week" award.

Yet more, taken from Danielle's Facebook status:

"Enough is enough. Do not try to justify your green eyed tactics, they are veiled attempts to destroy a woman who fights for the freedom of humanity. 

You come for me. I'll take you the fuck down.

You've given yourself enough rope & I'm going to hang you from the rafters."

A tad pretentious from a Johny cum lately Danny,"fights for the freedom of humanity"?......Really Desperate Dan? How are you doing that? With your self indulgent, boring you tube videos? By putting your own children in harms way? By calling every body a "tosser" or worse? Or with threats to kill anyone who can see through your badly made up, over dramatic, egotistical bull shit?

Wait just a cotton pickin' minute ! Danielle George (La Verite) Who claims to be "fighting for the freedom of humanity" doesn't even know that big pharma is a racket, that the drugs they make are designed to draw people in with one drug causing more symptoms, none of them actually healing anything, Desperate Danielle, claiming to be something, anything ! She is so stupid that she is taking the above drugs that are, no doubt bringing on an early menapause, that the stupid woman has no idea of how to cope with.

No wonder Desperate Dan's videos are so boring and self indulgent as she squats on the floor in her underwear scratching her arse, the mall rat is off her head on pharmaceutical drugs ! Well no desperate Dan, nobody believes that you know your arse from your elbow, you stupid, drugged up chav ~ Donkey faced Danielle George (la Verite) gets my Twat of the Week award again, taking pharmacuetical drugs like smarties, making junked up videos telling everybody else they are "Tossers" surely this itchy twat must be well on her way to being sectioned? 

Shocking for all who have witnessed events unfold over that past week, Danielle George has, in her own words phoned and emailed the employer of someone who wrote an article criticising Danielle and claims to have gor that person sacked from her job:

Danielle George (La Verite) "Truther" and "Freedom fighter" or spiteful snitch? To phone someone's employer and try and get them into trouble at work is beyond belief, but to gloat over getting someone the sack two weeks before Chrimbo can hardly be the actions of a "decent honest" person can it?

But that is not all, Danielle also posted this on facebook yesterday (18/12/14) 


It seems I am to expect to hear from the police regarding who know what, I have never commented regarding Danielle's son, other than what is written here. I will keep you posted.

Once again the disturbing connections between Danielle George, Lou Collins, zero charisma Brian Gerrish , David Icke, Richie Allen and with the latest addition of misogynistic Thomas Sheridan still appear worth watching, if only to see who these media whores beg for money for next. What fear porn will they promote next and which will bring the children of their own families into the frontline? None bringing anything to the table, apart from regurgitated fear porn and yet more donate, donate, donate. oh and lest we forget their own boring, over inflated egos.....

I do get asked very often

 "Sharon, who is Ok in Alternative media?"

None of the above really none of the above !

Anyone who is condescending to you, judging you, claiming to know more than you without sharing knowledge and evidence, anyone who claims to be putting their lives on the line, anyone who sells fear porn for a donation, anyone who bullies, anyone who claims to speak for you, me or anyone, they are not OK.

The "Alternative media" is aping mainstream media, many self proclaimed alternative media are, in fact rejects from mainstream media. We know controlled opposition has hijacked truth time and time again, yet we mindlessly read, listen to, or watch the latest offering. We are the opposition, they will control us if they can, why just fall into line behind the latest pied piper and watch their drama, feed their egos and their wallets?

Individual, unique, creative, each alone, all together,


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sharon's Magical Box Emporium

good condition boxed matchbox cars

Vintage Matchbox cars, in great condition, with boxes.........why not take a look ?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sonia Poulton ~ Online Bully ~

Sonia Poulton didn't take long to show her true colours, as a bully of adult survivors of child abuse, within weeks of her leaving The People's Voice I became aware that Sonia was manipulating vunerable people, although the people involved did not want me to speak out openly I became very concerned about the way Sonia had treated people who were accused of child abuse by the perpetrators of the Hollie Grieg fraud, not allowing them a reply to the accusations and interviewing Robert Green on Sonia's show on TPV, I wrote about that here.

Sonia seemed to be sleazing her way back into mainstream media, although they seem to have discovered what a low life Sonia Poulton really is, certainly Katie Hopkins gave Sonia short shrift on their appearance on Sky TV.

Scant respect show here for Sonia and her arguement that Internet Trolls should be reported to the police, a hypocritical stance when you are the nastiest Troll I know of and your actions have been reported to the police several times, that I am aware of. I was present on one occasion and reported the Trolling by your boyfriend Lee Ryan of myself on Facebook and here on my Blog.

Since then I have found you to be bullying of other people, again, adult survivors of child abuse.

However, it now seems Scrarty Sonia Poulton is still attempting to infiltrate alternative media, this time clambering onto the tragic story of Madeliene McCann, claiming that to speak out will mean she won't be offered work in main stream media! Well you're not being offered mainstream work are you lovie?

You are not popular in main stream media Sonia and alternative media can see straight through you.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

This is Hell

This is Hell, Hell on Earth, am I the only one to have noticed? We all try to believe this place could be nice, can be fun, is, sometimes beautiful, but deep, deep in our hearts we all carry the various hurts this life in Hell has inflicted upon us. We grasp at fleeting moments of joy to carry us through, and sometimes it’s nearly enough.

One of the first gifts bestowed to us as humans is the gift of Empathy, to feel and care for the feelings of our fellow man, not only pain and sorrow, but also peace, joy and happiness. Empathy can be a true blessing, I love to share a smile, with a new mother, an exasperated traveller or a sexy barman, sometimes it’s nearly enough.

Of course we are tricked, betrayed and confused, sometimes it’s so hard to see what is true and what is right most of us just duck our heads down and live on auto pilot for a while. We laugh and love and cherish our humanity and pretend others are not dying in our name, that children are not starving and dying for our monetary system and that democracy gives us any choice what so ever, sometimes it’s nearly enough.

When the Elders first began to notice the terrible plot that was being hatched and the pain and suffering being inflicted on humanity by evil, wicked people who wanted all the power and all the money but only so they could be cruel to others they stopped gentle, innocent souls coming through, we others who had already lived and died came here more often, we became old souls but knew we were protecting our gentler kinder brothers and sisters, sometimes it was nearly enough.

However we all need to come here, to gain the use of a body, to learn out mortal lessons. We tried hard to turn life around, we were hung, burned, tortured, betrayed we tried so hard not to forget what we had learned, left reminders for ourselves so that we could remember, look and remember. Mother Mary Ann Damnable even turned her body to stone so she would remember. Mother Damnable at the World’s End was carried away by her Eternal Love, she sent two silver coins to me in case I need to pay the ferryman. Sometimes remembering is nearly enough.

Through the ages we generally managed to keep people safe, it has only been in the past hundred years or so that murder on such a scale has been perfected, The Evil men have had two millennia to perfect their skills, their quest for mundane power has left them parched, their souls shrivelled, withered and dry, they thirst for blood, life blood or economies blood, that filthy Lucre, the only deity they truly worship, sometimes money is nearly enough for them.

Their thirst for money has brought the World to her knees, they raped and despoiled, stole her treasures, have left her cold and hungry. Polluted her water, soiled the very air we must breath. They dreamed that one day all their money would buy them an escape, a spaceship, a freezer a bunker in the desert. All that money and not an iota of sense, this world is all there is. Different realms, Heaven, Hell, Purgetary, Fairy Realms, Demon Realms, The Realms of the Gods, but it’s all here, right here.

This Hell that has been created in this realm by mortal man is destructive, very destructive, the events occurring here have come to the attention of other realms, they all know that the World is suffering and are returning, some are mad as hell. The Pact has been called, the Puppies for Peace released. Dragons are circling, The Gods await. War is declared It’s Armaggedon time, again. Time to suspend disbelief. Time to be brave and true and trust it will be enough.

I’m not sure what happens now, but I do know it will require, from us, non violent direct action, this is the only way to ensure a true victory, to ensure we do not descend into evil, and to ensure we each take our actions to the limit of our own endurance. There will be help, guides, empaths. We all need to fly, to be free. None but ourselves can free our minds, and now, we must.

We all left reminders for ourselves, it’s time to look around and remember, don’t be afraid, if you feel fear it probably means you are close, very close to remembering, relax and trust there will always be people to help you through, for although we stand alone, we hang together. ~ Always